#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: April, 2019

Friday, April 26


I know you’re tired
Exhausted, crushed, humiliated and defeated.
But don’t lose faith now. 
It’s all ok… and you still have just what it takes. 
You are capable, willing and smart enough to make a few subtle changes,
just to keep up with the changes.

Do not give up, or lose sight of the dream
Your only failure is no longer trying to pursue it
because somebody else has lost their faith,
and because you happened to believe them
more than you believe in yourself.

You’re just not right to give up now.

The worst thing you can do is not to try, 
to be aware of what you want and just give in, 
to spend years wallowing in silent misery
wondering if something in you could have manifested
when all you had to do
was give it one more try.

Try going down a different way.
Another road is open for you just ahead.
If you look out, you will see the signs
that give you strength and courage to continue.

Take a brief rest, repose and meditate.
Soon you will hear the call to return
to find the best way known to push ahead again.
Be determined.
Be certain
that you have within you whatever it takes
to make the dream real.

Thursday, April 25


The MOON forms another occultation to SATURN, who is now stationing only a couple of degrees from a SRx PLUTO. Again, where feelings are concerned, they are more often condemned than condoned.

Extreme frustration with ‘those who hold power over us’ could force many to “clam up” and keep to themselves rather than step up and challenge those in power in a courageous, responsible way.

In a sense, they feel betrayed, but this is because they fail to see how they are projecting (forfeiting) their own power to those against whom they feel helpless.

The impact of this betrayal will keep reverberating all year (and beyond) in ways which are unfathomable, yet quite painful. Our deepest truths about our apparent lack of power do not excuse or justify our failures and betrayals as human beings.

We all have moments where we feel devastatingly let down or betrayed. Without minimising or spiritualising the damage done, we must remember that love becomes the highest currency that can heal and sustains all. Only in love can we truly meet and transform the wounds and sufferings that come with being human.

More than ever, this series of occultations (Mar- Nov) are a call for us to commit to the compassion that love provides, and to dare (above all else) to tell the truth. Be brave enough to be brutally honest with others and ourselves.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ LUNAR OCCULTATION to ♄/♇/☋

Author’s Note:

DEAR FRIENDS: It may seem easy for me (as a reader of stellar cosmosociologies) to describe in words the complex dilemma now facing the human race. 

Perhaps some things are easy to write about, but like you, as a human being, I am deeply concerned about the rising state of oppression that’s now blanketing a dark shadow over our planet. 

Surely (and I ask myself constantly) I am by no means imagining a world without power. All I see is the end of concentrated power structures and, as such, able to predict a future where this world is less hierarchical, or where the patriarchal paradigm (top heavy) becomes utterly obsolete. This paradigm shift cannot (will not) happen without individual effort, sacrifice and – for those who are attached – suffering. 

We need to stand our ground, not merely to maintain (or gain more) ground, but to demonstrate our inherent equanimity as members of a global community. This is going to take courage, and this is going to mean that many tough sacrifices must ultimately be made. 

Our job here is not what we think “pays the bills”. Our job is rather to create a space where the children of tomorrow can enjoy untethered and unconditional love, whatever it takes. We must quit being so selfish. Nothing here is about you. Nothing here ends with you. Once you get over that truth hurdle, the rest (including any accompanying pain and suffering) becomes easier to deal with. 

Much love and blessings xx

Wednesday, April 21


With SATURN conjunct PLUTO, there’s a lot of pressure about to keep certain things ‘dark’. More and more we are having to be mindful that the things we do or say will offend, so we repress and deny or face consequence.

Meanwhile, our democracy takes a bludgeoning from gross misinformation and propaganda by the media, heightening our vigilance about expressing certain emotions and burying them alive where they will fester and later erupt in most grotesque ways.

PLUTO’s retrograde is a call to examine all this and (for the courageous few) have the guts to deal with it….

Monday, April 22

Sun conjunct Uranus at 02°♉32′

Current Tribe Messages for Libra Full Moon (April 19)


Don’t be caught by surprise: URANUS promises relief and release from all entrapment to another time, place, person or thing. Brought into presence by the TAURUS SUN, be prepared to meet with a sudden force of liberation, be it a release from an old debt, a divestment from something you no longer have to “own”, a sudden windfall (money or goods coming your way), or a run in with a character who holds firm to their intention – no matter how much it challenges, upsets or impresses you with its forthright integrity.

