#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: August 2019

Saturday August 31

For those who’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a decent night’s sleep; who wake up at precisely 4:04 each morning ready to launch into the whos & whats & whys & hows; for those who toss and turn and change position umpteen times a minute, looking to feel ‘just right’; whose restless minds travel back and forth in time, trying to analysing how it is & was & might have been & should or could or will be; who godforbid pick up their phone and start the twitterscrolls: Let’s say it’s understandable, but it ain’t ‘normal’…

MARS, MERCURY rising before the Virgo SUN each day will do that… There’s a perfectly good reason. Do you know? [more of this tomorrow, and next week]

The more time you spend with yourself, the more productive; greater clarity of mind; sharper memory; more freedom to choose; improved problem-solving powers; your creativity widens; personal energy restores; self-connection deepens; politics and people-pleasing nonsense is avoided; less need to impress random fucks; become more self-sufficient; heart grows fonder of all those in absence; soul grows wiser through self-reflection; develop realistic relationship with inner self; learn to trust intuition more the more you have the space to listen in… 

We all have Virgo somewhere in our lives – it’s either in you or in someone you relate to. If ever was a time to be exploring it, it is right now (this weekend, now), get on it. Don’t be afraid to take time out to be alone. Don’t feel offended or afraid to be left alone, or asked for leave of absence. Just respect. Something magical is happening and you must let it. ….. https://angstoic.com/…/latest-horoscopes-for-the…/

☿☌☉☌♂ 10°♍59′

[image: sedric young]

His father worried sick about him. He was anxious, for he knew… he saw how the boy’s eyes were permanently turned skywards, to the Sun; from whence he came and longed so badly to return.
“Boy, don’t fly too close to the Sun. It is a sin, and you know better.”

But who was he to listen? 
“Father, doen here I live in sin.” he replied grimly, with despair. “My virtue lies up there, in the heavens, and none can rob or deprive me of my free will. I want to fly.” 
Something about his youthful naivety; his juvenile frailty and fallibility was quite beautiful, but also dangerous.

Perhaps they should have waited for the nightfall. The dark moon would have never let him go. But father would dare to let the boy exercise his free will.

It would be his undoing.
Icarus crashed and burned for all his callow arrogance. 
Well, he might have flown too close to the Sun, but at least he flew.

….full scopes to this lunation @https://angstoic.com/…/latest-horoscopes-for-the-cosmic-tr…/

Friday August 30 – ♅ △ ☉/♂

[art: @deviantart]

NEW MOON has brought with it a huge energy shift, one not so difficult to feel, thanks to all these earth energies.

An inner detachment makes it easier to discern what’s working and worthwhile; what will lift us into the future, and what could plunge us down into the pits of despair.

This instantaneous connection to the ‘Cosmic Mind’ opens creative portals, inspires attitudes more rooted in scientific, logical and objective perspectives… Yes, things are very real, it’s really happening; a total zen & now sensation. From this moment, taking the leap into the unknown isn’t so hard. Nothing to lose if you do/ nothing to gain if you won’t.

Exploit this opportunity to free fall: jumping off cliffs, you develop wings on the way down.

…..full scopes@ https://angstoic.com/…/latest-horoscopes-for-the-cosmic-tr…/

Tuesday August 27

♂ △ ♅ | ☉ ☌ ♂

[image: alessio albi]

MARS becomes easily flared over the next few days, meaning that which is essentially ‘masculine’ gets highly vitalised, vigorous, forceful and assertive, even violent. The call to take action (fight or flight) could turn wild and crazy, fast.

Any hint of threat becomes inflammatory or, in potentially competitive situations, the tendency to strike out is ultra high. It is important to make this constructive. Even flanked by a tempering VENUS (currently in her fall in Virgo) and the consciousness of SUN, an exuding air of self-confidence may arouse toxic attitudes of superiority. 
Hence, the urge to go to into battle to prove one’s worth, dominance or competence will be strong. One becomes triggered over the slightest little detail, for it don’t take much for tetchy Mars in Virgo to get snarky.

This could be you. 
Hypnotically drawn to wage war at the slightest hint of blood, especially where frailty and fragility of egos is seen to be breaking…

Choose battles wisely now.

