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#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ – January 2019

Thursday, 31 January

 □ ♇ |  □ Ch | ☿ ∠ Ch |  ∠ ☉ ∠ Ch

It’s remarkable how often the ‘problem’ is merely an elaborate attempt to provide a ‘solution’. Problematic characteristics are often just a thinly-veiled attempt at masking a deeper issue. Anti-social, often self-sabotaging behaviours gradually become ‘normalised’ into socially-accepted ‘stereotypes’ which in essence are a cultured ignorance of deeply-buried, unresolved wounds & traumas.

Like the self-destructive adult alcoholic/ drug addict who is subconsciously trying to numb a lifetime of disappointments, mostly from his parents (and gradually all figures of authority); or the morbidly obese woman, whose over-eating is an attempt to become sexually unattractive, if only to avoid repetition of early sexual abuses; or the adult tyrant whose callous belligerence tries to offset a childhood of mental abuse and psychological bullying.

A looming MARS contact to PLUTO is soon likely to trigger extremely powerful reactions, whilst contacts to CHIRON are pushing unresolved wounds to the fore so that they can be at least examined. Together, current transits indicate the rise of events between us which force us to look at our most toxic behaviours, question the root cause of our most difficult interrelationship dynamics.

Try to look at the awful ways we conduct ourselves in relationship as a sign that someone needs help with their wound-story; something, somewhere in the script needs to change if we are going to make a positive difference…

more@ https://angstoic.com/2017/01/venuschiron-healing-wounded-feminine


Friday, 25 January

If you’re suffering any sort of depression, it’s most likely got to do with an irrevocable awakening that everything ‘they’ ever told you was a lie.

A myth based on a ruse, driven by a stratagem to enslave you into a belief system which only preaches scarcity of goods. If you are down, then there’s a good chance it’s because you’re stuck in a relationship that prevails over your unconscious; a niggling sense that you are simply not enough and that you lack just what it takes to ever make you happy again.

That’s the lie.

Because in truth you have enough. You’ve always had enough. You were born with everything you needed to feel whole, complete and relatively content with yourself. And you never lost it, nor was it possible for anyone to ever take that away from you. You’ve always been just fine. Yet, from the start, there’s been a conspiracy to convince you otherwise. Your parents, teachers, preachers, doctors, lawyers and those government officials were only too quick to try to convince you that you needed to ‘get some more’ (from them) in order to be liked, accepted, important, healthy, good, successful, etc. That’s the conspiracy. To make you feel less.

In this, you have been hoodwinked, and if ever you believed them, then you’ve unwittingly signed up for something sinister and unnatural…

…and so now, it’s all this charade.
Where do you get off?

It’s not enough to just wake up to the fact that you are perfectly you – not lacking any thing. You need to summon the courage to stop playing into their superstitious nonsense – not to just question but demand answers as to why you have been corralled into such a limiting, divisive and devaluing system – one that robs you of any chance to demonstrate your intrinsic well-being, beauty and creative abundance.

Cheer up. Everything will change, very soon.
True healing comes to those who are awake to the only reality: – that regardless of what they tell you, it is impossible for you not to be 100% fine – perfect just as you are, without any of their conditions. That’s the only truth.

Do not be swindled into throwing the keys to your own healing down the rabbit hole, in pursuit of some phoney ‘wonderland’.

Wednesday, 23 January

Fixed will be broken and broken will be fixed.

[art: yulia napolskaya]
MERCURY rules linear communication. His two-dimensional operation serves to convey information back and forth to the brain, transmitting impulses of light, sound, smell and other sensations into electrical impulses which our mind then transduces into familiar symbols and ideas, informing us about what’s going on around us. This allows us to interact with our immediate world in ways that are relative (language, gestures, etc.)

Currently passing over the SOUTH NODE, the exchange of information seems contrary or against popular opinion. Hence, ideas seem out of sync or incapable of forming any sociable connection. It seems like thoughts are not being received, comprehended, accepted – like nobody is listening, which can make us feel cut off, or mentally disenfranchised.

As MERCURY passes over the active JUPITER/NEPTUNE midpoint, those ideas take on a highly imaginative, overtly florid style. We may be fluent in the art of generating magical or otherworldly imagery that seems distantly foreign. Whilst the mind seems inundated with sympathetic and understanding thoughts, their communication seems excessively idealistic and patently incoherent with the current ‘reality’.

A square to URANUS today further agitates our thinking, alienating us from getting our point across to those in our environment, since what is being related tends more to offend rather than inform those who expect to hear something conventional and straight-forward.

Is it the sheer insensitivity to what others may believe, the eccentricity or weirdness of what is being conveyed, or the general ‘know-it-all’ style of delivery that seems to irritate others? We notice how easy it is to rub each other up the ‘wrong way’ because what we are saying doesn’t make any sense to them?