Of course you can counter-challenge, but only in absolute truth about what is rightfully yours (and what is not). URANUS brings insight without emotion or partialities. Whether you accept or deny, understand that everything that must be will be returned to its rightful place by some state-of-the-art accounting. Ride it to its rightful end. You shall get exactly whatever you deserve…

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☉☌ ♅

Just like the whole deal with Christians vs Muslims, Jews vs Gentiles, Republicans vs Democrats, Blacks vs Whites, Hispanics vs US Citizens, Men vs Women, Boomers vs Millennials, Rich vs Poor…

The separation felt when we identify with biological, religious, cultural, political, artistic biases keeps us in a state of social tension/anxiety and feeds into the growing epidemic of a new form of narcissistic pathology now exploding onto this planet.

As with all exterior dualities, the soul’s dissociation from the ego generally distorts or retards individual self-realisation and, unless the issues that cause the split are seen to and worked through, they give rise to unfortunate outcomes. Without this understanding things will not easy to deal with.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☉/♂ – ♅/ ♆ | ♄ S℞ ☍ ☊

Sunday, April 21

Who’s up for a twist of something different?

There are times when patience and perseverance will eventually bring you whatever you want.

Then there are times when your patience runs out and you must take whatever you got and turn it into positive growth opportunities…

Friday, April 12


OK babes, this is it: It’s really happening, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

Here, the careful, cautious Cancer Moon has never sat comfortably alongside the restless Aries Sun. She needs safety and security and his prepossessing daringness for action and conflict only makes her super-nervous about her domestic position.

The way he rails against the heavy-handed scrutinies and harsh measures imposed by malefics Mars, Saturn & Pluto totally mortifies her. The Moon’s quincunx to Jupiter suggests that (in her unconsciousness) she fails to understand the full significance of the events going on around her. She knows there’s a lot of heavy changes going down, but to face the dark, ominous events at the front line seems utterly frightful towards her own safety.

The Aries Sun may rail against curfews, fences, muzzles and restrictions – himself not really sure why all the conspired efforts to constrain his individual expression. While he has a chance to look at history’s grim instances – where individual liberties were curtailed in the past – he only reacts to the immediate attempts to limit his freedom of expression. Those who dare to take on the goliaths seem alone in their plight, and it may seem as much a shame to act than to take no action at all to everybody else.

We are currently under incredible pressure to do something, for we know that to do nothing could lead to serious consequences and a state of crippling chastisement. 
Who dares to heroically step up and challenge the draconian measures being taken by the status quo, and who feels it’s wise to support that hero when his actions may well put our whole domestic order into jeopardy?

Think about it. What value do you put on your personal security when you are gradually left with little room to exercise your fundamental freedoms?

We are headed for explosive times…

ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☽ 22°♋35′ □ ☉ □ ♄/☋/♇ ∠ ♂

Thursday, April 11

Sun square Saturn/Pluto at the South Node

Seldom has the individual spirit felt so out of phase with the larger current affairs of its environment. Even our closest connections and allies seem dragged down into a deep abyss of seriousness and profundity. We understand the significance of taking responsible action to stop the march towards the global disempowerment of all its people by those unscrupulous few who have somehow managed to assume all power as being exclusively their own.

Spiritual matters are relentlessly pressing upon us, forcing us to change the current systems of social structure. But how?Something is rotten at its very core, decaying at exponential rate, and we are desperately being called by spirit to go outside the constraints of our mundane connections and find ways to connect to one another at an ever deeper level. We need to find a new, more holistic system, before the old system totally destroys our individual will and freedom to ever express it.

This need for spiritual transformation must occur at the global level. Emerging now within each of us is the active, masculine particle that wishes to assert itself into the greater stream of human consciousness. Somewhere (within you, and) in your world is a hero that dares to stand up and challenge the totalitarian efforts of the status quo to keep you powerless and enslaved. Everywhere is war.

Nobody is going to grant you emancipation from a regime that not only fails to represent you but ignores your will in favour of preserving and proffering only itself. Nobody is going to get you out of this black hole. You must look deep and wide to find the so(u)lution.

Tuesday, April 09


Before the end of the month, JUPITER (10th), PLUTO (24th) and SATURN (29th) will turn retrograde. All planets are now currently stationing, intensifying their effect upon a certain degree (24°♐21’℞, 23°♑09’℞, 20°♑31’℞ respectively). These are the archetypal arbiters of society and filter our perception of the exterior world. Their stationing will allow us to stop the world, take a chance to step off the great monkey-wheel out there and take a good look at the world that we are helping to create more introspectively.

