#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: July, 2019

Saturday July 27

♂ ⊼ ♄ | ♂ ⊼ ♆ | ♂ ⊼ ♇

[Artist Unknown]

Yes, you want to do something.
Something daring, poignant and outstandingly heroic – put on a performance for which the entire team will one day sing your praises…

..and yet, when your moment to act arrives, the secret, vague self-doubt which lurks inside of you takes over and a lurid sense of inadequacy, anxiety and frustration takes hold, leaving you paralysed.

What the fuck just happened? Why?


It all depended on you. 
And yet you muffed it…

You are the one who pulls the strings on your own catastrophe, so let’s just stop right there. Rather than taking the courage to save yourself by simply changing your own life, you psyched yourself out by fantasizing about the glory you’ll receive from others.

It doesn’t work like that. 
You get ahead of yourself and spoil the moment.
Glory, fame, adulation, power only come to those who dare to act in the present moment, without the thought of the opinions and the judgements of others. In fact, true heroes are humbled by what the rest of the world should think of them afterwards.

That’s why, after all, you are immobilised; reduced to the role of a passive observer who sits around and waits to see what his fate will be.

Furthermore, to offset this inner impotence, you engage in frantic, fanatical activities. You develop an obsession for keeping the house spotless, bullying the kids, recycling old paper, eating organic, switching to eco-friendly light globes -whatever – anything, just to appease yourself that you are actually doing ‘something’.

But you are doing nothing. Nothing much for anyone at all.
Nothing active. Nothing heroic.

Your individual contribution: talking down to your children; re-posting disturbing content about animal welfare on twitter or facebook; lambasting others for poor choices, etc., matters less and less, and your role in life becomes more and more diluted, filtered out by clever algorithms, and you become more powerless and insignificant – like the antagonistic armchair social critic who wastes her energy by passing her inane commentary on innumerable online forums… or, like the football fan who roots for his team in front of the television screen at home, yelling and jumping from his seat, in the belief that this will somehow influence the game’s outcome.

[‘Hopefully’ this will pass]


Friday July 26

☿SD23°♋57′ ☍ ♇ | ☽☌☉ □ ♅

“Data is now more valuable than oil”… ~ Brittany Kaiser
Which makes the data you share the most valuable asset on earth.

In the “internet of things”, your entire online identity (you) is just another ‘thing’ being mined for its potential resource value. It is already being weaponised against you and all your fellow humans. The evidence that you have been ‘taken’ is in.

And if you don’t know, now you know…

Thursday July 25

There’s two ways to deal with any ‘awkwardness’ here: 
One, is to be totally honest about how it makes you cringe.
The other, well… let’s just say it gets complicated.
Neither way do you avoid hurting someone’s pride…

3Q MOON @01°♉51′ |☽ □☉= ♃ □♆

The moment you realise you are seriously entangled in a web of ultimate deception, lies, hypocrisy. What to do, when you either caused or encouraged it…

“…things can become unpredictable, morbidly morose, difficult, even downright oppressive. You may find yourself still stuck in a situation which has long been demanding a decisive outcome, or ifthings just don’t work out the way you expected them to be…”
[….excerpt from https://angstoic.com/2019/07/the-week-ahead-jul-22-28/]


Monday July 22

By the end of this week, Saturn/Pluto’s oppression and control turns into a maelstrom of rebelliousness and wild civic disorder. It is a natural reaction to being held down, force-fed lies and beaten into submission.

The LEO SUN will form his New Moon against the full force of URANUS in TAURUS at the same time the Mercury goes direct (Aug 1). Mars forms a yod the he supernatural forces of NE/PL. All hell breaks loose… Yes, it is a matter of pure integrity.