…..more@ https://angstoic.com/2019/08/the-week-ahead-aug-26-sep-02/

☽/☊ – ♄/ ♇

The ‘status quo’ is in a state of severe deterioration. Massive social discontent is everywhere – these ARE the end of days for the gatekeepers and the old guard. While the public finds it easy to scapegoat its ‘leaders’, it is actually society’s systems which are corrupt, corroded and breaking down to cinders. No leader on this planet can hope to save those from their ultimate doom. We see our past becoming exposed as nothing but a giant hoax; how the elite who have inherited all privilege and wealth have screwed our ancestors and still continue to exploit and enslave the masses; we see just how unhealthy and unfair this all is, and we just know that this cannot hold out for much longer.

We see, but still do not act. We wait and watch the devastation…

Sadly, things will get much much worse before they get any better. The burning of our forests is out of control; the strip mining of land and seas is exhausting resources, killing off species; the farming of humans by large industries is driving even future generations into further economic debt; the oppression of human liberties is killing creativity and growth; and the wholesale drugging, poisoning, brainwashing of our population is having catastrophic effects on our psychological well-being. Everyday we see the sadness and the madness in the eyes of our brothers and sisters. Now, how can that be sexy?

We need to take action. We must do something if we want to improve the way things are. And we must continue to do it until we have reached a desired outcome. We need to rise, out into the streets with passion and intent now. Nothing else matters but to make the change we want to see real. 

Monday August 26

Saturday August 24

The past two VENUS/MARS synodic cycles, commencing in Virgo (2015, 2017) have been excruciatingly challenging. Love and romance without self-observation can be as toxic as being cast into belief without reason. This third and final cycle of the inter-relational planets in Virgo excites our critical thinking and begs us to purify our toxic ways or suffer further discontentment and isolation. #CosmicBus#AhaMoments

Thursday August 22- MARS □ CERES

Just, please… Don’t try to do me any favours with that thing.

Wednesday August 21

[image: mohanad@vertigo.artography]

VENUS enters VIRGO and you become puzzled in so many ways:

It’s a tough choice, since you may want something, but you’re worried about all the work or fuss to keep it; or you want someone to love, but show no love for yourself; or maybe too much for yourself and none for others; or you want to be in a relationship, but you also want to stay single; or you desire to be loved but you nag and bitch about everyone…

Same goes with planet earth: you want to enjoy it, but not willing to do the upkeep.

As they say… “you can’t eat your cake and have it (too)”. 
What’s it going to be now?

ON THIS DAY: Aug 20, 1969

Final session for The Beatles’ album “Abbey Road” at 3 Abbey Road, London. It would be the last time that all four Beatles were at the EMI Studios, working together on the same project.

Over the previous few days the group had put the finishing touches on their overdubs and on this day, all four Beatles spent seven hours discussing the album’s sequence.

Two days later, on August 22, on the grounds of John’s estate, the fab foursome gathered for the last Beatles photo session – the last “official” assembly of the century’s most prolific band of creators.

Arguably the 20th century’s greatest romance, the hugely influential group’s acrimonious break-up was akin to the final stages of a marriage/partnership, where partners know the ship has run its course, and no matter what, nothing creative can come of their staying together any longer. Only grumbling and fussing would follow…

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ (& then): SUN at 29° (conjunction REGULUS


The last straw, going up in flames.

“The dry season creates the favourable conditions for the use and spread of fire, but starting a fire is the work of humans, either deliberately or by accident.”

With the stellium of planets in Leo, JUPITER in Sadge, and CHIRON/ERIS in Aries, we predicted that August would see fire in its many forms, spreading throughout August. The rainforests are the lungs of this planet, and deliberate deforestation of the Amazon by exploiting its flammability is man simply creating a self-perpetuating ecological disaster for ourselves.

Add to this the willful denial of leaders of ‘developed countries’ denying climate change by exiting agreements to reduce global carbon emissions, and it isn’t hard to see how we are turning this planet into a bed of kindling, ready to flash.

Tuesday August 20

Astro Clusterfuck at REgulus 00°♍00′

[image: mohanad@vertigo.artography]

By the end of this week, MARS(18), then VENUS(21), the SUN(23) and JUNO(24) move into Virgo.

Personal energies start flowing into fastidious reasoning, finding flaws, and finicky themes involving service to others.

