MERCURY/PLUTO: Mental Persuasion, Propaganda and Mind Control

[pic: peter lindbergh]

Mercury now stations at 23°♋57' to turn direct on August 1. As he does so, he forms a near opposition to Pluto (21°♑29'℞), and a square to Eris (24°♈19'℞) and square to Pallas Athena ((21°♎30'℞) (Cardinal Grand Cross). An intense struggle forms over the most far-reaching aspects of how our most private thoughts and ideas are forcibly penetrated, distorted, suppressed and deliberately used against us for politically strategic purposes...


The lower mind is constantly inundated with mental stimuli. Our senses are exposed to an array of sights, sounds, smells etc, some of which formulate specific messages for our brain to receive and process. This is the function of Mercury - ruler of the mundane (lower) mind: to form bridgeways of communication for vital messages between our inner and outer worlds.

Mostly, these messages are ordinary, easy to see and understand.

However, there are times when the way in which our mind perceives and processes thoughts and ideas becomes powerfully penetrating, incisive enough to delve behind superficial appearances and dig deep beneath the surface.

Similarly, some thoughts can worm their way into the core of our mind, seizing control of all mental processes, manipulate the way we see things, transform, invade or corrupt the way we think.

This is what happens when Mercury meets dark underlord Pluto, whether by transit or somehow a feature of your own chart....

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