URANUS IN RETROGRADE: Is there something you missed?

On August 11, 2019 URANUS at 06°♉37′ comes to a standstill.


Interesting, because in TAURUS (fixed earth), the outer planet which governs all radical, revolutionary change; innovation and breakthroughs; sudden awakenings and realisations; etc, has been recently trying to enlighten us with ways to solve problems that are keeping us from moving forward – especially in matters of economics (money), resource management and the peaceful, sustainable ways to live off the earth.

April 24, 2019 – Enters shadow zone
August 11, 2019 – Stat. Retrograde
January 10, 2020 – Stat. Direct
April 26 2020 – Exit Shadow zone

Uranus is about to turn backwards. Sometimes, to find solutions we must look back. That’s how science works. We can’t just demand breakthroughs. Sometimes we have to look back at what’s been troubling us for months, check over all the recent new ideas and fresh new ways to improve, suddenly see a connection between things we’ve not noticed before, or perhaps things we’ve been obstinately denying altogether.

Sometimes we discover truths by sheer accident, but struggle to accept them because we’re just not ready (yet).

Chances are that you’ve already found the way in which to make a proper breakthrough in your life, just failed to welcome it, implement it into your old routine.

URANUS HAS BEEN IN HIS Rx SHADOW SINCE APRIL and will turn DIRECT AGAIN IN JANUARY 2020, returning back to this point by next April.

The science says that all solutions to our current problems are already here. It just may take a little slowing down, going back over our notes, checking the records for things we might have rejected, calling truce with that which has offended, shocked or shaken us out of our stupor. It’s time to start ingeniously putting the pieces of the puzzle together and start to formulate a new deal for the way forward.

Not just you, everyone. Sooner or later you must come to accept that, as much as we want to deny it, there’s no holding back the inevitable march of progress and change. For if we try to deny it, we could face ultimate ruin.

URANUS shows no mercy for those who insist on remaining ignorant to the scientific truths he brings to light.

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