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These are not ‘normal’ times. We are well and truly spiralling through the rabbit hole of space/time at an exponential rate, where all incidents experienced are warily interpreted and translated through both the lighter and darker temperaments of our being. Whilst they may encourage us to proceed, how to think, how to act, prompting our predilections and ways of visualising the world, they can just as easily confuse, confound, exasperate and exhaust us.

We must stay alert. As the higher mind opens its aperture to either welcome the enchantments of life or to tear up destructive thinking patterns (♃ □ ♆), the lower, habit-conscious mind can close up and harden into judgemental patterns of despair and existential torment (☿ ☌ ♄/♇). Hence, the brain becomes either a precious, resilient partner or one’s own worst enemy.

It is most important then that we remember to keep it restrained, since Mercury’s entry into Capricorn is prone to pass rules and judgement upon the hasty actions of an irascible, impulsive Mars in Aries…

Here are the main transits for the week ahead….

Sun Jan 13  13:32 Mercury 12°51′ Conjunction Saturn 12°51′
Sun Jan 13  19:00 Jupiter 14°23′ Square Neptune 14°23′
Mon Jan 14  06:46 Moon 23°48′ Square Sun 23°48′
Mon Jan 14  13:14 Mercury 14°24′ Sextile Neptune 14°24′
Thu Jan 17  05:38 Sun 26°48′ Opposition Node 26°48′
Sqq Fri Jan 18  14:55 Venus 11°48′ Sesquiquare Node 26°48′
Fri Jan 18  16:50 Venus 11°53′ Trine Mars 11°53′
Fri Jan 18  20:01 Mercury 21°12′ Conjunction Pluto 21°12′
Ch Sat Jan 19  00:57 Sun 28°38′ Sextile Chiron 28°38′
  Sat Jan 19  01:31 Sun 28°40′ Square Uranus 28°40′
  Sat Jan 19  22:26 Sun 29°33′ Semisquare Neptune 14°33′
Sqq  Sun Jan 20  08:20 Venus 13°41′ Sesquiquare Uranus 28°41′
in Sun Jan 20  09:00 Sun 00°00′
  Mon Jan 21  04:04 Sun 00°49′ Semisquare Jupiter 15°49′
Mon Jan 21  04:16 Venus 14°35′ Square Neptune 14°35′
Mon Jan 21  05:17 Moon 00°52′ Opposition Sun 00°52′

It’s simply impossible to provide any clear prediction as to how the tangled muck of energies swirling through this month is going to turn out – especially since we are hopelessly trudging our way through this awkward mid-eclipse period.

The period between eclipses acts as a kind of spiritual transit-zone, where souls are moving through, as if passing through a kind of spiritual ‘central-station’, interchanging train journeys, where the spirit of lovers part and unite, friends and loved ones bid their farewells, tie off loose ends, and others usher their way through into into brand new soul-contacts.

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The Mercury/Sun contacts to Saturn, then Pluto connote that there are contacts coming in at present who are there to somehow assist with our transformation, rewire our thinking and press us to be the next level version of ourselves. These are intense conjunctions which introduce great psychological force and control into our lives – a theme that will tighten as the same four planets (☉,☿, ♄, ♇) reform into a rare multiple conjunction in 2020. The alchemical process of the human condition is well afoot, and whether we are willingly looking to do the hard work and solve the difficult problems or be sent through the wringer, it’s happening…

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Watched the old film ‘Gaslight’ (1944) on the weekend, about a woman whose husband slowly manipulates her into believing that she is going insane. The term ‘gaslighting’ is taken from this film. Same sort of thing as what many of us had to grow up with – manipulation through secrets, incomplete information, lies and denials about our true state of our being. Our thatched, highly biased presentations of history and science seem contrived and curiously inadequate to explain (after all) this cruelty and enslavement our species has had to endure. There is no justification for it, but there seems to be no effort to address it either. So it sits within our collective memories as unresolved trauma, and like a spicy meal, keeps repeating on us.

As we (humans) begin to dig deeper about ourselves, we suspect more and more that this bogus structure, indoctrinated into us by the ‘culture’ (parents, teachers, preachers etc.) in order to preserve us into ‘healthy’, tax-paying ‘citizens’ is nothing more than a confinement into an order that isn’t really that orderly at all. In a nutshell, we will learn to transcend all this, soon & fast… or die in a boxed-in, oppressive system that takes ever more but gives increasingly less and less. You can do this now, so quit stalling.