“For it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the negro poor has worsened over the last twelve or fifteen years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.” ~ MLK, 1968

….read about the week ahead @https://angstoic.com/2019/07/the-week-ahead-jul-22-28/

Saturday July 20

[pic: natacha einat]

Ok, enough with the frivolities. Some serious questions:

In the same week that the American President openly declares a very divisive war against ‘democrat women of colour’; Elon Musk announces that humans could soon have their smartphone ‘chipped up’ directly to their brain (Neuralink); the crisis in Iran intensifies; the world goes crazy over an app that can transfigure your image by decades; common folks now are rallying numbers to make a rush on Area 51 – the highly classified US Air Force facility in Nevada, where, as legend has it, the US government has been holding out vital evidence on UFO’s and other freaky phenomena since the 1950’s

Meanwhile, today’s the 50-year anniversary of ‘man walks on moon’ spectacle, yet we still haven’t been told any good reason WHY that was important for us? Why did they do that? Spent trillions of dollars of taxpayer’s dollars on space exploration, when there’s obviously some other pretty hot issues down here than need sorting out, say like world peace, cancer, climate change, deforestation, pollution, loss of biodiversity, oceanic dead zones, overpopulation, over-fishing, strip-mining etc… I mean, what’s the point of prioritising moon landings and space exploration and why, after all, are us citizens being told nothing about what they’re actually “discovering”, if anything? What is out there (other than planets and stars, which we can already see with our telescopes) and for that matter, why are these other exorbitantly wealthy citizens (like Musk/Bezos) themselves itching to find ways to get to and colonise Mars?

Wtf is going on peeps?
What’s going on behind the curtain?
Somebody tell Me. I’m open here…

Friday July 19

VENUS at the CANCER NORTH NODE, and you’d think we’d be all love, light, compassion and forgiveness, right? I mean, I’m sure it’s out there somewhere, but I ain’t seeing much of it.

Instead, since Venus opposed Saturn 48 hours ago, all I’ve witnessed is the snarly, selfish, biting bitchiness. Instead of remaining centered in our heart centre, a cold wave of 3D fear & judgement kicked, where frightful terms and conditions have been laid down, and the whole damned ’empathy & nurturance’ gig that everyone’s been screaming for has turned into a sour and cynical shitfight. How funny to see folks we thought was friendly and accepting rushing to shut the front gate and batten down the hatches.

As Venus hovers over the ♄/♇ midpoint we start to sense the foreboding frustration, both for love and light, that will take us through to 2020. We are no longer vacillating between 3D and 5D. Humans are split right down the centre, they’re chosen a side and in the midst remain only the fakers and the makers.

If you are resonating at the highest possible pulse, you will sense a very deep desire to converge into a profoundly transformative connection with the rest of this planet, something non-physical yet profoundly wide and spiritual. Your gradual disengagement with the physically structured world and your ‘relationships’ to others is not an accident, so don’t feel depressed or inadequate. That’s not your concern. In fact, your growing disenchantment is a healthy sign that you are seeing with your heart, not your “socially acceptable” mind.

To those of you currently feeling utterly and totally unloved; misunderstood; stuck behind a wall of torment and frustration as you deal with ‘the demons’ of this world, then get set for a crashing transformative spiritual experience: It’s not until our ego-desires get dragged through Pluto’s purifying hellfires that we get a taste of the true power of divine love…

Thursday July 18

Wednesday July 17

Seriously – TRUMP™ must be a spiritual neurologist: for how can one human being specialise in hitting every possible nerve known (and yet unknown) to humanity with just a few tweets a day?

It’s sheer out-of-this-world genius.

And i love how he manages to offend you – which, after all, actually proves how damaged you are, on some level or another.

In the end – and it may never end at this rate – we will have a lot to thank him for in his efforts to help heal and expedite humanity’s awakening to matters of poor taste, values, wealth, class, education, media, law, politics, gender, sexuality, race, national boundaries, heroism, honour, valour, kindness, compassion, etc., etc…

This guy is indeed the cosmic gift to everyone on this planet – the über-fractured child born during that rare lunar eclipse in ’46, when SUN/URANUS at the GEMINI NORTH NODE opposed the Sadge FULL MOON.

If he should know better, so should you… Don’t judge him. Feel for him. Won’t someone over there please find a way to give that sad, fragmented child a genuinely healing hug, huh?


No – what you just saw in the sky…
the earth’s shadow shrouding over the moon?
No, that was no sideshow…
That shit was real.
And I bet you missed it.
Bet you was busy getting all caught up in the NON SENSE,
all the hullabaloo and razzamatazz
thrown in there to divert your eyes
from what was really going down
across each countryside, each suburb and downtown.

