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#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: Daily Updates for MAY 2019

Wednesday, May 22

The mind is a razor sharp tool, able to triumph over any adversity. Connected to the soul, it can deliver decisive, lacerating blows. The superior conjunction of Mercury to Sun in Gemini only exemplifies this.

Cunning wit is one thing, but to come from a place of pure intelligence presents arguments which are telling of the degree of cleverness inherent in the person. Many have clever opinions of how to change the world. There are many clever people, each brimming with brilliant ideas.

But clever does not make wise.

A wise person looks to change himself before he seeks to convince others to change. A wise person does not take clever ideas, unconsciously distorts them, translates them into something which he can understand. A wise person does not try to sell clever ideas onto others. That is essentially the domain of of the stupid person, the charlatan or trickster who seeks to find the stupidity in others.

Cleverness emerges amongst us as the most banal form of chicanery and outright stupidity. Be mindful of your arguments. Look to the intelligence behind the eyes, to where the soul resides, still and peaceful. Demand to see the wisdom behind all clever ideas. Keep asking questions until you are satisfied you have not been taken for a clever little joyride by somebody else’s half-baked opinions.

Tuesday, May 21


Be prepared to answer questions. Be unafraid to ask a few yourself. What is going on with you and how do you explain yourself? Do you care to know about what’s going on around you?

Our greatest delusion comes from misconstruing the obvious.

I find that when I can hold an open, inquisitive, and intuitive mind I can detect hidden signs, little clues that otherwise aggressive, narrow-minded, and impatient types fail to perceive.

Thursday, May 9

Venus square Pluto

If you want something from them, want it badly (like money, security, status) but in the heady passion of the romance’s early days choose to overlook that your lover actually possesses none of those things, then watch it. You could find yourself trapped by a State-of-Fate.

Even if the sex was initially out of this world, you might find that you gradually put less and less into it, to the point where it serves you nothing but hot frustration…

What do you have left? 
An anguished struggle to maintain some semblance of peace in your world.

What will it take to get “out” before “death does you part”?

Wednesday, May 8

Mercury conjunct Uranus

The very things that make you nervous and emotionally volatile are precisely what grounds me. ☿☌ ♅ 03°♉25′

When the world is a vast depository of inextinguishable bits of fascination, overflowing with the plentitude of stimulating facts, theories and beliefs, unusual and different ways of living, why do you shut out and feel like your own limited ideas are feeling threatened?

With so much diversity to delve into on this multi-hued planet, so many different paths that you can walk, your problem should NOT be one of feeling stressed and challenged by those who have different thoughts and opinions to you – the problem is that of choice… 

Where do you start (and where do you just close off and shut down)?

 I am aware that, underneath it all, the “powers” are strategically maneuvering themselves towards getting a tighter grip of control, trying to ensure that we stay within the framework of unsustainable living, powered by unsustainable supplies that are gradually destroying our earth. Their actions are beyond criminal, although they have figured out how to silence and eliminate their critics and discredit any challengers.

In this world, the bravest act of defiance is to ask questions. Question till you find an answer that leaves you without question. Be persistent. Don’t settle for anything that leaves you walking away in despair, or worse still makes you want to disengage and just let nonsense be nonsense. If you do that, you are subscribing to the reality of non-sustainability. That will just not stand.

Tuesday, May 7

VENUS approaches her first quarter to SATURN. It’s all very tough-going in relationships, and if you’re finding things a bit one-sided and lacklustre but deciding to stay on with it, know this imbalance is not really going to relent.

Whether you are the lover or the beloved in this thing, in some dark and twisted way the brutal truth is that being the beloved is eventually going to feel intolerable.

This is because the ‘lover’ is trying to strip his ‘beloved’ down to shreds. He craves any sign of love and appreciation and like a madman will increasingly do anything possible to get some, even if it ends up destroying everything…

Sunday, May 5

Nothing more grounding than hanging out with a placid cow in the old city. Makes me appreciate the value in being raised in a small greek village, where cows were everywhere.

Feeling rooted in the earth is so soothing to the body, and this connection to the earth nourishes our most basic sense of belonging, home, resilience to time, safety and well-being.

Wednesday, May 1

Saturn on the South Node

Sometimes you wonder just how things turned out this way. And whatever happened to those loyal and faithful friends? Have they all completely deserted you, left you all alone with all these cynics, mockers, haters of life? Or was it you who chose this grim seclusion of a cloistered life, placed yourself in the thick of all these parasites and foes?

What have you done to deserve such a lonesome fate?

I bet this is exactly how Jesus must have felt, stuck up there on that cross,crying “my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

As SATURN sits stationed, crucified upon the SOUTH NODE, the tendency, amidst this suffering is to look up to the skies, and with clenched fist shaking with anger and frustration, bitterly railing “Whyyyy…?”? Has god finally abandoned you??

Nobody knows what it’s like for you. Nobody can possibly understand your struggle. They have no idea what you’re going through… don’t have a clue how much this hurts…

It’s a common thing. 
And do not feel alone.
We are in this together, if only in our sense of isolation and despair. Only your silent suffering, patience and earnest hard work will see you out of all these accusations, excuses, and infernal arguments.

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