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THE WEEK AHEAD: Jan 28-Feb 03

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Planetary activity falls largely in the social sectors (Sag-Pisces) for the next few weeks, so our focus is drawn to look at greater themes, ones which affect the more transpersonal matters in our world. Law, politics, government and social and spiritual matters play a big part in our lives, and we can either choose to be engaged or simply choose to tune out. Leading this locomotive is the renegade Mars/Uranus at the end of Aries, so if you choose to play, you may very likely feel like you are blazing new turf all on your own.

In the centre of it all looms an explicit superior conjunction, in which Mercury passes apogee to the Sun (midweek), furthest possible from the earth, and in true Aquarian irreverence exposes all.

Mercury is effectively our eyes & ears, charged with conveying information to and from the source (light). At the moment when he is farthest from the Earth, he appears small and very distant. Though completely illuminated, anything that hides directly behind the Sun cannot possibly be observed. This is referred to as cazimi – a time when information rings most brilliant and true, as radiant and pure as the Sun’s own rays.

Thoughts and ideas become fused into pure spirit now. As the Sun (our primary source of light) transits through the fixed-air constellation of Aquarius, it energises our planet with a distinctly idealistic, humanitarian spirit where matters of civil liberty and justice take on an outspoken significance. Everything else takes a back seat as the iconoclastic, promethean psychopomp takes the podium to speak what’s on his mind.

Regardless of whether you’re distinctly into an egalitarian modality of living or you prefer a more conservative, hierarchical or cynical approach to the whole social system, the emphasis over the next 6 weeks will be on formulating stronger views on how society should run. One may already hold strong, rigidly adhered to political views – be either for or against a certain utopian/dystopian visions. In any case, situations will emerge where you are called to respond (be vocal) in a helpful and sympathetic manner towards ‘a certain kind’ or firmly protesting against another kind. It could be gender, colour, race, or any other affiliation or cause for which you feel is trying to be heard. Such efforts to speak out in support or protest over certain ways with hope to improve or reform things to what is considered to be a fairer, more equitable state is what Aquarius is all about. On the other extreme, you may feel this rhetoric is just too much, or find it all rather depressing and may choose to cut away, dissociate from all the ‘big picture’ discussions….

Here are the main transits for this week….

  Tue Jan 29  11:45 Mercury 08°50′ Semisquare Venus 23°50′
Wed Jan 30  02:52 Mercury 09°54′ Conjunction Sun 09°54′
Thu Jan 31  14:12 Saturn 14°55′ Sextile Neptune 14°55′
Fri Feb 01  00:37 Venus 26°41′ Quincunx Node 26°41′
Vs in Fri Feb 01  11:02 Vesta 00°00′
  Ch Fri Feb 01  14:07 Mercury 14°11′ Semisquare Chiron 29°11′
Sat Feb 02  03:13 Mars 21°40′ Square Pluto 21°40′
  Sat Feb 02  07:22 Venus 28°09′ Semisquare Sun 13°09′
  Sat Feb 02  23:42 Venus 28°55′ Trine Uranus 28°55′
Ch Sun Feb 03  06:51 Venus 29°15′ Square Chiron 29°15′
  Ch Sun Feb 03  09:48 Sun 14°16′ Semisquare Chiron 29°16′
Sun Feb 03  21:55 Mercury 18°16′ Sextile Jupiter 18°16′
in Sun Feb 03  22:30 Venus 00°00′

Although the Sun won’t form any significantly stressful aspects to other planets during the next month, there is a growing awareness of individual tendencies to express fixed views about the world. This activates much movement, either for or against groups by which you identify. This superior conjunction to Mercury (Jan 30) will hence help to expound clear views on where you stand on social matters and whether others are part of our future vision or not.

By the Aquarius New Moon (Feb 04) we become strongly intent (body and soul) to make our stance on whose team we are on (feminism, racism, marxism, left/right-ism, etc. As always though, if the ‘team’ is not inclusive, equally-beneficial and respectful to the individual rights of every being, it can be cause for division, dissent, protest and demonstration.

So, expect to see the ‘social justice’ rhetoric being raised this week.

