SUPERMOON at 00°42′ VIRGO: Tuesday, Feb 19 2019, 15:54 UTC

[art: Aimee Stewart]

This year’s largest Supermoon (Feb 19th) makes up for the fact that last year, in 2018, the month of February produced no full moon at all. Culminating only half a degree from Regulus – the brightest star in the constellation of Leo, this full moon promises to put on quite a glimmering spectacle itself – given that only last month we were treated to the beautiful, but very ominous Blood Moon.

So much critical activity is happening in the planetary skies at this moment that nobody is going to question that we are on the verge of big, ominous changes. I’ve written about some of these in this month’s free newsletter, and discussed at length some of the key changes in our latest cosmic bus episode (see here for subscribers). I will try to keep this article relevant only to the themes of the Virgo Full Moon:

Supermoons are closer to earth due to the Moon’s relative nearness to Earth. This second Supermoon in a series of 3 consecutive Full Moons counts as the most “super” due to its perigee – Luna’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit, appearing 15% brighter and this close proximity to our planet places inordinate pressure which traditional astrology claims to have an effect on swelling tidal patterns, unusual storm activity, earthquakes, volcanoes and other terrestrial anomalies. Whilst I usually focus only on the humanistic aspects of the lunation, one must be mindful that every manifestation in the physical world is also a mirroring or correlates to the metaphysical, emotional, or spiritual.

At the more personal level, the Moon governs over our emotions, so we can expect a certain restlessness & anxiety in the exciting days leading up to this lunation. As usual, the culmination of any synodic lunar cycle (Moon opposite Sun) augurs the very end of something very significant in our lives. Whilst the Pisces Sun seeks to feel a sense of unity with the greater universe – a desire to let go of his ego and dissolve into the universal flow, the instinctive Virgo Moon sees this as something entirely impractical. The bipolar challenge here will be how to best lead a full life – one which contributes to the individual soul, and to society and world at large. Here, we strongly see the contrast between dreams and practical execution, and as such where and how we need to clean up our act to make the dream real. Main themes raised in the Virgo/Pisces polarity are between:

  • efficiency vs effectiveness
  • separation vs unification
  • work vs leisure
  • employment vs unemployment
  • practical duty vs karmic debt
  •  functionality vs art
  • health vs illness
  • dedicated service vs devoted sacrifice
  • hard evidence vs unwavering faith
  • tangible vs alternative realities

Aspects to this Virgo Moon from Mars/Uranus (trine), Venus/Saturn (Sesquisquare), and an ingressing Aries Point Chiron (quincunx) indicate significant focus on getting things done, bringing them to their intuitive end, as well as learning to stay disciplined in our personal relationships and tend to healing and repair. A Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Pisces would lift us into a whole new dimension of holistic perception of the highest possible universal truth, although it is questionable too whether we are merely just drowning in a sea of illusions. The propaganda, misinformation, lies and technological distractions in our world is rife and we must now employ all our powers of instinctive discernment to stay clear about what is working and what need fixing up in our lives.

We do question whether living in such a highly efficient, mechanised, computerised and roboticised universe has taken the free-spirit and easiness out of our lives – especially if, as humans, we feel somehow supplanted into a systemic process – left to play a highly specialised role in a complex society, like a very small component of a very complex machine. This can feel spiritually confronting – soul-destroying. We are not merely disposable parts to a machine. Any one of us can feel bound to an economic routine that seems to exploit all our ‘specialist’ efforts, yet leave us somewhat fragmented and separate from our sense of ‘whole’-ness and instinctive idea of our ‘wholesomeness’.

By observing the current conflicts and crisis surfacing in our lives, this Virgo Full Moon provides a splendid opportunity to examine whether we are creating a more balanced connection with others. It is a chance to appraise our capacity to operate with confidence, clarity, vitality, ability to stay centered, and live a life of meaning and purpose.

Hence, the desire to connect to others on a spiritual level must also fulfil its functional, practical necessities. Where relationships exist merely on a neuro-robotic state, they could become exposed as emotionally dysfunctional or destructive to our spiritual or psychic freedom. Conversely, where the whole premise of the relationship is to serve some form of escapism (of any form), then ennui, apathy or spiritual bypassing expose the situation for what it really is – patently unfit to deal with its own reality.

In the midst of this Neptune in Pisces age, there’s a lot of bypassing of responsibility going on – especially by those claiming to be ‘spiritual’. Those who take on an idealised or deluded state of ‘higher-vibration’ without providing any evidence of groundedness can be seen as simply avoiding ‘reality’. We are all possibly guilty of this in some respect, since it is instinctive for humans to avoid dealing with any truth that inconveniently messes with our sensitivities and fancies. Most of us do not want to work that hard, even though we probably should (unless pressed).

Hence, the lunation is a perfect time to see where we are prone to gross imbalances. A preoccupation with efficiency becomes pedantry and unnecessary worry/anxiety. Not enough, gives rise to elements of inertia, indolence of mind and soulful inactivity.

If we can get a firm grasp on the balance between our work and leisure activities, then this lunation will serve as a decisive marker in how successfully we’ve been able to master our general mental/physical health (Virgo) and psychological/emotional well-being (Pisces).

One thing is certain, as indicated by the shifting transits of the heavier planets – you cannot just sit back and watch your world become consumed by the gulf of sadness and indifference. Find the clarity of purpose and strength to step up and diligently do your work, however challenging. The skillful application of your creative energies will help you facing the demons of ineffectiveness head on, you can stop them from growing and taking over our world.

If you are blessed with being able to experience emotions in a very deep and intense way, then see how this gives you a very different perspective of the world. Do not become so absorbed in your feelings that you lose complete touch with the practical realities of your life. Feelings of extreme intensity can be manifested in creative ventures and projects when we can either pour our emotions into our art or elevate whatever field we have chosen into an art form. 

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