SUPER BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE: 00°49′ Leo – Monday, January 21, 2019, 05:17 UTC


They’re a big deal.
Always, they usher something in and something out of our lives; something begins and something ends at the eclipse time; and sometimes, completely random and obscure events, whose truth seems so personal and life-altering happens in our lives. Since eclipses generally occur in the same pair of signs, sometimes for 2-3 years, they hit upon a common, intrinsic revelation which sooner or later affects us all and somehow brings us all together.

Eighteen months after North America witnessed its spectacular Total Solar Eclipse at the end of Leo (28°51′, Aug 21, 2017) comes the final instalment of eclipses to occur along the performative Leo/Aquarius axis. This Total Lunar Eclipse, occuring at the very beginning of Leo (00°49′) is itself a spectacular Supermoon (7% closer; 14% brighter) and its ‘Blood Moon’ effect makes this celestial event the perfectly fitting bookend to indeed a phenomenal period in the history of the world, especially with regard to American history. By this, of course, we mean the true history – not the convoluted parody that the media is trying to feed to us.

There has been no less than nine (9) eclipses in the Leo♌/Aquarius♒ polarity since mid-2016:

  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 2016 August 18 @25°♒52′
  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 2017 February 10 @ 22°♌28′
  • Partial LUNAR Eclipse 2017 August 7 @ 15°♒25′
  • Total SOLAR Eclipse 2017 August 21 @ 28°♌53′
  • Total LUNAR Eclipse 2018 January 31 @ 11°♌37′
  • Partial SOLAR Eclipse 2018 February 15 @ 27°♒08′
  • Total LUNAR Eclipse 2018 July 27 @ 4°♒45′
  • Partial SOLAR Eclipse 2018 August 11 @ 18°♌42′
  • Total LUNAR Eclipse 2019 January 21 @ 00°♌52′

Since by definition, an eclipse aligns our Earth (ego) with both the Sun (light) and Moon (shade) along the moon’s nodal axis (evolutionary path of spiritual development), its celestial impact upon our collective souls is profound. Eclipses draw the whole of humanity’s journey towards a greater understanding of itself. Through an intense series of interrelated themes, eclipses place strong emphasis on phsycho-emotional issues, sending the ego into turmoil, gradually shining enough light upon our shadowy sides, allowing us to disintegrate our physical ego-attachments and thus reintegrating our light-bodies to the greater cosmic field.

Thematically, the Leo/Aquarius flavour has pitched humanity through a conflicting series of bouts between our identification of the ‘strong individualist’ versus the ‘social-justice warrior’; or the ‘evil capitalist’ versus ‘pinko socialist’; the ‘brag-a-dick-ulous egotist’ versus the ‘mob of incensed egalitarians’; or  ‘right-wing autocrat’ vs ‘leftist democrat’, etc.

Wherever ‘individual sovereignty’ has clashed against the ‘collective values of group identity’, serious questions have been raised about where we stand along this scale. Just how much do we assert our unique individualism against the socialist, progressive and humanitarian idealism of our current world? How much do we identify with the self, and how much are we given to be part of an identity that represents a certain set of criteria that includes others while excluding many?

We may have come to recognise that a failure to appreciate and assert our own unique significance in this world is equivalent to a denial of human worth altogether. This is a basic error and essentially the source of all our disbelief, for when an individual is so weak-willed that they can’t even believe in themselves, how can they possibly believe in anything else? Similarly, attributing too much of our identity to a class, a system, a nation, a network which denies our individual importance merely dilutes and diminishes our individual contribution to the point of rendering it superfluous and trite.

The basic perils of egoism (too much/not enough) are not immediately present in one’s absolute self-consciousness or self-evaluation. They are more evidently seen in the aggrandisement of oneself over others, where one unjustly refuses to allow others to share equal significance, or at least to shine their light. This is the crux of the Leo/Aquarius polarity, accentuated in all of us by these last 9 eclipses. In recognising our empirical self (light body) at the centre of all life (which in spirit, we are), we relegate all others to the periphery of our being, attributing them only an external and relative value. Should the ego (physical body) allow this value to become demeaning or derogatory in any sense, existential troubles will arise.