Virgo’s a stickler for self-discipline. Her technical aptitude and proficiency, and her unselfish intention to “get stuff done” can make her quite cutthroat in execution and style, sometimes devoid of any sympathy for others.

To some, the annoyance of others’ annoyance can simply be…. annoying.


☉/♀/♂ Sqq ♄ | ☿ ⊼ ♄

Last time SATURN, Lord of Karma, was stationary at this degree (13°♑55′) was in April of 1989, about to retrograde (think back… remember the trial it put you through?). Saturn then was about to conjunct NEPTUNE, then URANUS, changing our structured lives forever by introducing us to extraterrestrial ideas, music, drugs, technologies, and whole new mindsets.

Next month (Sep 18) Saturn will station to go direct at the exact same degree (13°♑55′). After that, it will make a direct beeline to conjunct with PLUTO, ruler of the underworld.

Saturn tries to scare the living shit out of us. It imposes fear – the ultimate mind-killer; the psychological foretoken which threatens complete obliteration. They say that nobody can escape death and taxes; that nobody can alter karmic law; that when a promise has been made to Saturn there is no turning back; that you have signed away your freedom-loving life… but I say all of that is bullshit.

(yes) B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T!

I will face your fear. I will see through its mask, into its lying eyes. I will allow it to pass over me and through me and I will not make it mine. I will stare your death and taxes in the face and sneer and pity your feeble attempts to spook me. And when your phoney threats and menaces have passed, I will turn back the inner eye onto its natural path. 

Wherever fear has gone there will be nothing left. Only I will remain, courageously.


Monday August 19

If you want something done, give it to someone who looks like they might have a meltdown if they didn’t at least give it a try…

Notice too, how you’re already highly reactive to mercilessly “take out the trash”, once and for all and with minimum reason. Mars gets so triggered and in Virgo, the slightest little thing will cause him to shoot. Though he rarely misses the mark, Mars in Virgo is typically inclined to chuck out the baby with the bathwater… already, there’s been a ‘baby bloodbath’ here, at this end of my list of contacts. Regrets? Meh… too few to mention. Also some other things I noticed since Mars hit Regulus at zero Virgo, not much sleep. Boy, gonna feel wired by the end of this fortnight as all the other chickens (Venus/Sun/Mercury, then Moon) come home to roost. #Listmania

Friday’s Last Quarter Moon at 00°♊12′ will be completely mental. Mercury, now well out of retro shadow and absolutely firing through the rest of Leo. Actually a great time (next two weeks) to clear of any creative projects, set a decent intention to either start afresh or completely re-do something that badly needs an upgrade.

Sunday August 18

It’s comforting to know that one day, soon, my every tweet, google search and fb status update will inform the algorithmic profiler of my every social aberration and perversion…. 

It’s not that ‘Big Brother’ isn’t already watching our every move.

We are pliantly under surveillance at levels which would have been the envy of past regimes and governments, providing more than everything necessary to effectively manage (or exploit) its citizens. It’s about whether the dictators of the v.near future will be of the benevolent or tyrannical kind….

Saturday August 17

Whilst the entire human race is receiving a major upgrade to its faculties of omnipresent awareness, the official posse of ‘legal scientists’ is still trying to provide the foundational grounds of an authentic explanation as to Jeffrey Epstein’s death. 

Meanwhile, the mainstream media, which was quick to affirm that it was definitely suicide has quelled all interest in the story, trumping up news about a phoney economic recession, more little rocket mania and a surprise exposè on how the israeli government may be racist.

Ffa… how hard is it to provide the anxiously awaiting public with immediate details of Epstein’s autopsy report, as well as the results of a full investigation into what indeed happened there in cell 49, and why the prison guards fell asleep on the job?

Maybe US congress is planning to put Robert Mueller on the case?

MARS is about to leave LEO, and over the next 13 days we will see all other inner planets rush to join the SUN & MOON in a spectacular stellium in VIRGO, which perfectly trines URANUS in TAURUS.

They say the devil’s in the details…

Friday August 16 – ☿ □ ♅ | ☽ ☍ ☉/♀

[pic: elena vizerskaya]

The transmission of pure intelligence – of purely integral heart energy is now occurring, not just through the individual mind, but the entire internetworking pathways of our electrified earth. The challenge will be to keep it clearly flowing, unfiltered and unimpeded.

