FULL MOON at 22°24′ AQUARIUS: Thursday Aug 15, 2019 12:31 UTC (with Special Messages)

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Astrologically, Full Moons (Sun/Moon oppositions) are a high-water mark in our lunar calendar – a time when the world of instincts, (☽) becomes heightened due to the diametric contrast posed by the conscious will, or ego (☉).

In the context of the NOW, all lunations (critical phases of the synodic moon cycle) become powerful markers which often test how well our autonomic nervous system can cope with currency fluctuations posed by the solarised electromagnetic field. We are constantly trying to bring our unconscious body into healthy alignment, or homeostatic coherence (e-motional balance) with the conscious information coming from the Sun, which rules our heart and mind (conscious processes).

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With the Leo Sun shimmering proudly in its domicile facing up against the emotionally aloof Aquarius Moon, we may get to see the following dichotomy of themes playing out very visibly in our world:

Leo  Aquarius
Me   We
I rule (autocracy)   people power (socialism)
my decision (executive agency)   let’s put it to the vote (democracy)
check out my achievements   it’s a team effort, dude
Artist   Scientist
Lover   Friend
Master of the universe   Free Agent

Leo wants to be the one who makes all the decisions because it feels like it knows best. Never wrong, always right, and does not like to be told otherwise. Aquarius has a problem with absolute right. It begs to differ. It pleads to get a the consensus of the whole tribe. It creates movement and protest to the contrary in order to bring about change.

Change, which when resisted by both fixed signs, eventually leads to either hard swings into totalitarian rule or social revolutions and anarchy.

As it appears lately, and in most parts of the civilised world, it is the more extreme and unyielding rulership that gets to govern. It seems we are distancing ourselves from any moderate notion of achieving any true democracy (egalitarian rule by the people), or republic (fairly elected leaders), or even a meritocracy (rule by our best and brightest achievers).

In this case, it is arguable that the world is becoming plagued by kakistocracy (rule by the worst; most unfit to rule). I’m guessing this will finally inspire (or force) us, as free-thinking, empowered individuals to eventually seek an alternative, hopefully transcending the need for all exterior forms of government altogether.

Perhaps, in the future of tomorrow, we can employ a singular computer-programmed algorithm to run our entire world, manage our resources so well without the need to give it up for some ultimately corruptible, greed-driven, warmongering oligarch. But then, how can we aspire to something which has never been tested? Especially since today’s tech giants have themselves already shown that they cannot be trusted with our most precious resource: our individual freedom to privacy and tendency for emotional complicity in their staged reality shows.

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As with every opposition, the tendency will most probably be to take sides – to espouse, or rather ‘relate’ to one side more than the other. Whilst we may hold a certain preference, or sympathy to the one aspect of an argument more than another, we may even reject, or project qualities we don’t like upon the other. It’s rare to have an ability to see both sides objectively – which is not to stay diplomatic but to not engage either way, especially if the two sides are engaged in conflict. Great mastery is necessary to be able to understand the opposition as one whole, bring their difference into balance and become integrated.

Naturally, if we do not make an effort to bring the characteristics of contrary themes into symmetry within our own world, we face coming to a point of conflict ourselves (or at least an impasse) during times of planetary oppositions.

And, of course, no opposition is as personal and engaging as that between the Sun and Moon. As usual, you will see and feel the struggle most intensely.

Much maturity is needed to proceed.
In the Leo/Aquarius lunation, less hubris, more self-awareness and humility is in order. It takes enormous light to see into the fundamental distortions that plague humanity’s inequalities and lack of courage to stand up and do something of the unprecedented.

So how is this Full Moon affecting your world?
Once again, I have prepared an in-depth look at how these play out for each of the 12 zodiac positions.
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