And they have…
…big troubles.

Not just in our personal relationships – in the public arenas, be they sport, politics, media, education, entertainment, we have seen a parading procession of notorious trumpet blowers, gleaming media superstars whose self-aggrandising manner has created enormous pomp and spectacle, that in their glaring wake have created audiences of support or dissent who thrived on constant stimulation. During these Leo/Aquarius years, the self-development of individual power, the emergence and expression of individual agency has developed into complex cultural and psychic forms.

Considerable progress has been made in the form of ‘social movements’ (including feminism, gay and lesbian liberationism, transgender rights, counter-science, atheism, flat-earthism and environmentalism, etc.). The proliferation of these movements, and the increasing notion that no subject’s identity could be explained exclusively in terms of one axis (race, gender, or sexual orientation) has generated considerable disquiet, often based on one-dimensional accounts of oppression, such as neo-Marxism or liberalism (with their sole focus on class politics) etc. This dangerous trend has been severely divisive and counter-productive to bringing a sense of peace and coherence into our lives.

It is evident, particularly with the swelling of the most agitative movements such as #MeToo and the #NeverTrump-ers, where outrage over disrespect for the basic rights of group-defined people, whose civil liberties are purported to have been violated has produced waves and waves of massive debate, protest and outright rejection or denial over individual freedoms. Yet, in truth, we demand these freedoms merely as compensation for our inability or failure to speak up for ourselves when we know we should.

The past 2-3 years, punctuated by the critical markers of the above series of eclipses, have engaged us all in a fierce argument over group ideology versus personal dogma. This has been particularly facilitated by the technological acceleration in our use of social media. Taken to extremes, these have brought us out into the streets en masse, either to protest or to vote on issues about which we felt most strongly. Curiously, have applied such enormous energy into our social arguments that many of us are now showing obvious signs of depletion and fatigue in this fight. Groups are losing their sense of unity, while individuals are becoming more empowered in their own right.

Ultimately, given the North Node was in Leo, this period would have served to lift our self-pride, at least to the point where our self-opinion was brought to equal bearing along that of others (and certainly not above). Through the process, we’ve come to learn that having a low opinion of oneself is not ‘modesty’ but rather ‘self-destruction’. At the end of the day, we must come to realise that holding our uniqueness and integrity in the highest regard is not ‘egotism’ – it is a necessary precondition to happiness and success on this earth.

This final (lunar) eclipse in Leo will be visible in full by both North and South Americas, where during a special nocturnal hour, the Full Moon will appear fully tinged by a special, red-orange hue. It will be the last total eclipse until May 2021, and the last one visible from the United States till 2022, by which time the axis of eclipses will have shifted to Taurus/Scorpio.

The peak of this lunation will occur at precisely 12:16 a.m. EST (0517 UTC) on Monday, Jan. 21. This peak is also known as the “greatest eclipse” – the exact moment when the Moon comes closest to the axis of Earth’s shadow.

To compliment the celestial dance between the conscious light of the Aquarius Sun reflecting off the instinctive Leo Moon, as obscured by the mass of our grounding Earth, the human spectacle now becomes fully activated with a crescendo of self-realisation upon every living being. Those who instinctively pull towards body-bound egoism – arrogance, conceit, selfishness, greed, lust, intolerance, anger, lying, cheating, gossiping and slander are becoming exposed as merely serving the enemy of both self and all of humankind. We hear and see now – quite distinctly – who is standing out in the crowd and on which level they operate. Are they shining on the merits of their self-emanating brilliance for the benefit of all, or are they merely playing the lower narcissistic charade of ‘fake it till you make it”?

A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Yes, eclipses are not little things. They import an enormous amount of information (light upon shade) in a relatively short space/time. Even though they occur once every six months, their direct effect upon our earth (lasting only minutes) arguably leaves a life-altering impact upon how we will henceforth look at this world.

So what can we expect this time around?