Anyways, a most powerful Leo Lunar Eclipse at 00°♌52′ is just over a week away (Jan 21), and I’ll have much more to say about all this in a special, mid-week article/12 tribe messages/and live lunation webcast, but this Blood Supermoon kinda wraps up the whole Leo/Aquarius thing in a big way. It all goes back to the ‘pride & prejudice’ issues we’ve been enduring since 2016 and promises to bring things to a spectacular and (with a Uranus T-square) most unexpected finale. One thing’s for certain – under the current, hazy circumstances, nobody has a clue – let alone a firm idea how the mighty Lion might react under threat, especially if he is ailing, aging or raging from long-forgotten, unresolved wounds to his pride. On some level that affects all of us. We have all taken serious hits to our sense of honour and integrity.

What we can predict is that by eclipse time there will be blood – particularly over the Americas, where this blood-red lunation will be visible to all under clear skies at a special nocturnal hour. Go out and observe this spectacular eclipse, if you can. Witness it with your own eyes. Feel the magnitude of its celestial power. See it as one grand separation ceremony, knowing that you have been through much over the past 2-3 years, have learned so much, let go of so much ego-baggage, gained so much knowledge about yourself. Be proud, for if you are left with nothing else, you can at least walk away with your integrity and personal liberty intact.

Observe too just how sensitive the current social situation is out there. See how many are feeling easily overwhelmed by the flurry of mixed emotions about each other, a certain ambivalence about where things stand and their own relationship to it all. Jupiter’s impact upon the Uranus/Neptune struggled to put meaning to the barrage of absurdity going on in the outer world right now. Venus, who is looking to bring some peace, prefers to find a nice, quiet spot to meditate and just go with ‘whatever’. Whilst some magical, very enjoyable transits are cooking up for us, it is important to remember that we are also prone to unexpected expressions of a lot of pent up nervous energies, bristling to explode. As Uranus threatens to forcibly disrupt our peace and order of things, a square from the Sun can turn nervous frustration into more aggressive, potentially violent forms of expression, particularly if there’s no suitable channels through which it can be released.

Now stationed to go direct at the end of Aries, Uranus charges all of us with the irrepressible urge to free ourselves from whatever unrealistic and impractical mudslide of romantic imaginings we have been dreamily engaged in and do something (before something is done upon us). So if you’re feeling “tense and nervous and you can’t relax”, that’s just you setting yourself up for a plot twist, where you either play the protagonist or the hapless bystander of a beautiful little meltdown.

The Capricorn Sun reveals that those who act most erratically actually desire utter independence and freedom from all social restrictions of their own structure. A natural dissension from the norm sees even those mostly charged with looking after the status quo taking a ball and chain to the system that made them – preferring to support their own minority views; even if it leads them to become socially isolated or alienated from others (including the radical groups with whom they represent). Mars, now in his domicile sign of Aries, continues to dominate with petulant tantrums and while there may be heavy forces trying to restrain him as an individual force (♂ □ ♄, Jan 21 | ♂ □ ♇, Feb 02), his conjunction to Uranus at the last degree of Aries (Feb 13) promises the beginning of a storm to end all storms as humanity clearly draws up battle lines to fight the schism of ignorance at the expense of freedom and inequity for the disadvantaged – which is most of us, anyway.

These are not ‘normal’ times at all, In spite of all efforts to ‘hypernormalise’ the obscene, the absurd and the outright ridiculous, just know that everything – your whole conception of ‘truth’ is teetering on the last few moments. Nothing rests on our ‘history’. Our traditional structures, customs, laws and cultured ways of life simply will not stand (very soon). Nothing is ‘safe’, because that was all just a well-crafted illusion anyway. Same applies for the last few minutes, if what you’re basing your reality upon is an expectation or belief that we are heading down a linear destination.

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The road ahead is filled with a myriad of choices, illuminated by an intelligence we have never before had the privilege to enjoy. Nobody has the power to mess with the direction guided to us by our inner compass. Nobody has the power to impress or impose images or truths that don’t sit well with our inner guide. It is our duty and spiritual imperative to make this clear, as immediately as possible, or suffer the irritations this creates upon our nervous system.

As you sit this week, observe how you see things differently now.
And since you do, be sure to act differently. Action is needed to build up momentum – whether you feel you are in complete freedom or stuck in the prism of somebody else’s devices.
Whatever it takes, you have the freedom and power to act accordingly in order to reconstruct the reality that best suits you.

Go with this, and blessings to an amazing week ahead xx….

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