NEW MOON AT 14°11′ TAURUS: May 04, 2019, 22:46 UTC – “Coming Down To Earth” – Special Messages & Intentions

The fixed/earth Taurus New Moon wishes only one thing for us – to become firmly rooted in a physically secure, comfortable and dependable way of expression. It seeks to do this by helping us identify with practical, physical matters; to set – both consciously and instinctively – a strong intention to form steady, solid foundations upon which we will be self-reliant and sustainable in the long term.

Money and material comforts become a big deal now, and as we look around at the little things that occupy our lives, we begin to question their value in terms that will translate into tangible assets, things which will bring us some sense of joy, value, appreciation and physical well-being.

The TAURUS NEW MOON on Saturday, May 4 fills us with the intention to seek security, grounding and stability by tending to our most basic material needs (good food, great friends, nature, little conveniences, amenities and consolations) as well as our financial affairs. Looking at our lives, both personally and socially, locally and globally, it is an arguably valid desire to seek stability and earthiness in our world. With Uranus entering Taurus, there is much shifting in the accustomed values that we have known to secure our safe, ‘happy’ place. All that is slowly changing, but in essence we are trying to make things simpler, more autonomously defined.

Taurus always takes the fixed, conservative, non-negotiable view on how things must be in order to stay ‘nice and predictable’. There’s no fooling the Bull on this. Taurus knows what will provide the steady, reliable things we need to survive and to thrive. Seldom do we stray from what we evaluate to be grounding and comforting. Ruled by Venus, it’s what defines the bovine way.

We all have Taurus somewhere in our charts. In this sense, there are some things that we cannot be fooled in. We often know what feel nice and secure for us. We know what brings us ease, solace, even luxury and we make every effort to attain, secure and stabilise those things that can provide that.

How do you go about attaining this ‘stability’ in your world? Where do you invest your energy and attention in order to add value and surety in your world? What are your materialistic intentions for this year, and then, how do you choose to go about seeing them become realised?

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