Allow your mind to become a superconductor of light (information).

Profound states of consciousness are direct revelations that bring full-spectrum downloads of multidimensional blocks of information (enlightenment) onto this earth.

Only your ego (attachments) can limit and obstruct this.

The imminent decline of this current Gilded Age is calling each of us to reveal the unlimited depths and heights of our sovereign, creative power. 

There is more to life than just a fleeting, worthless, meaningless veneer.

Do not wait for the world to change for you. Accept that you are the change, and you are already here.

Thursday August 15

[image: natacha einat]

Ok, so it’s FULL MOON in a few hours, and despite all the uncertainty and uneasiness that eats away at me in this world, I know one thing for certain…

I know that i have everything I need, within me, to be certain and stand tall.
To be certain about who I am, 
about what I am capable of doing, 
of where it is I am going
to be and do whatever I so desire, 
just in being myself.

What else?
Who else would I be trying to be?

I feel no need to compromise my integrity, to fit into anything that doesn’t accept, allow and encourage me to live according to my personal values and esteem.

That takes enormous courage, and it isn’t always easy.
Some things just challenge me; they try to question my intent; they press me and pull at me, and I must choose whether to respectfully engage and how indeed to faithfully respond to their demands, their pleas and wishes. 

I am certain that sometimes I may need to act.
I do this with all the love and understanding that what appears before me is a world that needs me just as much as I need it.
I act accordingly in order to recreate myself, just as the blessed Sun and Moon and stars have always dreamed for me and all sentient beings upon this beautiful little planet.

This is my undivided mission and responsibility:
To just be me; express myself impeccably, whole-heartedly and to the best of my abilities. 

In this, I’m certain that you and I would agree. 

Love to you, on this glorious Full Moon xx

Wednesday August 14

[pic: alessio albi]


If I was going to try to pull off something unsightly in broad daylight, something that I did not want you to witness, then it stands to reason that the most auspicious time to try it on would be during the Moon’s eclipse over the Sun, when the day would turn to darkness and I would stand the greatest chance at not be seen in the act.

Similarly, if i were to blatantly attempt to break the law, or moral code, it stands to reason that I should try to pull it off during the Moon’s occultation (effectively an eclipse) of JUPITER.

And if I was going to try to defy the properties of any physical constraint, i should attempt to do this during an occultation of SATURN. Similarly, if i was going to try to completely expunge or eliminate something from this earth, I should best choose to do it during the Moon’s occultation of PLUTO.

These occultations just happened.

Here’s the thing: regarding the Epstein case for instance, where they illegally snuffed out this guy in broad daylight (he was highly suspect to suicide, yes?) – no cameras were operating, the prison staff were absent, apparently under ‘severe duress’, and nobody seems to be able to explain how the world’s most valuable witness to ultra-high profile allegations of child-abuse seems implausible, even to the dimmest of laypersons. Everybody was in disbelief over this.

Then, immediately, the official mainstream press was heavily towing the line of this event being an ‘unfortunate suicide’, whilst police proceeded to raid his private island, supposedly ‘looking for evidence’ which also seems implausible and hard to believe that they should wait until after he dies, when they already had this guy under investigation for months.

It seems highly likely here that there has been a systematic effort by ‘authorities’ to eliminate any evidence which might tie any of the ‘elite’ to serious allegations of pedophile activity.

All this happened between the beginning and end of the most rare string of lunar occultations in out times. All this, and more…. much more, that we are not being told.

We are not stupid. But we can be blind. 
Because it is personally convenient to turn a blind eye to what does not personally concern us. Remember Jamal Khashoggi? or Assange? Didn’t concern you, right?


The Moon represents our emotions; our personal comfort zone. When we wish to blind ourselves to the reality of things; when we wish to retire and just pull down the shutters and go back to sleep – then it’s moontime. It’s convenient to shut ourselves off from the complexities of the outside world and slip into our bed of personal complacency – not have to worry about anything but our most immediate, infantile needs.