Take a look. See what you’ve managed to accomplish since last Sep-Oct. What have you contributed to the greater social realm that has been significant? Did you achieve any headway into understanding how to best secure your footing in the social world? Are you any clearer on how the system works, and do you feel like you have made steady gains in constructing a society that will serve you?

With Jupiter squaring Neptune (since January) and Saturn conjunct Pluto (April/May) it would feel at this point as though many supernatural (beyond the mundane) influences have been messing with our ability to gel with the bigger picture.

Jupiter is about expansion of knowledge and the integration of that knowledge to provide some meaning in our world. The square to otherworldly Neptune creates much ambivalence and confusion about what we believe. The potent dreamworld that we wish to manifest becomes both the source of all limitless potential and precisely the reason behind why we can’t actually achieve anything of substance. Dreaming not only feels enriching, but it becomes an addiction to the point where life becomes just an unrealised dream. Dreams remain just dreams, an interior wonderland into which we can retreat. Strangely this sucks up a lot of the energy which we would otherwise employ to make things happen. As Jupiter turns retrograde, we get a chance to go back and look at all those unaccomplished dreams, work out where we took off and left the planet, and if indeed we have the faith and fortitude to ever return, make something real of all the highfaluting hopes and promises that we keep yarning about.

On the other hand, Saturn governs the constriction and contraction effects – the opposite of Jupiter. It is the parent voice of limitation and ‘knowing our limits’, which serves as a barrier to progress until certain changes are made or lessons learnt. In association with Pluto, the road ahead is conditioned by the need for an inner transformation to occur. With the conjunction, we experience some degree of frustration in achieving objectives, mostly because we sense that there are invisible blockages in our way that press us to get over them or crush them into oblivion. To do this takes enormous effort – extraordinary discipline and dedication and the will to defy all odds and all cost.

Naturally, to the large mass of unawakened folks, it seems that during ‘times like these’ any bright idea will just turn to crap, so we tend not to follow through.

One can say that all this is psychological, and that these escapisms and frustrations with society are “all in your head”. But these sentiments and views we have of our current world are shared daily through our social contact and thus we have made our psychological challenges a common thread among all those we interact with. Most people who are socially interactive now sense that ‘big talk’ leads to ‘big nothing’, and sense that unaddressed fears and worries are a not just a personal stymie, they are crippling our capacity to progress as a cohesive society.

Why is it then, when we know that there are ways in which our world can be greatly improved, do we feel helpless and hopeless in putting these ‘knowings’ into ‘happenings’ and making some progress? What is it that’s stopping us; holding us back?

It’s time now to stop and take a good look at what’s actually going on in our world and how we’re a part of it. If you are not actively working on making it a different place, somebody else is and will continue to. Here, it is not necessarily the smarter, wiser guy who will step up and make the changes he want to see. It will be the ruthlessly ambitious guy who manages to bring his ideals and visions into practical form that gets the upper hand – and he’s not necessarily as thoughtful or as conscionable as you might expect.

Those who succeed in this world are not necessarily smarter than you. They just have the courage and conviction to take charge, try out the things you consider impossible, or silly, or grossly corrupt. These are the ones who ultimately rule the middle earth – not you with your ‘modest, moral and socially just views’ but with no actual follow-through. If you just sit back and let them, they’ll trample all over you, since they consider your inactivity a sign of weakness, resignation and permission for them to take the advantage.

As you sit still, reflect on what kind of world is developing around you, ask how much your lack of inner faith and the exasperation that “nothing you do matters anyway” gets in the way of true, progressive change… change you want to see but feel too shy, limited or powerless to enact.

If you see that you are slowly becoming swamped, then your likely ‘future’ is very easy to predict.

Monday, April 08

Sun squaring Saturn/Pluto

If you’re feeling despondent,
struggling to summon even just a fake smile
chronically feel unsafe inside your body
that gnawing inner deadness where the past still lingers on,
and your heavy, zombie-like limbs constantly bombarded
with visceral warnings that you will just ignore
even during moments of danger, or the sexual act,
you’ve become an expert at shutting down your gut instincts 
in the stupefying awareness of what is playing out inside.

There’s no other way to say it: 
Being heartbroken, disappointed or abandoned for so long,
you’ve made yourself completely numb inside
not from any physical pain, but anything emotional, yes.

Either that, or all your dreams have come true for you
and somewhere down the way, 
you have stopped dreaming.