Something has shifted;
something huge…
Some shifty fucken shit has just been pulled.
Right under your eyes,
and you missed it
’cause you could not resist it.
for where attention goes, energy flows,
which in your case was likely down the drain
but then again, you’re pretty used to being drained
why, you’re probably a regular sucker, yourself there:
All you need’s a smartphone and a dead cause,
and you (and “friends”) can go all day with that one,
turn it into such a big deal,
convince yourselves your input’s being valued
but you don’t see,
how nothing’s done cause
none of what you traded really matters
never did.
for if it did, you would have been there, done some thing
(I swear it).

And now something, real soon, will make you see
that the truth of the matter is that, simply, you don’t see,
you’re just a blind resource of energy
a human Eveready battery for your phone to run on
and if you feel all battered and worn out’s
because your phone has but extracted all your thoughts
or thereabouts…
better get used to more blackouts –
you thought you mattered,
look around you, check it out…
who in the end could give a jot or tittle about
what you think?

Tuesday July 16

DEAR TRIBE: With your permission, I would like to pass on this opportunity to do a live ‘bus’ stop with you on this, most powerful lunation.

I feel there’s enough going on during this very intense period – the many retrogrades, the eclipses, the rather fiercely emotive planetary dynamics – events which I feel I have forecasted adequately enough in bus recent episodes and writings, that I should respectfully just leave you with.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy this spectacle, the last lunar eclipse of 2019, commencing in about 3 hours and visible in the sky from Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe and Asia, missing only North America. For many, this event now augurs a very dark passage in human history, one where people gradually increase their projection of most repressed and disowned parts of their own psyches. Unresolved matters will continue to become more extremely bothersome, until everyone is somehow “squeezed” out of their comfort zone and forced to “wake up”. I dare say, just looking at the way people are reacting lately that it won’t be a pleasant or easy process.

For many of us more spiritually conscious, or “woke” people here, we will continue to witness the many crises, meltdowns and scramblings of folks around us trying to desperately stick to the old ways, often at any costs. My only wish is that our work together (both publicly and in private as clients), as well as your various other sources of cosmic wisdom, have helped prepare you with the intuitive knowing that all of this is quite a ‘natural’ part of the awakening process and how important it is to stay kind and loving towards all those around you.

We are experiencing an epochal collapse of all structures, and so it’s vital that we not become too overwhelmed as many things that held it all together gradually fall away. Something unique and amazing is replacing our old world – something more true and meaningful, and it is up to us to hold faith and allow it to all to emerge from deep within the core of our creative being.

For now, let us please sit, 
just with ourselves, 
under this glorious moon, 
and if possible just cherish this special moment 
perhaps as a sad, 
but bittersweet farewell 
to all that has passed, 
and all that can never return.

Blessings, and peace to your heart xx


Remember, despite our differences, my soul and your soul are old friends.

[pic: nicholas fols]

Really though, the most divisive, most dangerous people in the world are not those who propagate the divisive thoughts and speeches. It’s those mindless followers who do the acts for them. Acting without a conscience, but for “security”, “national pride”, the “paycheck”, will turn anyone into a sick, fear-afflicted monster. 

Our demons are powerless when we refuse to act on their demonic desires. 

Whether we own them or project them out onto the world, so long as greed and ambition continues to seduce the desperate, the hungry, the hopeless, the ignorant, the broken, the sick and the forgotten, there will always be war between brothers… 

We forget that we was once one, and are easily pitted into gruesome, interminable feuds that lead only to destruction and war. For whom?

Monday July 15


“It’s survival of the fittest now, bitches!”
~ Eris

Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s many, many more of us born here than can possibly survive – like every other species struggling to maintain their place in the race. Eris sees the whole thing as a contest and, consequently, pits us into the interminable struggle for existence. It then follows that any being, should it vary ever so slightly to any degree of benefit to its survival under the complex and sometimes varying conditions of life, will have a better chance of getting to the top of the food chain, and thus be naturally selected. 

Introducing her infamous ‘apple of discord’ it is upon you (yes the individual you) to exhibit your strongest principles of inheritance – any selected quality that gives you the slight edge over another , which will help to propagate a new, more evolved and modified form, and let the dregs die out in nature’s perfect little holocaust (Darwin’s survival of the fittest).

If you didn’t, you should, here…https://angstoic.com/2019/07/the-week-ahead-jul-15-21/
(PS. stay tuned for random ‘Bus’ stop)

Saturday July 13


[image: xevi muntane]

A certain escalation of tempers to nothing less than a state of body-shaking terror is possible under this transit. We observe that our will to be our natural selves may be in danger of being crushed or severely compromised by someone who has somehow crossed our line of psychological defences.