Strangely, as much as thoughts and opinions are being formidably defined right now (and you may wish to blow the whistle on injustice and unfairness etc.) there is also a weird, prolonged sense of stalling for any definitive action at this moment. Whilst things might flare up a little towards the end of February (Sun enters Pisces, ☉ ∠  ♄ / ∠  ♇/ ∠  ♅), the current state of confusion and reluctance to step up comes mostly due to the fact that we are all (en masse) passing through a very surreal wonderland as hosted by the Neptune/Uranus semi-square.

Regardless of what we think is fair and equitable, nobody is really certain of how to proceed, since much of the phenomena of we are experiencing around is confusingly new and profoundly absurd. This is a special kind of weird. Only those with the most truly lateral minds, who dare to step outside ‘the box’ get to experiment and mess with with the prevailing system.

That’s all it is though – a very risky, arguably foolhardy experiment to those agitated enough to challenge the status quo, however shaky and absurd the status of that ‘quo’ may seem right now.

In ♅/♆ essence, there is a gradual soul-dissociation happening on a collective level (2017-20). Saturn’s sextile to Neptune (strongest on Jan 31) may inspire serious reaction against the social injustices and political foolishness of our times, yet in this climate, it feels that any personal crusade could backfire – especially since it siphons out considerable energy from those who want to try it on.

Is this a kind of ‘activism fatigue’, or a case of exasperation that any political solution will fall flat on its heels? This draining, depressing, often futile attempt to see a brighter future is felt most pointendly on and around the New Moon (Feb 4), which occurs directly on the lugubrious ♄ /♆ midpoint.

A sextile from Jupiter on this lunation may promise to lift our spirits, though we will have to look in completely extraordinary places for our sense of justice. There is some promise and opportunity for a way to solve even the most disheartening of challenges to our collective social problems.

The big concern for many individuals this week comes when Mars squares Pluto (Saturday) and Venus squares Chiron. Intense drives to throw out excess or toxic masculine displays could rouse us into the most ferocious arguments with one another – especially where compromise in our personal relationships seems practically impossible due to fundamental clashes in deeply buried attitudes. The gender divide is still on the mend, and here we see compulsive rage breaking out wherever we come to loggerheads in how we wish to be treated.

If a relationship has to end because its toxicity or outright oppressiveness has become impossible to sustain, then it must end, however painful. Abuse cannot and will not be tolerated. By now we are at least certain of our ideological and stance and are prepared to go all out to accord with our moral compass.

Even if only in theory, sometimes the mere thought of individual resurrection or reincarnation becomes untenable, especially when we pause to consider the magnitude of what is required for them to make an evolutionary leap. Not everyone is capable of change. Some would rather smash into a million pieces before they’ll bend to another’s will.

Rather than worry about the survival of all, we now choose to fight for survival only in the spirit of those we know to be on our wavelength. We learn that there is no hope in trying to negotiate with the insistently malignant narcissist, the sociopath, or incorrigibly spoilt brat. A growing awareness that for some people, no degree of effort, patience or kindness is ever going to help. They will get the abandonment of support that they most dread. Here, it is important to spare ourselves. The only decision is to cut all ties; switch off the life-support system which feeds the monster that feeds on our human kindness and compassion.

Like an obsolete automobile from another era must eventually be tossed onto the scrap heap, human relationships can similarly serve their purpose and be done. If we have learned our lesson not to keep investing in something which just sucks the life-force out of us, we have done well. There is simply no need to keep hanging on to something toxic, heavy and redundant. We must clear the way for a lighter, more up-to-speed vehicle for the road ahead.

As the world’s progressive valour seems to pick up momentum over the next few weeks, it leads us into some fantastical new worlds. By the time Mars conjuncts Uranus (Feb 13) they will meet at the final degree of the brash, self-centered Aries. Along with Chiron entering Aries (Feb 18) it augurs a time to effect a revolution in all personal manners and behaviours – a time to restore to them their lost dignity – make them part of the human species.

We must work towards reforming ourselves in order to reform the world. Soon, we see finally see how all this cavalcade of oddities helps to transform those once unchangeable morals and spears the way for us to inject a new kindness into an all new humankind.

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