#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: June, 2019

Friday, June 21

Cancer Solstice

As the Sun edges out of Gemini and into Cancer, we’ve heard enough. Now it’s time to make it all personal. We gather information like a feather from every bird we see, then stick it in our hat, see how it wears with those who care enough to tell us.

Opposite, in Capricorn, are the meanest critics (♄/♇) the Cancer Sun will ever face. Are you ready to take it all very personally?

Join us (see link below) where, on this special Solstice edition of the Cosmic Bus we discuss the Astrology of Now:


Tuesday, June 18

In the wane of her fullness, the Capricorn Moon’s impending occultation to Saturn/Pluto casts another bout of melancholia over this planet (next 24).

Only the callous and soulless cannot feel this. And be wary of those telling you they’re ‘perfectly happy’ through this spell – They are skeetering on the thin surface of a phoney promise or some mind-made delusion.

Meanwhile, internally, the rest of us are earnestly processing through a lifetime of agonising memories, a sense of unbearable loneliness and the dread of some strange, impending doom.

Those who flirt with melancholy also sense that it’s a perfectly natural emotion, one which assists in the soul-transforming process. Sit with it. Pay your humblest respects to any grief that rises. Avoid the mental anguish that’s coming from the opposing Mercury/Mars. There is nothing more you can do.

A special power is building within you. 
Stay tuned…

Monday, June 18

Don’t fret. Your anger and frustration over the coldness and brutality of those in authority is the direct result of you not having being authentic somewhere in your life.

Those insane, corrupted forces in your world now pressure you to confront and change your most disowned and repressed aspects.

Don’t deny that you are not somehow complicit in everything that you find wrong about those old pricks. 
Whether you’re just waking up to how ignorant you’ve been to certain shady things, or seeing your own willful investment into a rotten system, you can’t just turn around and say now that ‘they’re’ out to get you.

Of course they’re out to get you, you called them in.

It was you all along. 
Only you can consent to making a pact with the devil.

In truth, you kinda knew this too, but your denial in dealing with the fact that you blindly went along – being ‘patriotic’, patronising, patriarchal or a just big phoney’s only caused a massive block inside of you, limiting you and everyone the freedom to do and say as you please.

Time to stop taking it, or at least faking it, and just show up as you. Nothing to lose with that action.

Thursday, June 13

Moon enters Scorpio, opposing Uranus

There’s really no way of warning someone who, if prone to having a nervous meltdown is likely to be triggered over the next 24, which could in turn lead to a storm, and then a fight, and then a war, which I would suggest if happening in your neighbourhood is a good reason to move out, for good. And don’t come back.

Wednesday, June 12

You might hold those monsters at bay for now, but how long before all hell breaks loose?

The Libra Moon turns into Scorpio in 24 hours. Her opposition to Uranus is all that’s needed to pop the lid on the terrible opposition between the malefics ♂ ☍ ♄/♇. This means severe, seemingly terminable power struggles.

The dangerous illusion is that either one side or the other (or both) feels such a ruthless disregard for morality or compassion that once the struggle begins, it must to go to the death. Maintaining some objectivity is critical, however this would seem unlikely once emotions flare into tempers.

Tuesday, June 11

Those were not “good old days”.
Maybe simpler and slower, but folks was dim, cruel and mostly abusive.
☉⊼ ♄ /♇ 

People get nostalgic, and even I love a good historical documentary myself. Like, I was watching this thing on Netflix about “The Circus” the other day, and i did enjoy the walk down memory lane, but it hurt my heart to witness what “folks” did for entertainment only but until a few decades ago.

I’m not being judgemental, because the circus was probably an upgrade on what they were doing for thrills before that, but geez, folks had it tough, they suffered badly and though interesting, who in their right minds would ever wish it all to be back?

The reason why today’s atrocities strike us so unspeakably gross is because we have shed so much more light on everything. We are so much more sensitive to how every little shady impunity impacts us – not just the present-tense sufferers, but the survivors of tomorrow. 

We are kinder, wiser, more aware of our own egregious actions and violations, and much quicker to be held to account and make some effort to remedy or heal. 

They were never “good old days” at all. Nothing was ever as “good” as this present moment.

Monday, June 10

You can build walls all the way to the sky and I will find a way to fly above them. You can try to pin me down with a hundred thousand arms, but I will find a way to resist. And there are many of us out there, more than you think. People who refuse to stop believing. People who refuse to come to earth. People who love in a world without walls, people who love into hate, into refusal, against hope, and without fear.