Do you see how you are trying to do the same about something that’s entirely pressing in your world? Do you see how you are progressively tuning out to the sliding value of local laws, government structures and powerful kabals which are trying to quietly screw you over on things like your internet privacy, the inequity of your economic systems, the prestige of the elite few abusing privilege over our children and the working-class masses with insane tax fraud and exploitation of people’s resources, the denial of stark scientific evidence on climate change; damage of historical and archeological artifacts; inciting division over traumas on gender, sexuality race, indigenous people and animal species extinction, wholesale environmental defacement, land and border control, etc, etc…


Do you not see, or are you trying to go back to sleep, trusting that the patriarchy has got this for you?

They got this ok…

What is happening here is the greatest hoax in centuries – right under your nose. And you may very well be allowing it by turning a blind eye where you should be out in the street.

The Moon is about to become FULLY ILLUMINATED in AQUARIUS.

Don’t leave what is obviously your responsibility as a human to chance. Don’t hide away when you know something is not quite right, then come out of your little safe-hole in a few years time and start screaming #MeToo.

Again, it will be too late…

[image: tim walker]

♀ ☌ ☉ | ☉ ⊼ ♇ | ♀ ⊼ ♇

In this superior conjunction between the SUN and VENUS at 21°11′ Leo, the force of attraction is particularly strong and immensely wilful. It’s also possible (due to your insatiable narcissistic needs) that your discernment isn’t necessarily picking up how easily you are drawn into temptation.

Be careful who and what you choose to come into your life around this time. Uncertainty lurks just beneath the surface and all that charisma and charm are just a cover for what seems hellbent to seduce and destroy.

Sooner or later it will get the better of you, ruin your health or disposition; lead you into power struggles or addictions which are hard to break; embroil into difficult relationship with some grouchy and cantankerous bastard who (it turns out) is only interested in tearing you to shreds.

But then, maybe you’re into that sort of thing, you fucking sicko…

….full moon story@https://angstoic.com/…/full-moon-at-2224%e2%80%b2-aquarius…/

Monday August 12

You can search all you like.
Read every book, every article, see every picture.
What you come to realise, at some point, are the smokescreens, the limitations, falsehoods and fictitiousness that you have been fed to believe.

All you want is answers but you can’t have them.
They’re not on record anywhere and nobody can help you.

It is this which leaves you feeling empty and forlorn.

You suffer and your suffering is due to a lack of knowledge; a lack of faith; a lack of communion with Spirit.

Your burdens are undeniably connected to the controversy over what’s really going on within the societies of society and all its secrecy. You know there’s something more, but you’re not privy. Everything meaningful is cloaked in mystery.

You are knocking on deaf doors.
Everywhere, you are being told that you can’t handle truth.

It’s probably true.

One has to earn the privilege and power to see beyond the veil. Only communion with the Source of divine light can cure this blindness.

#EyesWideShut #SurvivalOfTheFittest

Friday August 9

☉ ⊼ ♄/♆

Don’t get upset, but what good is having the approval of the mindless masses if you can’t take constructive feedback from a single intelligent being?

One of the saddest things about these #InstaTimes is that those who profess with certainty to be “something great” are indeed clueless, whilst those with any true imagination and depth of understanding are mired by doubt and indecision.
Without the self-awareness of metacognition (the knowing of the knowing) folks fail to evaluate their competence or incompetence with any objectivity. Therefore, the “prize” continues to go the unduly confident, the vain and the mediocre who live under some cognitive bias of their illusory superiority…

Thursday August 8

[image: tim walker]

The DARK SIDE OF LEO manifests when the proud lion or lioness decides that there’s a lack of admiration or approval from those they most seek to impress in their world – especially the Daddy-figure. Nothing cuts deeper than a broken heart, and his SCAR of rejection becomes Leo’s defining characteristic.

After that, things can turn nasty, both inside and out, and as much as the nastiness may be projected outwards with unreasonably demanding behaviour – especially towards those nearest – it is only an indication of the loss of self-respect that’s going on within.

Feeling unworthy, the scarred Leo will act out, unconsciously pitting themselves into situations which really only pronounce and perpetuate their pain and humiliation, either by finding people who will toy with their desire to be loved and admired, or indulge in sycophantic pretensions that they are “very very loved”, when indeed… well… (how shall we put this without wounding them further?)….they are not.

Eventually it just drives everyone away.

Where the loved and admired Leo can be genuinely magnanimous and magnificent to all, the dark Leo can harbour a caustic, bitter and resentful attitude towards life and everyone in it. I see the sad results of this in my consulting work all the time. As a result, their status in the community is severely marred by a ruthless and destructive conduct, and in many cases they are destined to live and die an atrocious life, all stemming from the irrevocable effects of a broken heart.

