MERCURY RETROGRADE (Jul 7-31) Cry, forgive, learn, move on…

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If you’re feeling a little choked up, stuck, no room to move and failing to enjoy the flow of your domestic and emotional quarters, then this might be time to review, assess, stop clinging and rid yourself of what’s not working for you. There may be some tears, and that’s ok. But sooner or later you gotta get up and work out what you’re going to do.

Only days before a fiery conjunction to Mars in Leo, and just 2 degrees short of squaring earth-shocking Uranus in Taurus, Mercury – ruler of the mind; neural pathways; and usual lines of communication is now set to turn retrograde.

This important transit comes in the midst of eclipse season, and though not directly linked to this lunation cycle by any aspect, it helps deliver key clues towards unravelling some of the unattended patterns in our customary ways of thinking.

Mercury’s retrograde range 23°♋57′ ——> 04°♌28′
June 20 – Enters Retrograde Shadow
July 7 – Stations to Retrograde at 04°♌28′
July 31 – Stations to go direct at 23°♋57′
August 15 – Exits Retrograde Shadow

During Mercury’s entire 7-8 week process, we are able to carefully observe which areas of our mundane lives have become stuck, dysfunctional or cramped due to poor thinking practices and sloppy methods of execution.

  • Where, rather than communicate directly using concise and clear facts do we tend to generalise and assume?
  • How, rather than engage our rational faculties of discernment and analysis do we fudge, stumble and evade our way through?

During this time, Mercury sets up certain instances in our lives where we must stop and reflect, examine more closely where our way of thinking has to be clarified and improved in order to get our point across more effectively.

During Mercury’s shadow passage through Cancer, thinking becomes largely affected by the emotions. Infantile and childhood memories may spring to the foreground of our minds; instinctive patterns of relating conjure up endemic problems that have to be looked at and solved. Family ties and the way we communicate needs improving. Overtly emotional speech and soppy sentiments may interfere with logic and domestic functionality.

Then, during Mercury’s brief passage through Leo, communications tend to be more self-absorbed, more expressive and tinged with much bombast and pride. More awareness of the detrimental effects of this is necessary.

As usual, the Mercury retrograde is best spent in careful reflection, review, introspective contemplation. Making amends in the way we get our point across is crucial towards moving forward.
How does it affect your sign?

Here’s your in-depth messages to help you understand and get the most out of this retrograde period:

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