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Daily Update⚡Saturday, March 23: #ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ – MOON opposition MARS/URANUS

Sunday, March 24

The Scorpio MOON’s insecurities are steeped in jealousy and fears of abandonment and betrayal. These are easily triggered into a spiral of suspicion and dissonance by planets in opposing Taurus. Firstly, obstinate URANUS sends her cold, later a bullish MARS will attempt to re-engage her but…

…it’s complicated, 
Thanks to a Cardinal Grand Cross between PLUTO/NODE and goddesses ERIS and ATHENA, connections can break down rather severely.

Matters are made messier during this awful, mentally fuzzy period, where MERCURY retrogrades into another conjunction with NEPTUNE. The elusive doublespeaks, blurred boundaries and creepish clues that we are being undermined, bullshitted and played for a fool don’t inspire much confidence and trust.

It’s a challenging time to talk directly and openly about the more possessive, toxic feelings. Strategies to minimise jealousy, such as practicing greater honesty between parties could be thwarted or confused further by the stubborn egos digging their heels in, refusing to compromise or move emotionally.

It’s uncertain whether external or internal factors are causing insecurities, but something seems lacking and it may take some skill and sensitivity to make the other person feel special and valued again…

Saturday, March 23


We don’t even realise it, but we are each other’s healers.
We play an important role in each other’s lives, and the healing effect we have on others is seldom seen. It’s not the great gestures or the miracles, but the little things we do with love and kindness that count as great. Someone once said to me that “anything not worth doing for someone is only worth doing with love and kindness”.

You see this, in the girl down at the local grocery store, or the mechanic at the garage, your family doctor, those special teachers, elderly neighbours, fellow workers – those kind and loving souls who are always “there” for you, and upon whom you can depend in small, yet priceless ways to “be” there for you and your kids.

These ordinary, everyday people are the one who guide us, bless us, inspire us, support us, heal us during the mundaneness of everyday life. We never tell them how important they are. I guess we take their presence for granted, or are tuned into looking out for big spectacles and magic marvels as signs of ‘healing’. We seldom show appreciation and gratitude for the little kindnesses of others.

Naturally, we play that role in the lives of others ourselves. Many times a day, there are those who come to depend on us, to observe our being there, to learn from us, take from us. We never quite know the full impact of what we’re putting out there, especially in our kindness.

You may never see the results of how you heal your world, but the truth is, you are more important than you can imagine. Believe it or not, in you kindness, you play the healer to so many, even if you don’t always see it.

Sunday, March 17


Is it even possible to tell someone else what we feel? For one thing, FEELINGS come and go so fleetingly that we’re often left wondering whether they were ours in the first place, if at all. We certainly struggle to control, let alone define our feelings – even the “great” ones. For the most part, they are generally unpleasant things that bog us down and (gods forbid), we should never want to be defined by them.

What do we make of those who cannot feel at all? Who cannot even discuss their feelings? Or who fail to keep their emotions in check, allowing them to take over their lives to the extent where they sabotage and destroy? And what of those who seem incapable of forming any close, meaningful connection to others because the feel cut off or awkwardly mistimed?

Today I feel enormous sympathy for those who cannot find any fulfillment in their lives, who’ve given up all hopes and dreams about tomorrow; who live in sorrow, disappointment, bitterness and anger; who just can’t seem to find any joy in life, no lightness and no love. I understand them, and pray that they find ways to reach out and connect.

Strange and unfamiliar as this world may seem sometimes, just know that there’s a soul out there who cares very much about how you feel. Reach out and make some form of contact… you will indeed experience something deeply profound.

ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: ☿℞☌☉ △ ☊☌ ☽| ♀ ∠ Ch | ☿ □ ♃ | ☿ ∗ ♇ | ☿ ☌ Vs

Saturday, March 16


We all make stupid mistakes, we go too far, beyond our reach and leave ourselves vulnerable to pain, wounding and humiliation. But in our weakness and vulnerability we also open up to healing, compassion and pleasure.

It’s best not to hide. We must do our best to come out of our place of suffering, to show up and be seen. It may feel like a raw and tender place, but here, at the surface of things, the light of day can be soothing and embrace us with its loving glow. The Pisces Sun cares not for wealth and prestige, of privileges or power. He is the source of creativity, of eternal hope, empathy, spiritual accountability, and emotional authenticity.

If we desire greater clarity in our life purpose or a deeper and more meaningful spiritual life, then we must surrender our ego and follow the path of humility and vulnerability.

ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☉/☿ ∗ ♇ | ☉/☿ □ ♃ | ☉/☿ △ ☊ | ♂ △ ♄ |♀ ∠ Ch

Tuesday, March 12

Socially aware VENUS in Aquarius desires to see progress and reform around her. Something has to change about the way we’re relating: the way things are between us is simply not fair and equitable enough and though she has kept a somewhat detached attitude thus far, her passivity is soon about to reach its limits.

[art: John Jude Palencar]

Conservative MARS in Taurus will fight to keep things as they are. He gets defensive when his old, established views and methods are being challenged. He does not like change, ignoring what others want, deeming them idiots if they do not agree with what he values. He is quite prepared to bully and shut out anyone who threatens to cross him, especially if they hold views on matters which are different to his own, cherished ways.

A serious fight is looming. The exact square between VE/MA falls only hours after the EQUINOX (Mar 21). Both Venus and Mars are key players and hold critical allies in this struggle. Both will exhaust every ounce of powder they have to muster in their egotistical battle to uphold their way. Being both fixed, flexibility is not an option. Much may break, and after all the devastation, somehow, they will have to work it out. After all, they cannot live without each other.

The 2019 astrological year will be the most critical one in living memory…

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Sunday, March 10

Institutions which entice, groom, prepare, farm, exploit, then exhaustingly enslave the very people whom they are supposed to serve (and that’s all of them, eventually) will sooner or later abuse and deny their constituents the merit of dignity, mutual interest or personal power. Endemic to the system of institutions is the treatment of their components as mere collateral…

… until URANUS enters TAURUS.

[a short intro from the Mar 02 CosmicBus episode, explaining the shift. Full episodes here…. https://angstoic.com/2019/03/cosmic-bus-latest/]

Monday, 4th March

MERCURY STATIONING at 29°♓39’℞ (Retrogrades Tuesday at 18:17 UTC)

Nothing more confusing upon the conscious mind than a retrograde Mercury in Pisces. 

If you’re already feeling a little lost and confused, just think – you’re not going to get any answers till you work out which questions you are asking. And if you’re struggling to separate logic from intuition, prepare to lose yourself further in the realms of imagination, thoughts and fantasies. Now that might be a real trip, but it won’t give you much tack on reality. 

Your mind may seem like it has the capacity to reach out to the outer regions of the unknown universe, but hey… no good to anyone if you can’t get your ideas across to anyone. Anyways, I’m down here on planet earth, give me a call sometime…

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