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New Moon at 05°20′ Libra – Saturday, September 28, 2019, 18:28 UTC: Peace & Well-Being in our World through unparalleled Forgiveness

Under the divine auspices of this New Moon in Libra, our most conscious and most instinctive intentions align. Body and mind, we wholly aspire to bring peace, harmony, justice and tranquility back into our world. It is an ideological imperative to which, each of us, will somehow attune our senses to receive.

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The opposition from Chiron in Aries holds up a raft of problems: past hurts, moral insults and offenses to our indigenous roots, which still strike at the heart and mind of our ancestral, constitutional right to live a happy and contented life. Wounds, no matter how superficially inflicted, carried over the ages, supplanted deep in our tribal subconscious, are now emerging. These must be tended to with kindness, held with compassion and be allowed to heal.

Much empathy and love is needed before we can hope to assuage the pain and truly forgive each others’ past transgressions. We know we must, but it takes courage and wholehearted conviction to overcome the shame, anger and resentment we hold inside before we can take the first step towards true reconciliation with others.

The quincunx from Uranus in Taurus makes things tense and unnerving, for we are aware that certain old, expired values need to to be relinquished before we can ever restore an air of calmness and confidence between us. The Jupiter/Neptune square has flooded our world with many levels of legal and moral hypocrisy. Sudden, uncontrollable incidents arise now, producing strains in our interpersonal and political affairs which, rather than leave us feeling comfortable, expose us to a gnawing sense social and economic uncertainty. This is the impetus we need to start preparing for the unsettling, revolutionary changes which lie just ahead.

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We shall find our peace. On this New Moon we are intent on reclaiming a sense of order and balance back into our lives. That is our resolute goal and, to some degree, we each set our sights to accede towards the highest possible ideal that our minds can conjure. Yet we must be honest. Realistic and true. Superficial politeness and mere extrinsic tolerance of others is not enough. We must go deeper. We must seed this intention into the intrinsic heart of love.

If you sense a fiercely staunch, provocatively independent attitude to attain this equanimity of justice, this ‘peace on earth’, then you must first dare to be true to yourself. This not about performative, political displays. Real peace must come from deep within.

The peace you seek goes beyond politics and law; beyond agreements and obligations you have made towards anyone else – even for your closest allies. For this peace to be true it must extend as far as you can feel. We sense now that something truly profound is necessary if things are going to change for us. We must step outside our personal comfort zones in order to avoid falling prey to the gnawing sensation of uncertainty and chaos. We must be brave enough to find our inner strength and depend only on that.

Between this lunation and the next (New Moon at 04°♏25′, Nov 28), we saunter perfectly into position, ready to facilitate the most phenomenal shift in consciousness humanity has ever collectively experienced. Be set for the unveiling to what this experience is really all about.

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Of course you are ready. The universe has been priming your inner perception to receive this call for many, many years now. You have everything you need to make the evolutionary leap in consciousness. All you must do is sit, purposely align your heart and mind into a poised, perfectly composed position, ready to take the next, most crucial step.

Let us now come, at this New Moon, to give a whole new meaning to the word “together”…

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

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