The Sun’s current incarnation of Aries spirit upon this earth inspires a storming, urgent force into our human intelligence to take action. Now aligned with the hasty, impulsive instincts of the Aries Moon, a renewed, refreshed sense of immediacy injects our human smarts with an irrepressible drive to do something. We may know what we know, and in itself this may seem limited, especially with Saturn’s constricting square on this lunation.

Yet we are now driven to act on whatever knowledge we have. Whether from within or from outside pressures in our lives, we are now pressed to take a definite direction and move. It seems that time is up against us to do something – take the first step forward in a direction that is new, enlivening and invigorating. This requires courage in the face of fear, risk in the face of danger, audacity and daring in the face of judgement and possible failure.

The intention we set now casts us into a 12-month journey of worldly and spiritual experience, one which unfolds gradually as a unique adventure from which there are lessons to learn and always reflect upon.

It is the journey in which you stand against your own frustrations, limitations and fears. It is a road where you bravely find out, through the trials and pressures along the way, to become more firm in demonstrating strength and character. It is a passage of time in which you prove just how real and meaningful your own personal struggle to be your intrinsic self against the adversity of this physical world. It will come to define either your rise or fall against the values of contemporary society. You, and every entity upon this earth is blessed with this opportunity to reset.

The life you have before you is a gift. Cherish it. Explore it now, to the fullest. Against all fears, real or imagined, do what matters, now.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am feeling all of it.

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