You are doing a great job 
of managing to hide 
from your Self.

Wednesday, April 03

Stellium in Pisces

We take so much from our dreams. They hold the engrams of forgotten images, of unfulfilled desires, undeveloped thoughts and viewpoints, the ghosts and personages of our distant past with which we wish to reconnect, of lovers we will never meet and of our most dreadful fears, of wild premonitions and shattered hopes.

In dreams lie the particles of our imagination that did not crystallise into matter, that did not manifest for us in Saturn’s 3D space-time, the glories and the thrills sunk deeply in our unconsciousness, restricted from ever being because of limitations of our physical world.

Most people think that dreams aren’t real; that they don’t really matter because they are not made up of real matter. They think that they are but an inner fleeting glimpse, a scantly remembered recounting, impossible to relate to even our intimate bed-partners, who may awake beside us and struggle to tune in.

But look a little closer into your dreams. They contain important, yet most subjective clues for you. They hold the you who would go higher, farther than your ordinary fearful, earth-bound self would dare, if only… Dreams are your portal into an ultimate fulfillment, and if they should inspire you to be more courageous in your ways, then they play a vital role in furnishing your ordinary life with greater truth, mystery and meaning.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ♀/☿/ ♆/☽/ Ve in Pisces


The nebulous Pisces Moon that now hovers over Mercury and Neptune lulls our minds into a surreal state of emotional vulnerability and openness to the cosmic field. Those intelligent enough will sense how, through a gradual erosion of meaningful content in the powerfully influential media, with its ubiquitous memes and 30-second news grabs, we are most wary of its lowest common denominator programming, how our somewhat credulous interpretation of faux politics, pseudoscience and superstitious presentation of reality have hypnotised humanity into a celebration of ignorance and disbelief of any real, substantive truth.

Humanity now marches towards a monumental reset, one never before experienced by any living being on this planet.
We are seeking a connection to higher meaning, one that transcends the limitations of the conditioned, 3-dimensional world

Strategically placed between two very rare successive Full Moons in Libra, the 15°17′ ARIES NEW MOON looms (Apr 5). As usual, I have written and posted an extensive report on this lunation (check your inbox). I have summarised its effects and specific guidelines and intentions for each of the 12 signs, describing how best to navigate towards a brand new beginning.

Blessings, and enjoy this video postcard from my first few days in India xx

Tuesday, April 2

Pluto at the South Node

I’m all for an ‘official narrative’ coming from press reports published through ‘reputable media outlets’. But really, it’s starting to dawn on me, so therefore many others, since I’m usually the last to accept even the most ‘obvious’ things, that the propaganda and proselytism of the mainstream media has really gotten out of control. Through big data, biometric data, AI analyses and algorithms, online profiles and behaviours in social media, fake news and sponsored content is more and more used as a political tool to manipulate and dictate common people.

As PLUTO lines up along the SOUTH NODE, I look at all the “news” reports and just know that something ain’t quite right. Hard to believe anything at all that’s been printed any more. Even picture and video reports seem questionable.

Whilst it is effectively impossible to identify the exact activities that are going on behind the events during Pluto transits, we can only suspect and investigate if we have solid leads to prove that something’s not right. And then, even with the deepest intelligence, sinister and corruptive powers will do things they will never want disclosed, ensuring that they ‘bury’ all evidence.

That’s ok, I’m used to that now – I’ve come to accept stuff doesn’t add up, no matter how you crunch the numbers. It’s normal. Then I look at the big events at other times in the course of my own lifetime where Pluto has been at the S.Node and question the veracity and underlying motives behind these:

⚜ July 1969 (22°♍52′) – Moon Landing
⚜ Jan 1986 (06°♏53′) – Space Shuttle Challenger disaster‎ 
⚜ Aug 2002 (14°♐54′) – UN investigation into WMD in Iraq

Someone said “you can fool some of the people some of the time”… When a few thousand people can believe some bullshit story for a month, sure, that’s ‘fake news’. When millions can believe it for decades – that’s ‘history’. When billions can believe it for over a thousand years – well, then that becomes ‘religion’ or ‘folklore’…

I have come to deducing my beliefs only to align with my own experience, dismissing all attempts by third parties to interpret a story for me. Without knowing the exact incidents, but only one or a few facts, I believe nothing. It’s time to doubt everything.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ♇ ☍ ☊ | ♂ in ♊ | ☿ ☌ ♆


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