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CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: Special Message for the July Eclipses:

These eclipses will drag out either the worst or best in you, and you may have a lot to learn from that which, in the past, you took for granted or chose to ignore altogether. There are many serious lessons to be learned, especially in the way you conduct yourself in your partnerships, marriage and cooperation with others, including members of the public.

Whilst your weaker tendencies at the moment might tend towards accounting only for yourself and all you represent in thought and actions, your soul now begins to draw you away from indulging too much in the individualistic success and independence which you may have enjoyed over the past decade. Hence, over this eclipse period, it would seem that the entire universe conspires to harshly pit you into the struggle of trying to understand the emotions, cares and sufferings of others. Love them or hate them, you are forced to make some form of a collaboration with the other, someone particularly significant, like a soul-mate, yet this also could be someone who is particularly contradictory to all that you may think you are about.


The key here is in working together with others. While you may pretend to be an excellent listener for the sake of being accepted and appearing like you care, you may find it difficult to show true respect to ideas or points of view that don’t naturally agree with you, preferring to stick to your own predetermined ideals and ideologies. You are then prone to spending most of your energy developing whatever abilities you have, trying constantly to persuade or get the approval from others for the efforts you are making. In this, you fail to see the force of creativity and ingenuity coming from the other side, which is generally trying to lead affairs in the opposite, most challenging direction.

Although you may not wish to admit this openly, you fail to notice others as much as yourself right now. In fact, you may fail to consider or ignore protests from others about your sometime harsh, cold, cynical in your manner. This faliure to empathise could lead matters in directions that are ultimately treacherous.

Hence there is a danger during this period that you develop great apprehensions about being outdone, and will go far out of your way to challenge others and to secure for yourself any position where your dominion cannot and will not be challenged. Naturally you may do this by banding together with like-minded souls, forming a collective which is intent on destroying anyone who tries to take you on with their forceful personality. In some latent way though, it is truly you who wishes to be respected and admired, and you will try to flex muscle by summoning support from your minions to mount an offensive against those who try to overrule your authoritarian ways.


You must learn to sacrifice your ambitions for the sake of everyone else’s, and though you seek to become a figurehead of respect, this period pushes you to try to relate to others with more empathy and soul, so long as they then don’t try to usurp your position. If you feel someone close to you is inhibiting your self-expression you may do all you can to extricate yourself from the relationship. Thus, the traditional ‘marriage’ situation is not something that will be easily sustainable for you during this time, since your own way is generally always ‘the right way,’ nor is any notion that you have to now compromise much about what you envision is the ‘right’ way for the sake of getting along with the seemingly unreasonable demands of the other.

The option to stay single, divorced or at least separated in consciousness from your partner will make it difficult for you to accept that it is the continuance of your own selfish ends which is creating all the problems for which you are happy to hold others to account.

Try to learn how to give with a whole heart, rather than symbolically just throwing a bone and resisting making any full commitment just to keep the pack quiet. There is a danger that you will fall so out of harmony with yourself in attempt to be part of a greater universe, that you are prone to develop a chronic impairment or impediment, either physical or emotional, which you ultimately use as a lever to gain sympathy.


The last thing you may be willing to accept is any sense of failure that your schemes to set extreme rules, structures and boundaries were not necessary. Democratic rule may not be possible through this time, for you and many others have distorted and corrupted the foundations of ‘equanimous socio-political structures’ in favour of a patriarchal hierarchy.

Rigid Capricorn attitudes must be relinquished, one after another. You must seek to find greater security in relating your emotions more honestly. Learn how to say sorry when you’re wrong and mean it, and refrain from taking advantage over others when you’re right. Eventually you will see that all of your despairs, fears and worries are nothing more than part of a martyr complex of your creation. It bears little or no relation to life’s current circumstances. 

Being progressively forced to be a “loner,” you may gradually grow more content with your own unique individuality, becoming ever so proud of the ways in which you know you can retain it. The Solar Eclipse (Jul 3) may lead you to discover that your karmic fate now is to learn consideration for others, because in your desire to be the centre of attention, you may project yourself as more important than you usually are, thereby shutting out the very love you claim that you are being denied.

Still, you desire to control others, and it is in this ability to control and manipulate that you base your security. You start to realise that you are capable of great achievements, but because you are so rigidly wrapped up in yourself and your own ideals about the world, you may fail to see the cosmic scope of your personal ideas, falling short on reaching the heights of your capabilities.

It is important then to learn to view the reflections of your thoughts and actions; to realise that there are indeed always two sides to every coin. This could be difficult, but this is the gift or curse brought to you during the Lunar Eclipse (Jul 17). Eventually you may come to understand that while both sides of an issue may be totally different, neither is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other. These value judgements are what keep us chained down to the conditional 3D terms of the structured, judgmental world of fear and duality. Your major spiritual growth only comes when you can detach from yourself and impersonally laugh at all the ego-centered notions and ideas that ruled over you and your culture in the past.


Ultimately, you will come to the point at which you are willing to take all the power, strength and confidence that your predecessors have built and ‘ideologically’ give it away to others who need it more. Doing this wholeheartedly without any phoney sense of martyrdom becomes the key to escaping the trappings of ego-involved actions that have kept you marooned on your lonely little planet. If in the past you were highly opinionated, strongly resistant to taking advice that might affect you personally, you may have cause to argue that one’s personal life is strictly a private matter. Consequently, this is probably why you feel that all things which relate to you directly must be protected by building a great wall around you. Now, at the slightest provocation or personal criticism, you simply add more bricks to the wall.

You must learn the hard way not to shut others out. By letting down your drawbridge and welcoming them in, you give them the will to live where there appeared to be no hope. You begin to make others aware of their own self-worth. All the while, you are mindful not to ask for anything in return for if you learn to focus your energies on helping others, then you will be amazed to find how the loving universe just keeps providing you with everything you need, just as you need it.

It is vital that you come to devote your life to others, as much as they may challenge your strict authoritarian views and ambitious intentions. Actually, you have been preparing for many years to now meet the soulmate you need and who will love and support you most. Regardless of whether you are married or single, you will come to learn through this eclipse period that your mission is dedicated to connecting with another soul, or in fact many souls, needing much more than you. Development of kindness and compassion, whilst still working with more authoritative sense of understanding the needs of the entire society, your contributions will be spiritually rewarded at a thousand to one for all that you give.

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