Let’s face it, abuse towards others is just another form of self-abuse – perhaps the worst kind – and when we see it in Leo, we must do our best to try to understand that the source of their darkness lies somewhere in some rejection or denouncement from their own, would-be ‘king maker’. From there on, the hardest thing in the world can be in trying to find how to heal that.

Sadly, more often than not, it is because of this inner pride-wound that the wounded lionheart may never let a soul come remotely close to holding them through the ailment of this wound. They would sooner tear anyone who discovers the secret of their ‘deposal’ to shreds, and few can ever hope to help or counsel them.

It may seem that nothing can ever mend a broken heart, but it’s often just our vanity which ultimately makes us retreat deeper into the den of our pain. So easy to feel dispirited and low once we lose the source of all our love and approval…

Tuesday August 6


[image: tim walker]

MOON enters Scorpio, and as she squares off with the Leo SUN, aggression, irritation, or injured pride won’t be easily contained. Any emotional trigger that cuts deep into feelings of jealousy, possessiveness or threatens our need for comfort, authority and control might easily set us off, especially after Moon opposes URANUS in just a few hours.

Be on ultra high alert for jerky freakazoids and belligerent irritants. They have no god or mercy.

It is the QUARTER MOON [in exactly 24 hours] that makes every situation most serious and intense though. Thanks to the rigidity of the fixed energies about to clash, most folks are at a very low-stress threshold at the moment. So if you’re going to fuck around, tease or take a risky tug at the wild beast’s tail, expect to be torn to shreds… and don’t forget I told you so.

There.. you’ve been warned.


….read more@ https://angstoic.com/2019/08/the-week-ahead-aug-5-11/

[image: jacob lawrence]

It seems bizarre, given that we are all somehow descendants of trans-global migration, that we are throwing up borders and developing state-defined paranoias about ‘foreigners’ entering ‘our’ lands.

Let’s understand that the near future will shake up the human population considerably. Mass migration is inevitable as people continue to flee from oppressive regimes and the very real effects of climate-change, which is making it difficult for many folks to grow their food and support their local economies.

The earth is undergoing the greatest turbulence in our ACCURATELY recorded history. Of course, there is much that we are not being told, and we cannot be sure how much our own ignorance and denial of scientific facts is feeding our collectively regressive mindsets. To romance about some notion of holding strong to a particular form of national identity is to commit to bitter betrayal of the most fundamental truth: Attachment to anything outside of ourselves only perpetuates our own, and adds to the misery of others.

ALL structures are collapsing anyway, and unless we open our borders (and our closed minds) and learn to adapt to the growing influx of new neighbours, we will surely continue to suffer the auspices of psychotic fear, division and war.

It doesn’t need to be.

As ERIS, in pioneering Aries, continues to square with PLUTO in Capricorn (2020), the desperate race for ‘survival of the fittest’ is certain to see humanity evolve, mutate or perish under the ominous march of nature’s ‘natural selection’ process.

….read more@ https://angstoic.com/2019/08/the-week-ahead-aug-5-11/

Sunday August 4

Every micro-offense; every strike upon your integrity; every papercut upon the same sore point now starts to cut deeper and deeper…

How many smarting jabs upon that fragile approval-seeking Ego before something goes snap?

#WatchYourself #CosmicBusAhaMoments

Saturday August 3

Every microaggression is a signal to act. Your liberty™ depends on it. #AnySign

We are surely transiting through a passage where repeated microaggressions could eventually bring us to our knees. Pay closer attention to where it is that the outside world slowly gnaws away at your spirit. We have to find the sores, treat them, then boldly turn our abject weakness into superpower.

Friday August 2

[image: tim walker]


With both JUPITER ℞ and URANUS now stationing, ready to switch direction (next week), we ‘Earthlings’ are calling in strong signals from the outer-mundane. Those who are strongly receptive to transmissions from far-exotic places or the ‘outer dimensions’ may feel especially ostracised or different from the rest of the world. It’s as if all your upbringing, attitudes, preferences and opinions make you stand out as singular being, apart from the billions of other people also on this earth, even your partners or immediate family.

It could feel as though there is no one else on earth quite like you.