I love you. Remember. They cannot take it.

~ Lauren Oliver

Sunday, June 9

The MOON enters the fastidious, practically-minded Virgo, where over the next 48 she will face off against pressure from MARS opposing SATURN/PLUTO, then enter a grand mutable cross against SUN/JUPITER/NEPTUNE.

Lots of fine tuning to contend with, and she may feel like the work she has ahead of her is insurmountable, hopeless and forlorn. But her gift is her ability to stay grounded and dedicated to her duties.

Observe how, with a touch of humility and servitude, we can make monumental changes in our lives. Instead of preferring to imagine and aspire to a great ideal, let’s focus on doing little deeds, the humble little baby steps.

Gather up your exorbitant hopes and keep them into check. One small step towards your personal recovery is one giant leap towards collective progress.


Saturday, June 8

The effects of our indulgence into folly and wild speculation are about to become apparent. Whatever isn’t tied down could be washed away by the big ♃/♆ tides, while those excitables, still caught up in the clouds, best get ready to come down in the next shower. 

If you’re feeling vague and confused, a little exhausted by it all, not sure where to go and who to trust, it’s understandable. You’re not alone. 

This Monday’s MUTABLE GRAND CROSS formed by the First Quarter Virgo Moon brings us down to earth with a thump.

Friday, June 7

[pic: thomas shahan]

When you leave,
you don’t take with you
but a soul wrapped up in trauma
which you won’t ever overcome.

Nor should you.
for if it meant anything to you
the grief will silently destroy you
or it will focus you, transfix you back on yesterday

You’ll keep on fretting it was all for nothing
or that it meant so much it simply frightened you
try to convince yourself you made the best decision
since you were such a damned fool from the start.

The truth is that your heart will grieve forever
for the decisions that you didn’t make
and for the hopeless actions that you never took
for when you leave, you cross the bridge of no return.

And nothing can make it right again
there’s no apology can ever be accepted
nothing to pick up where you left off,
no door left open that can give you any closure.

for when you leave 
the question remains open, always:
what might have happened 
had you chose to stay and work it out instead?

[pic: marcel van luit]

You may have many ideas to express, yet if you are not careful you are almost certain to offend, or be offended yourself. This current sensitivity to truth and myth only exposes us to our own shame.

If we cannot speak to others with compassion, we could be easily be left stranded and lonesome, upon the high moral grounds of our own hypocrisy.

I remember reading books, like ‘Pride and Prejudice”, or “Crime and Punishment”, reading maybe a page or two a day, then spending all day thinking about what it had to say to me. Ideas which are expressed from a place of deep knowing are irrefutable, they hold an infallible basis in truth and no matter how you look at them, they speak to you in ways where, if you are offended, you must question the basis of your own belief system: Is it what you know, or what you’ve only come to memorise?

Thursday, June 6

Wednesday, June 5

You don’t possess life.
Life breathes its way through you.
Allow it.

Tuesday, June 4

Let me smell the June in your perfume. ☽☌☉ 12°♊34

It’s king and queen and we must go down ’round
Behind the chandelier
Where I won’t have to speak my mind
And you won’t have to hear
Shreds of news and after thoughts
And complicated scenes
We’ll weather down behind the light
And fade like magazines
Meet me in the middle of the day
Let me hear you say, “Everything’s okay”
Bring me southern kisses from your room
Hey, hey
~ “Romeo’s Tune”, Fobert ’79

Monday, June 3

Twinkle twinkle, my little stars…
Join me live on the Cosmic Bus
together we can connect the dots,
form our own little constellation.

Sunday, June 2

To some degree we are all kidding ourselves; we are all diligent subscribers to at least a bit of self-deception because it’s getting harder and harder to be 100% truthful and not become subject to attacks.

Your unspeakable grief, anxiety and horror about tomorrow cannot happily co-exist inside your mind and still leave you feeling healthy or sane. You find ways to overlook or repress the terrifying, the absurd, the psychopathically criminal in order to keep some semblance of peace of mind for yourself.

We throw anything unpleasant or unsightly into a deep, dark crevasse and we try to bury its toxic radioactivity with a tonne of ignorance and lies. It’s more convenient towards getting on with our day, and keeps us out of harm’s way…

But does it?
Until when??

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