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With the preponderance of planetary energies transiting through the fiery constellations this week, there is a surge of enthusiasm and vigour showered upon the both the individual and collective (tribal) ego complexes, which in some way serves to inspire our enthusiasm into all kinds of affirmative and constructive action.

We’ll see how that pans out because conversely, too much fire (especially fixed in Leo) usually ignites an inflammation upon the spirit, to the point where pride and prejudice could quickly come out of control. Needless to warn that uncontrolled courage makes every attempt to intimidate and beleaguer us into strangely aggressive stances.

As we look closely at what’s happening around us, we may agree that humanity is surely traversing through a curiously strange passage, one where repeated microaggressions upon our vanity and pride could eventually bring us to our knees. It therefore behooves us to pay close attention to where it is that the outside world slowly gnaws away at our spirit. As Chiron shuttles through Aries, we must locate our sores, treat them, then boldly turn our abject weaknesses into a superpower. 

By the end of this week, the Sun and all personal planets – Mars, Venus and finally Mercury will all be in Leo. This tilts a lot of emphasis on our seeking of love and approval from others, especially in social situations. It is somewhat a challenging dilemma, since the threat of disapproval could result in overt dramas and a deliberate holding out of our ability to spread sunshine and light.

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For those trapped in the matrix of self-absorption and social insecurity, the dramas that Leo tends to generate by withholding this ability to inspire the world around them through their personal warmth, generosity and gregariousness might pose new issues, especially where relations against those whose nature is markedly different to theirs.

Both the Sun and Venus form quincunxes to Saturn sextiling Neptune this week – a tenuous, strained condition (yod). This can make us very difficult and touchy; extremely sensitive and vulnerable to even the slightest criticism. Of course, any point on the lugubrious Saturn/Neptune midpoint suffers a depression.

When our pride or esteemed self-image becomes offended (or we inadvertently offend others) we creates scenarios filled with an indignation that spawns out of inexplicable uncertainty. Wanting of external approbation but not sure where to find it, we may either push in the wrong direction, or pull away in shame.

Feeling isolated and filled with a dread of ‘missing out’ on the most innocent of pleasures, we may shut off and withdraw to a place where nobody can bother with us. We only sense a vacant spot in our emotional life, yet lack the strength or courage to let others see our true worth.

Fortunately Jupiter, who turns direct this week provides a much needed lift lends a supportive trine to both the Sun and Venus. Here is some much needed assistance, perhaps from a wise friend or relative – if we can only open up and look at things a little more broadly, or ‘philosophically’. It is important to realise that what is occurring is not to be taken so personally.

Nothing that happens to you is necessarily about you now. There is, of course, a greater context and the yod, or ‘finger of god’ imposed by Saturn/Neptune upon the Sun/Venus indicates that we may have to stretch a little to expand our consciousness in order to receive and integrate the truths and insights that are being gifted to us now. Of course, the universe will contrive situations which will push us into a bubble of isolation, a special ‘quite place’ where we must be willing to work with the pressures of ego-conformity and ego-dissolution simultaneously.

With both Jupiter ℞ and Uranus both stationing and ready to switch direction, we ‘earthlings’ are calling in strong signals from the outer-mundane. Those who are strongly receptive to transmissions from far-exotic places or the ‘outer dimensions’ may feel especially ostracised or ‘different’ from the rest of the world. It could feel as if all your upbringing, attitudes, preferences and opinions make you stand out as singular being, apart from the billions of other people also on this earth, even your partners or immediate family.

By the end of the week, it could feel as though there is no one else on earth who thinks and feels quite like you.

Part of this is due to the growing social anxiety and paranoia endemic in the world today – especially given the ever-concerning global news. You might, for instance, see everyone around you as a collective group of beings who are all part of some particular community, of which you’re certain you are not a part. They seem to have their collective norms and standards, their daily rituals, but you are clearly an outsider – someone who doesn’t quite fit in, or understand the value of trying to belong. This feeling will advance more and more during the next couple of weeks as we head towards the Aquarius FULL MOON (Aug 15) – pronounced especially by all the planets in fixed signs.

[stay tuned for ‘special tribe messages’ and a ‘Cosmic Bus’ episode covering the effect of this lunation]

In the meanwhile, you may experience a growing sense of mutual distrust and alienation, even within groups to which you would normally feel that you belong (like your own circle of fellow weirdos). The Leo stellium may make you feel extraordinarily self-aware: “special”, but not necessarily the ‘welcoming’ kind of special. This is partly due to Uranus having already created lots of alienation due to squaring Leo from Taurus.

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You may feel like an alien – like you don’t fit in anywhere; that the world feels false to you; that your whole life has been a convoluted dream, and you may simply want to pull away to a place where you can be alone and get some respite.

Know that you are not alone. 
The universe is now preparing you (and many other individuals) for a major gear change, a shift in transmission in order for you to receive special information which will have a profound and extraordinary impact upon the rest of the humanity.

Be assured that it’s perfectly ok to not feel like you belong anywhere. It’s perfectly ok to not be vibing with others. It’s perfectly ok that your ideas seem whacky or intangible, especially if you are surrounded by those whose beliefs seem intransigent or fixed. You are by no means a ‘bad person’ if you don’t seem to fit into any pre-ordained social concepts about this world.

In fact, you are exceptional. 
It is in your courage and strength to stay faithful and true to your intrinsic uniqueness; the openness you hold towards human diversity also holds space for you to open up your higher mind and to receive insights which can assist others – those who feel equally cut off and disenfranchised to break with ‘traditions’ which only threaten to annihilate our peace.

Outlier Eris, three time the distance from earth to Pluto, surely knows what feeling left out and alienated is all about. Her distant square to Pluto from Aries will see us to out into 2020 (and beyond), since these are two of the slowest moving bodies in the known universe. Their timing here is crucial, since Pluto is about power, death and regeneration and Eris is all about the contest of ‘survival of the fittest’. Those who feel forcibly pushed out of the mainstream, and those who deliberately extricate themselves from all humanity because they know they are different will devise ways to either change themselves to adapt to massive global permutations or else try to change the entire world to suit their own plight in the race for natural selection.

A new elite is forming under the auspices of power and control, and although the push affects us all, only a very few will manage to rise above the mundane concerns for survival, mutating to match the increasingly harsh conditions that face this planet over the coming years. This isn’t simply socio-economic difficulties, but limitations posed by climate change and vanquished food and water supplies.

Again, the key to adaptation here lies in our individual capacity to go deep within and find the empirical essence of what makes us unique and most suited to be upon this earth during these times. In the race for survival, it is not the strongest, wealthiest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. In the plight for existence within any social species – those who are most social: in human terms, most holistically attuned, philosophically wise, sharing and compassionate, stand to gain the greatest upperhand.

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Consider your retreat into solitude this week as a return to the Mother Ship for the purposes of rejuvenation and reprogramming. You will soon find ways to integrate any new knowledge back into the mainstream of human consciousness.

It’s perfectly ok to feel like an alien.
Find strength in your aloneness without feeling the pain of alienation.
You are not alone in your aloneness.
Remember always to stay kind to yourself.
Cherish the fact that you are one-of-a-kind on this special, very beautiful planet, and that your mission here is quite special to all of humankind.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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