This transit acts as an unconscious trigger in any interpersonal relationship, not only stirring temperaments to feel they must be desperately assertive, but in the most aggressive and extremist sense, bring out the worst in us in order to protect our entire being.

The Cancer Sun is already quite sensitive to personal threats, invasions of privacy, or intrusions into our sacred trust towards others. It generally behooves us to keep to ourselves and our closest circle of confidantes. Yet here, something (someone), possessed by a certain ‘mania’ to ‘tell us how the world really is’ manages to slip through, infiltrate our personal defences and strike with a crushing force.

Under this dynamic, any expression can be taken as nothing short of a deeply cutting, mortal insult which threatens the premise of everything we stand for. It verges on abuse of trust, so in our efforts to defend we may go all out, force our advantage upon others (before they do), or act with such powerful force of conviction that we disregard the consequences of the damage it could cause.

In the end, all you’re left with is a bitterness and resentment.

If you have a SUN/PLUTO aspect in your chart – especially squares/oppositions – you may be familiar with this dynamic and get a chance to see it in full force over the next couple of days.

OBSERVE: How quickly the drama escalates when you forcibly impose your will and just how deeply it can cut others.

ENGAGE: With full awareness of how relations may be harmed in ways that they will never feel quite safe again. You can choose whether your engagement can be of a constructive kind, or opt out altogether.

LEARN: That power administered WITHOUT mature responsibility and compassion creates a psychological rift between you and those to whom you are trying to affect. Don’t expect ‘change’ from your forceful and unwelcome ‘ten cents’.

KNOW: that you are fundamentally putting an end to something that strongly goes against your innate, instinctive nature. However, your attempts to kill off the very thing in others which you find ugly or reproachful has the power, if taken personally or ‘the wrong way’, to kill off the relationship altogether.

SEEK HELP: if this is a part of your behaviour that you feel you cannot see, or help control through some honest self-reflection.

….read more about this week@ https://angstoic.com/2019/07/the-week-ahead-jul-8-14/

Friday July 12

What if this was all a dream, and where you sleep, that’s your real world?

Or, if this is the dream, and where you wake up is a completely different world, an alternative dimension?

The Scorpio Moon now forms a nebulous SUN/NEPTUNE GRAND WATER TRINE, which ‘Grand Kites’ along the Nodal axis to SATURN/PLUTO at the Capricorn South end.

Could this be the most dystopian nightmare, or the ultimate utopian dream? Whatever it is – imagine you woke up in a world where business is now government and government is business; where corporations manage national interests, and state forces are deployed to protect private strategic trade deals.

Our economic security is about to undergo an epic metamorphosis, and we’re not even sure whether we are awake or this is somehow just the shadow of a dream we’re having.

[image: @eyesboyzinsta]

But of course, this ain’t no dream, and as the Moon now heads towards the Saturn/South Node end, we must prepare to face the grim reality of a world filled with fear and dread that things could get worse unless we each make exceptional efforts to act more responsibly. The sands of time have run out for complacency and ignorance.

Adherence to rigid, toxic personal habits and ambitions have put us out of touch, both with nature and prevailing cultural attitudes. Next week’s Lunar eclipse casts a giant shadow upon our sense of security on this planet. In order to overcome the growing sense of isolation and division among us we must learn to work constructively with the ideas and the methods of today’s society.

We cannot wait for someone else to step up and lead the way. There is no one who can promise you the things you want to see. Those guys out there are in the same predicament as you, maybe just better showmen. It’s all up to you, and if you promise to take a more individualistic and painstaking approach to your work, you can certainly achieve things which put you in a class all of your own.

Disregard all external influences and focus on what is speaking to you (calling you) from deep within. Somewhere inside each of us resides an expert in some obscure, exclusive field of endeavour. This is a call to action for the specialist within to step out and perform something truly special.

Thursday July 11

…it is a time where pent up mental energy is becoming released through sudden explosive arguments and even accidents…

Wednesday July 10

What just happened with yesterday’s T-Square? Well… that depends which side of the table you’re sitting on, and whether you’re dishing out ‘the strict conditions’ or you’re on the receiving end.

