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Daily Update⚡Wednesday, 13 February: #ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ – URANUS at the critical degree

[art: dirge of dead, by seb mckinnon]

Tuesday, 12 February

Your anger is just a short-lived emotion. You may get mad very quickly, but just observe how rapidly that feeling dissipates too. It’s just a feeling…

Whatever sets you off into your lower crazy-self, ignites your fire, sends you into those short shallow breaths, the blaming thoughts, the clenched fists will pass through you very rapidly. Whatever triggered you will just as easily disperse as soon as you become mindful again.

What remains is the story that you choose to give it.

What remains is the story that you choose to give it.

You can stay mad, but that process takes a far more conscious effort. Staying mad is no longer an emotion.

If your judgement becomes impaired in the heat of an emotional dispute (and we are all prone to have them) then to stay in that engagement longer than the moment of irritation means lowering your being into your body. Your body holds the memory and will try to associate that memory with other unconscious patterns stored inside your personal programming.

Whatever your triggers, i bet they are connected to your body shame – stories you carry (histories) around gender, colour, shape, prowess, sex-appeal, social validity etc. If you attach your current anger to your woundstory, you have effectively allowed your past to overtake and infiltrate your present. If you are not mindful you may subconsciously become possessed by the unsettled fervour of your inner tribe; that angry collective mob of ‘past you’ – the ancestral self whose ego felt historically trampled by insult and indignation and is looking for any excuse to take the present you on a rampage.

You can rise above that.
Or, you can stay in your body and wage war.

The key to how quickly you can dissipate anger lies in your higher self – how quickly your mind can release the heated emotion from the body through exercising willful self-compassion.

Be kind to yourself. Forgive your past.
Be kind to others. Forgive theirs.
Rise out of the emotions of the lower self.
Be the bigger dude.

Sunday, 10 February

[art: “Maelstrom” by jeremy enecio]


No, it isn’t always fair. Shit happens – accidents, stress, breakdowns, break-ups, fails and deaths all happen. You can feel like your whole world’s about to crumble, and it’s a struggle just trying to keep it together when you ready for it all to fall apart.

Not surprising that tempers flare when pressure builds up. Anger and irritability leads to stress, anxiety and irrational fears, and suddenly you find yourself losing it, melting down and doing something regretful.

No, I’m not going to suggest for you to stay focused, to talk to someone about it, listen to your intuition, find ways to vent, stay positive & kind, see the healing, character-enhancing aspects of whatever you’re going through…

…but you probably should.
What else did you have in mind, anyway?

Putting some meaning into your story will turn a bum ride into something more productive.

Sure, holding it together isn’t always possible. But hey… sometimes we need to have our precious world crumble (at least a little bit) before we can rebuild it. And besides, you’re not alone (trust me).

Whatever happens, try to stay patient during these next days, and if you can, surround yourself with a trusty support network. Avoid the fuck-fucks on facebook who are trying to “bliss” you with their inspirational sayings; don’t listen to sadcore Morrissey tunes; or even advice from astrologers (such as me); stay out of arguments and where possible go out for walks all on your own. If all that fails, do something creative. Always works for me.

I love you… if that means something.
It’s true. You’re easy to love.
You know you are… if you just put down your weapon of fear.
Could you be loved?

Thursday, 7 February


Rash, impulsive actions are likely to grate upon the tender feelings and open sores of the prevailing social sensibility. Aggressive tendencies, rough, brutish, thoughtlessly asserted behaviour comes off as utterly inappropriate, insensitive and out of place.

Hearts may crumble in this current climate of social deafness.

The masculine takes a ritual wallopping for its inability to be in sync with the events around him. It seems impossible for him to hear the signs of empathy or capture the vibrant qualities of gentleness. Folks become easily irritated and inflamed, situations flare up, frustrated due to acts of apparent cruelty. Quarrels are set to erupt wherever there has been a build-up of tremendous tension.

Tread with caution (next few days).

Saturday, 2 February

Friday, 1 February


Thu Jan 31  2019 14:12 Saturn 14°55′ Sextile Neptune 14°55′  

Even with the softer aspects, SATURN who is all about concentration, judgement and definition of matter finds it hard to mix with NEPTUNE, which is about empathy and compassion. They form the basis of all sacrifice and suffering and those affected go through intense isolation, depression and alienation merely to survive.

Picture yourself stuck in a cold room, unable to go out because the cruel world cannot relate to your sensitivities, nor could you bear the harsh demands of a competitive world.

We all go through times of feeling shut out. Whether it’s self-imposed or forced, it’s a necessary part of the human journey. In those times we wish to be left alone, sit with our sadness and our grief. Often we do not know why – all we know is that we cannot truly participate in the charade, even if we tried.

This aspect is a sign that something in our limited, physical world is out of time or place with what the soul knows is eternal. Something is not working for us and we feel we can neither leave, nor can we stay and play. Sick, miserable and depressed – we are forced to endure the 3D condition, process it until something falls away…

Usually the only solution is to stop giving a fuck what the world thinks and just love it anyway, but then… that is the greatest challenge ever, especially when ‘the world’ (your mind) is filled with judgements of inadequacy, especially about you.

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