Part of this is due to the social anxiety and paranoia in the world – especially given the ever-concerning global news. You might, for instance, see everyone around you as a collective group of beings who are part of some particular community, in which you’re certain you are not a part. They seem to have their collective norms and standards, their daily rituals, but you are clearly an outsider – someone who doesn’t quite fit in, or understand the value of trying to belong. This feeling will advance more and more during the next couple of weeks as we head towards the Aquarius FULL MOON (Aug 15) – pronounced especially by all the planets in fixed signs. 

You may experience a growing sense of mutual distrust and alienation, even within groups to which you would normally feel that you belong (like your own circle of fellow weirdos). The Leo stellium may make you feel extraordinarily self-aware: “special”, but not necessarily the ‘welcoming’ kind of special. This is partly due to Uranus having already created lots of alienation due to squaring Leo from Taurus.

You may feel like an freaking alien – like you don’t fit in anywhere; that the world feels false to you; that your whole life has been a convoluted dream, and you may simply want to pull away to a place where you can be alone and get some respite.

Know that you are not alone. 
The universe is now preparing you (and many other individuals) for a major gear change, a shift in transmission in order for you to receive special information which will have a profound and extraordinary impact upon the rest of the humanity. 

Be assured that it’s perfectly ok to not feel like you belong anywhere. It’s perfectly ok to not be vibing with others. It’s perfectly ok that your ideas seem whacky or intangible, especially if you are surrounded by those whose beliefs seem intransigent or fixed. You are by no means a ‘bad person’ if you don’t seem to fit into any pre-ordained concepts about this world.

In fact, you are exceptional. 
Your courage and strength to stay faithful and true to your intrinsic uniqueness; the openness you hold towards human diversity also holds space for you to open up your higher mind and to receive insights which can assist others to break with ‘traditions’ which only threaten to annihilate our peace. 

Consider your retreat into solitude as a return to the Mother Ship for the purposes of rejuvenation and reprogramming. You will soon find ways to integrate any new knowledge back into the mainstream of human consciousness.

It’s ok to feel like an alien.
Remember to stay kind to yourself.
Cherish the fact that you are one-of-a-kind on this special, very beautiful planet, and that your mission here is quite special to all of humankind.

Thursday August 1

☉/♀ △ Ch | ☉/♀ □ ♅

I guess by now you might have realised that the single, most rebellious act you can undertake in a world so chastised by conformity, is to go ahead and make yourself happy and contented… first and foremost. 

No, this is NOT a promotion for selfishness and egotism. 

Bringing yourself to a state of true joy takes hard work. It requires creativity and courage on your part since you cannot rely on anyone or anything. Only you can make yourself happy There’s no prepared formula which you can follow. No book, no guru, no astrologer, no role model can give you the blueprints to your joy, although they may help guide you if there is a loving, non-judgemental approach.

Making yourself happy takes real responsibility and dedication. Making yourself happy means looking inwards, asking the hard questions, then following through with the appropriate measures – no matter how risky or foolish they may seem. In fact, many times making yourself happy could feel spiteful or destructive towards the external universe. Only you can be the judge of that. Be sure not to be spiteful and mean towards yourself.

Making yourself happy – truly happy, has to have meaning for you, and only you. 
Making yourself happy starts to add meaning into everything you do again.
Making yourself happy has the power to eventually make others happy with you, although this is not your primary goal. One must only focus on becoming happier with oneself. This takes practice. This takes honouring the inner voice. One cannot be kind to others if one is not first being kind to oneself. 
How can you be true to anyone if you are not first in integrity within yourself? How can you properly value or dignify anything if you cannot first stand in your own self dignity?

So ok. The rebellion starts here and now. 
It’s with you and starts within you.
Dare to take a stand?
Do you dare make yourself happy? 
You know the way, surely… 
You were actually born equipped with everything you needed to find out. So show us. Let’s get creative with it…

The real revolution starts with not worrying about what anyone else thinks and showing some self-appreciation, gratitude and love for yourself. Show us all how it’s done.


**This post describes an auspicious moment where, with some self reflection and gratitude, the groundings for a transitional lift will shine through. You can do it, but being responsible for your own happiness means also being aware of your own mental health. If you are suffering from serious anxiety or depression, you should seek professional help.

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