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The Quest for Passion ~ Taurus/Taurus Rising Special Message

Taurus man

You are a no-nonsense kind of person. You like to keep your feet on the ground, especially when it comes to matters of love (and other relative investments).

Just that… something now excites you and enthralls you in a way which seldom comes along. And though it’s true that sometimes you just need a good, rousing old poke with a hot iron on your bovine hide to get you moving in a new direction, when you do get fired up you’re off like a bull at a gate.

Let this one take you by the horns. It’s good, it’s delicious, it’s pure and 100% full cream milk.

Your intuition should tell you not to analyse this too much, it’s just perfect for right now, and waiting for you to just love, love, love.

Remain open to anything and yes, you don’t need to be told to continue to tread with caution (you just will).

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