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THE WEEK AHEAD: January 21-27

This entire week not only reverberates strongly with the after-shock of a Super Blood Moon in Leo, but is peppered with a number of very intense transits. This spectacular lunation occurs less than 24 hours after the Sun enters Aquarius, and in hard alignment with the rather mixed flavours of planetary aspects stirs up such mayhem and confusion that it’s perfectly up in the air about what might happen.

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We must tread cautiously now, even in apparent stillness, for one thing we can safely predict is that what plays out in our lives will be utterly unpredictable and possibly destructive if we do remain mindful of our rash and hasty actions.

As much as we may wish to be happy, make life easier, the growing trend in this current, bizzaro-universe is that everyone wants to be difficult. It is not hard to point the finger of intolerance and blame on people and those causes which seem contrary to what we personally believe.

Here are this week’s main transits:

in Sun Jan 20  2019 09:00 Sun 00°00′
  Mon Jan 21  2019 04:04 Sun 00°49′ Semisquare Jupiter 15°49′
Mon Jan 21  2019 04:16 Venus 14°35′ Square Neptune 14°35′
Mon Jan 21  2019 05:17 Moon 00°52′ Opposition Sun 00°52′
Mon Jan 21  2019 11:49 Mars 13°47′ Square Saturn 13°47′
Tue Jan 22  2019 06:41 Mercury 26°46′ Opposition Node 26°46′
Tue Jan 22  2019 12:27 Venus 16°04′ Conjunction Jupiter 16°04′
  Wed Jan 23  2019 11:14 Mercury 28°43′ Square Uranus 28°43′
Ch Wed Jan 23  2019 12:28 Mercury 28°48′ Sextile Chiron 28°48′
  Thu Jan 24  2019 01:06 Mercury 29°40′ Semisquare Neptune 14°40′
in Thu Jan 24  2019 05:50 Mercury 00°00′
  Fri Jan 25  2019 04:18 Mercury 01°33′ Semisquare Jupiter 16°33′
Fri Jan 25  2019 17:55 Mars 16°39′ Trine Jupiter 16°39′
Ce in Fri Jan 25  2019 18:05 Ceres 00°00′
Sun Jan 27  2019 21:11 Moon 07°38′ Square Sun 07°38′

For what it’s worth, patience is necessary with Mars in Aries, especially when we go up against up against the stern and rigid social structures imposed by Saturn in Capricorn. These two malefics come into conflict from their respective cardinal signs. Both are equally as strong in their domicile, yet their square (Monday, Jan 21) sees us ensnarled into a fundamental fight over differences of temperament, style and intention. This harsh dynamic, blended with the ‘know-it-all’ attitude of Mercury’s square to Uranus (also in cardinals – Wednesday), can launch us into ill-advised disputes over which direction we choose to go and how others around us ‘should’ proceed.

We will not be told what to do, what to think or how to handle our personal business. So, regardless of how ‘right’ others are about how we should do things, we make it clear that it is entirely our responsibility and as such prepared to stay conflicted. Essentially we would rather be at war with ourselves rather than listen. Even if only a small percentage of us are caught up in this dynamic, it indirectly affects nearly everyone – especially those who choose not to act out of fear or trepidation.

On the plus side, not listening to the advice or counsel of others means we are more inclined to follow our own distinctive path. However, big egos generally conceal vulnerable souls, and a moral defensiveness mixed with obstinate pride easily erupts into fundamental clashes that are difficult to control. Even if we are determined to act responsibly, earnestly, it is possible that our timing could be out of sync with the situation. This could result in physical accidents, or emotional situations in which others become immediately bitter or vindictive, even violent. As much as we wish to avoid being hurt, we also don’t want to hurt others – particularly those we love.

So what to do?
Try to become aware about where the tension lies within you. See if you can get to the root of where the friction within you is coming from, particularly if you are fixing to direct your frustrations upon those around you. It’s not anybody fault that you feel suppressed into any given situation. Perhaps you have allowed yourself to become entrapped into a set of rules or a structure that is not working for you. Where did this begin? Look to the time around early April, 2018 when Mars formed its conjunction to Saturn. What agreements did you make about how you wanted to work? Were you aware of the consequences and limitations upon your fundamental freedom when you signed up to try a more disciplined approach? Are you working responsibly or did you bite off more than you could chew?