In its most unconscious, most rudimentary manifestation, this lunation exposes how much our inner need to feel recognised or heard may often come across to others as an infantile cry for attention. If we struggle to be loved by being the loudest, neediest or most overbearingly spoiled brat on the block, this lunar eclipse may just administer the smart slap across the ego that we so sorely need to wake up to ourselves.

Have you observed this in your life? How sometimes, in order to satisfy the love-starved attention that one seeks, they turn on the drama? How if they don’t get what they want immediately, they play the overly cute, or the growling, or the trumpet blowing ‘enfant terriblé’ just to gain supremacy? And notice too how, if their usual song-and-dance routine isn’t working, they become all insulted, pout-up, even lash out with a right-royal spectacular tantrum?

Sounds like something you’re witnessing a lot of recently? Does this fit the drama in your world?

Under this moon, the inexorable need for love and admiration certainly comes with plenty of instances to observe this. In fact, we have become so exposed to drama that we don’t have far to go if we want to experience examples of attention-hogging and unreasonable intrusions on others’ psychic airspace, particularly through the abuse of electronic media.

As we have seen, these abuses can start to invade our individual prerogatives, exploit and become bullishly overbearing, not just to our individual integrity, but to our idea of society as a whole – especially where the force of ego-domination, both by individuals and corporations, has crossed certain lines of civil respect. Here, on this full moon, the behaviour becomes ever more tiresome, transparent to all as being nothing more than a boorish effort to forcibly fulfill some inner-child inadequacy complex. Whatever it is, it tries to snuff out our own light and hold our individual will at the ransom and behest of its own.

This Total Lunar Eclipse augurs a crisis in sovereignty which can no longer stand unnoticed.

Through this powerfully emotional period, we learn to see whether this ‘need for attention’ really needs attention, some real reflection or counselling to bring it back to a healthy balance. In the most extreme cases, it may require that those sociopathic, narcissistic monsters may just have to be cut off, left alone to suffocate in their own belligerent neediness.

In the highest, most pure expression, this lunar eclipse shows us all the importance of acknowledging and respecting every soul’s emotional need to feel important, at least about themselves.

This ‘Supermoon’ (closer to our earth) means that the lunation occurs just that little bit more intense. Here, the contrast between how we sometimes act like a petulant, demanding little child to get what we want and how, with a little maturity, we can carry ourselves with greater self-awareness, creative flair and a modicum of esteem and respectability.

This lunation teaches us to have the courage to share our unique contribution to this world fairly with others. A ‘team’ is the ultimate context in which an individual can prove his courage on his own merits. Only a coward stands away from his team, flexes his muscle, beats his chest, toots his trumpet or relies on his gang of ‘thugs’ or ‘yes-men’ to protect him when he does not know or trust in how to give of himself with love.

To those in the Americas, please get outside and enjoy this amazing spectacle.
Blessings and love to all… and do your best not to let your ego eclipse your soul xx

Location Eclipse Begins Totality Begins Totality Ends Eclipse Ends
Anchorage, Alaska 6:33 p.m AKST 7:41 p.m. AST 8:43 p.m. AST 9:50 p.m. AST
Los Angeles, California 7:33 p.m. PST 8:41 p.m. PST 9:43 p.m. PST 10:50 p.m. PST
Mexico City, Mexico 9:33 p.m. CST 10:41 p.m. CST 11:43 p.m. CST 12:50 a.m. CST
Miami, Florida 10:33 p.m. EST 11:41 p.m. EST 12:43 a.m. EST 1:50 a.m. EST
Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic
11:33 p.m. AST 12:41 a.m. AST 1:43 a.m. AST 2:50 p.m. AST
Nuuk, Greenland 12:33 a.m. WGT 1:41 a.m. WGT 2:43 a.m. WGT 3:50 a.m. WGT
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1:33 a.m. BRST 2:41 a.m. BRST 3:43 a.m. BRST 4:50 a.m. BRST
Reykjavik, Iceland 3:33 a.m. GMT 4:41 a.m. GMT 5:43 a.m. GMT 6:50 p.m. GMT
Lagos, Nigeria 4:33 a.m. WAT 5:41 a.m. WAT 6:43 a.m. WAT Moon is below
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