The Moon (collective mood) is now heading towards Capricorn where she will join ranks with Saturn/Pluto (tough, unyielding pressure) at the South Node, forming another eclipse (next Tuesday)

Tuesday July 9

Whatever you’re feeling, get set for a complete switch…

Sunday July 7 – ☿S℞/♂ □ ♅

[pic: leigh houston]


There’s at least two sorts of rebel:

(1) those who just oppose, and 
(2) those who oppose and offer radical solutions to social problems.

Don’t be a baby. 
Responsibility and commitment are two traits that you’ll do best to develop. 
If you want to see the change, start within.

**MERCURY turns Rx in less than 24 hours. CHECK LINKS TO YOUR SPECIAL ☿℞ MESSAGE TO SEE WHERE YOU NEED TO FOCUS @https://angstoic.com/…/mercury-retrograde-holding-back-the…/

Saturday July 6

Can you feel something?
Then you must instinctively know
there’s some stuff lodged in there, 
deep in the shadowy recesses of your big proud heart.
Stuff which your mind has kept from you for far too long
emotions that it deftly stopped you from accessing. 
Come on, feel…

Friday July 5

Oh mother… who art thou?

Thursday July 4 – ☽ /☿S℞♌ □ ♅♉

I am not against religion. 
I am against tradition in religion.
This is why the Zen way is the only true religion. It asks that we drop all tradition; abandon all the temples and their farce; all pomp and ceremony and just give faith to the present moment.

Zen is utterly ruled by URANUS. 
Its spirit is totally revolutionary, completely rebellious, impossible to hold down, bottle up, build temples around, or write scriptures and sutras by which to follow.

Once accepted, the Zen principle, like a flash of Uranian insight, makes your entire consciousness transformed.
Its lightning strike between the eyes ensures that you are never the same again.

Traditional religions of Jupiter and Saturn have always been against ALL that is true in religion. 
Tradition is all that is untrue in religion. 
Those caught up in the safety and structure of tradition can never experience true spiritual enlightenment, for they are simply trying to maintain the past, repeat the scriptures, recreating the words of ‘another’ creator.

The true creator of this moment is in you, 
You are not bound by their scriptures and their rules.
Zen welcomes you to experience this moment.
Come… be here to meet it.

Wednesday July 3 – ☽ ☍ ♄/♇/☋ | ☉- ♄/Ch

[image: andrey vahrushew]

It has been an emotional twenty-four hours. Our most primal feelings have been activated by the tremendous force of the Cancer eclipse. The memory stored and carried in every cell, the split between what we feel inside and what we think we should be on the outside needs healing.

Inside you still lives a child, born full of natural gifts, overflowing with sensitivity and connectedness to all existence and people. Through society’s upbringing, this child has often not felt supported to express its true nature, so has learned through fear and shame to renounce its longings.

Social obligation and pressure becomes a solid wall that limits the child from being receptive and trusting. It builds inner tension and stress points that block or wound its capacity to recognise and receive the nourishment and blessings that life has to give.

The child knows that there is no price to pay, no burden to carry for the sins of the parent who tries to curtail and banish the child into darkness. This child is still alive inside you, screaming for you to be true to yourself and others. Sometimes you hear those screams, either in your adults or children.

Observe. The eclipse brings a dramatic awareness.

When you welcome and embrace this child back into your adult life, an amazing transformation begins to occur: anger and rage become compassion; fear becomes trust; shame becomes healing.

♃/♆ – ☿/♂

Meanwhile, all around…

We know that we are in the midst of a cultural mudslide when transcendent moral values – ethics and virtues which have proven to be beneficial over time, are neglected in favour of various ‘alternatives’ which man finds more conducive to achieving ultimately destructive lustful desires.

Once we forfeit our liberties and beliefs for the sake of pleasure, profit or convenience, we lose sight of any objective transcendent authority to keep us grounded upon any moral foundation.

This makes way for bombast, hubris and a parade of banal spectacles and holy cow worshipping…

…happy 3rd of July

Monday July 1

An eclipse isn’t your average lunation. When it triggers your chart’s harmonic syndromes (planets/points connected by tight aspect), then expect your life to be severely altered.

Each eclipse has its own unique flavour, so unless you’re an astrologer who takes all factors into account, there’s no real knowing what’s in store. Here’s some basic guidelines though…

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