By the end of the week these inner conflicts, and each intensely forceful encounter with those around us leaves an enduringly emotional stress. Depending on how responsibly we process this, the big lessons can be either awesome or dreadful – there is no middle ground. Here, the groundwork for a forthcoming extremism that will play out in the months ahead is now being laid down. The determination to conserve things in a particular order (if we are satisfied by our situation) goes against the will to protect the integrity of our individual freedom (if we feel trapped).

These are exceptional times in that the collective consciousness is not afraid or hesitant to challenge what it sees as the absolute nonsense of certain external controls. An ambivalence about absolute ‘truth’ – as passed down by governmental laws, religion, academia, bosses, parents, etc., leads us to serious disputes.

In amidst an atmosphere of sharp, self-centered dogma, the Aquarius Sun now charges us with powerful compassion and need to serve society. How we chose to act on this largely depends on how rigid and fixed our views. We may be equally as ambivalent about whether to work towards fulfilling our own desires or to follow the calling of our lofty humanitarian ideals. We suffer the consequences of guilt instantly should we aim just to fulfill the demands of our own egos. Similarly, we become incensed to see others, particularly those who pose in roles of authority over us angling towards their own self interests rather the interests of the whole.

The final Blood Moon in the Leo/Aquarius axis reveals just how we are evolving, and our capacity to come back from defeat shows a maturing sense of mission, particularly strong in the creative brilliance of anyone evolved enough to stand by their cause. Observe the humanistic force that is producing some of the innovative new thinkers or scientists among us. They are everywhere, and they have decided to take matters upon themselves – using whatever is available, yet not operating inside the constraints of any given order. See how they dare to go outside the box in order to find new solutions to extricate themselves (and others) from the boxed-in views and belief systems of the existing order. Dare to be one of those.

Here, we are laying down the foundations for materialism to be conquered. Those who strive only for personal comfort and acknowledgment above all else come to see that in chasing their goals and dreams, they have lost perspective, their conduct openly betraying them as just selfish and even cruel.

The next month further exposes those whose innate prejudices and entrenched beliefs are at the root of the discontent and suffering among us. This is especially evident among those who try to lead us, but do not represent our evolved, progressive views. The fixed Aquarius Sun highlights the inequities and indifferences, while the cardinal Aries Mars activates ferocious clashes against those who try to constrain our indomitable spirit.

A warning for/about those with fixed mindsets: whenever matters get difficult, rather than compromise or be flexible, things are more likely to break hence the propensity to unleash anger and howling madness on others is greatest.

Developing a more relaxed, more tolerant viewpoint is important.

Whilst Tuesday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction hopes to bring a more peaceful, loving attitude, when carried to extremes it could mean that we give or accept generosity where it is often not warranted. Any sanctimonious and holier-than-thou efforts seem inconsistent, hypocritical and vulgar. This is certainly not constructive toward making this a better world. When inertia or indifference prevails over inequities and injustices, we may come to realise that the greatest opportunities to take action have been missed. The greatest concern during these days could be that we are now spiralling deeper into a rabbit hole which nobody knows where it may lead and how dreadful to think that we had our chance to do something but just didn’t.

To those in the Americas, please get outside and enjoy this amazing spectacle.
Blessings and love to all… and do your best not to let your ego eclipse your soul xx

Location Eclipse Begins Totality Begins Totality Ends Eclipse Ends
Anchorage, Alaska
6:33 p.m AKST
7:41 p.m. AST
8:43 p.m. AST
9:50 p.m. AST
Los Angeles, California
7:33 p.m. PST
8:41 p.m. PST
9:43 p.m. PST
10:50 p.m. PST
Mexico City, Mexico
9:33 p.m. CST
10:41 p.m. CST
11:43 p.m. CST
12:50 a.m. CST
Miami, Florida
10:33 p.m. EST
11:41 p.m. EST
12:43 a.m. EST
1:50 a.m. EST
Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic
11:33 p.m. AST
12:41 a.m. AST
1:43 a.m. AST
2:50 p.m. AST
Nuuk, Greenland
12:33 a.m. WGT
1:41 a.m. WGT
2:43 a.m. WGT
3:50 a.m. WGT
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1:33 a.m. BRST
2:41 a.m. BRST
3:43 a.m. BRST
4:50 a.m. BRST
Reykjavik, Iceland
3:33 a.m. GMT
4:41 a.m. GMT
5:43 a.m. GMT
6:50 p.m. GMT
Lagos, Nigeria
4:33 a.m. WAT
5:41 a.m. WAT
6:43 a.m. WAT
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