FULL MOON at 25°53′ Sagittarius – June 17: Are you getting the bigger picture?

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As the vibrant but facile Gemini Sun continues to connect the dots, generating new thoughts and idea pathways, the Moon coasts out of the intrepid, investigative Scorpio, seeking more that just facile information. She needs more depth, more flavour, more intensity, more…

…more meaning.

As Luna enters Sagittarius, her attempt to distinguish a sense of emotional well-being that is lasting and ‘true’ from one that is temporary and ‘false’ becomes paramount. In true philosophical tradition, the Sadge Moon seeks an experience that is more enduring and independent of the Gemini Sun’s fleeting interest with mere circumstance.

Before she comes into full opposition with the Sun, the Moon will pass in front of Sadge’s ruler, Jupiter, whose grand aspirations to attain worldly values such as truth, justice and all manner of moral imperatives are currently being challenged by his square to the nebulous, otherworldly Neptune.

One may possess all the technical knowledge, scientific intellect and business know-how but when they decide to choose laziness, excuses, hypocrisy, procrastination, cynicism, complaining and other sloppy attitudes, their relevance becomes more and more pointless and trivial. All this makes the Sadge Moon ever so restless.

This dilemma is exemplified by current Jupiter/Neptune dance, which commenced in Aquarius on December 2009. In a rare triple conjunction with Chiron, this dance set us off into an epic existential journey to find ‘happiness’ through social justice and greater community networking. Of course, where otherworldly Neptune is involved, we need to constantly check in with ourselves (pinch ourselves) to verify it’s all real. In this, we have certainly had our opportunities to find out.

Think back to these times, for instance:

21 Dec 2009






25 Jun 2012






17 Sep 2015






14 Jan 2019






16 Jun 2019






21 Sep 2019






  • What were you thinking during those times, can you recall?
  • Were you chasing a big dream?
  • Caught up in a wild-goose chase?
  • Did you really believe that you had the faith to make it happen, or were you simply kidding yourself?

Wherever there are hard aspects, like those in the above dates, questions may be raised about whether what we are expecting to make us happy and contented is based on mere speculation and wishful thinking, and force us into circumstances where we find out if we actually have the belief to make or dreams happen. 

Happen-ness is Happiness:

Aside from making us see just how foolishly impressionable we can be in our pursuit of happiness, this particular Sagittarian Full Moon’s trigger to the current Jupiter/Neptune square helps us realise that much of the conflict we are now experiencing in our lives is due to our awakening to one truth: That in the pursuit of personal happiness and fulfilment we have lost context, and our lives may be lacking any meaning.

There’s no faking happiness. Happiness is the state of mind that the necessities of life are satisfied. Whilst you can achieve this, many times over, you can also lie to yourself that you have everything you need; merely put out that you are happy and fulfilled. You can post it on instagram or facebook, try to convince the entire world that you have everything you need.

But your heart knows.
You cannot fool your heart.

Your heart is searching for truth, meaning, purpose – having a reason to live, and that is a much higher concept than any apparent happiness. Whist happiness comes from properly loving ourselves, meaning can only emerge out of loving others with kindness and compassion.

We are at an impasse. At this Full Moon, we need to assess whether our wonderful expediency in trading data, facts, ideas & other currencies is making our lives more meaningful, or if it has left our hearts only restless and unfulfilled.

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In the coming days, the Moon’s rulership of Mercury/Mars in Cancer, will oppose these two planets from her point of occultation to Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn (Jun 19, 2019). We may see how tightly the conspiracy to control everything, from our media to major infrastructure leaves us vulnerable to losing our connection with the instinctive truth and nature, and there may be immense, even violent backlash and demonstration to systemic changes in the infrastructures of control.

Here’s a creeping notion you might wish to NOT entertain:
If you think the bastards are out there, conspiring to get you, then you’re probably right. As they say… “where attention goes, energy flows”, right?

Seems like a lot of good energy flowing down towards the sewers lately. So why add to it?

This next week could bring out the doggone worst out of people (even you). It’s going to take every ounce of mindfulness to keep it light. So be here, 100% present and avoid being dragged down into the horrible pits of mental torture and despair…

[image: phantomart]

At this Full Moon, we must be resolute in defending and pursuing meaningful personal goals. Through civilised discussion and debate, we seek to balance our conscious intent with the instinctive urge to bring optimal balance between our mental, physical, and emotional capacities for those whom we respect and care.

If we have the ability to sacrifice our own worldly ambitions and sense of self-importance in exchange for edifying the lives of others, then the work becomes higher, more meaningful. If we have the passion to work towards developing a genuine affection for the world that surrounds us; express ourselves in a more authentic fashion – one which cherishes home and family; broadens the horizons of our domestic interests; commits ourselves to expanding and exploring our creative nature, then the pursuit of happiness will take us to a place of true meaningfulness. There, our passions will align with the passions of others. There, in that exchange, we reach the ultimate point of compassion.

Now there’s a point to strive for.

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now here’s your special messages for this week:

Blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon xx


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