These next couple of days seem filled with oddities, strange riddles and confounding tales – perceptions inundated with queer and startling clues that things are just not adding up. Though we might think we know the answer to all, it now comes off as nothing more than a mere guess or hyperspeculation, for in TRUTH, we are discovering that nothing means exactly what we used to think it did.

As MERCURY moves further towards a superior conjunction with the Aquarian SUN (Jan 30), our entire mindset and all its neural pathways are about to become zapped, instantly recalibrated into a whole new mode of thinking. This could either lead to an evolutionary leap in dot-connecting, or shift us harder into polarised or revolutionary dissent amongst each other.

☿ ☍ ☊ □ ♅ | ☿ ∗ Ch | ☿ ∠ ♆/♃

Tuesday, 22 January


[art: yulia napolskaya]
NEPTUNE can be a fucker. It glamourises, idealises, fictionalises what we want to believe. Its force creates avenues of escaping the reality of a situation – it sensitises our capacity to deal with the TRUTH and its harsh consequences of denial.

Sure, it’s nice to dream of a better place – a ‘paradise’, imagine ourselves to be that which we are not. could never plausibly be. We see people around us, things that are in our world which are potentially upsetting, even harmful, yet Neptune allows us to project a crimson-coloured hue over them to make them (and life) a little more bearable.

Recent squares to JUPITER and VENUS has shown us just how sensitive we are in coming to terms with the possible delusion that we are living under – both in our relationships and in the way we wish to fit in to the greater system. In this sense, NEPTUNE has only created grave doubts and insecurities that none of this may be real. Instead of dealing with it, we have slipped further into a state of uncertainty and distortions about where things are going.

VENUS and JUPITER are now in conjunction in Sagittarius. Whilst this aspect usually brings a wave of kindness, a sympathetic and generous benevolence to all who are in our midst, this can be exorbitantly over-inflated and places our trust and faith in people and things that are not necessarily deserving of our love. We want to proceed, to carry on believing, indulging them even when the exchange is not reciprocal by any means.

Caution is needed now.
In the wake of these eclipses, we come to suddenly realise that what appears to be is far from the reality. Our rosy view of the world is strung out on a very faint glimmer of a promise that it will stay exactly as it is, even get better if we just keep investing into it. To assume this is pure fantasy, even madness. If we should continue to place undue faith and trust in those who have systematically been lazy, unkind, unreasonable and untrue, we face more than just a rude awakening – especially since it is us who have encouraged and abetted the phoney situation.

Sit with this.
Question the agenda.
Ask where it is you are going, and whether those around you are on the same wavelength, or whether your complicitness is merely assisting in the greatest self-hoaxing operation possible.

2019 is a year of grave consequences and nasty realisations. There is simply not enough sugar to encoat a reality which at its core is bitter and toxic. Have the sheer presence to call things as they truly are, make them accountable. Let’s shake ourselves out of this culture of complacency and wishful thinking.

Wherever a glimmer of truth emerges, action is needed. We must pull ourselves out of the morass of pure escapism and undue sympathy for those whose agenda is simply vulgar, brutal and suspiciously intolerant to what we’re putting out there. Stay off those sugar plums, and be aware of those enticing icing experts…

Saturday, 19 January

Man… be careful about diving into murky waters at dusk. Especially with a blood moon on the rise.

Speaking about relations now, of course…

It’s not just your ordinary, household-variety exchange – the conversation fast dives into deeply penetrating realms, crossing the threshold of every no-go area, and whilst you’re prone to get tantalisingly involved, defences immediately go up as soon as subjects breach into your sacred ‘trust-zone’.

It’s not as if anyone’s threatening you, but us being all über-sensitive these days and all, we take even the slightest challenge to our beliefs as a violation upon our entire birthright and holy constitution.

Shutdown is an understatement…

Not only do things bend into badly convoluted distortions, but it gets even worse. The more you try to clarify the situation, the deeper the vortex of misunderstanding and emotional impairment becomes. At a time when it’s a lose-lose for all those who cannot stand to hear the ‘truth’, the best strategy is to cut-and-run fast – just ’cause shit can only go from weird to insane crazy before you can blink twice…

…and let’s face it – where is the jesus these days who can make the blind dude see the light again?

Wednesday, 16 January

[art: julia epsilon delta]


Not the best day to expect opportunities and rewards to roll in, especially if you’re the ambitious, power-hungry kind. Obstacles may be hurled in your path, making it difficult to express your authority, achieve your desire, reap the fruits of your labour.

With the Sun at the South Node,there’s only one road to success:

Drop rigid attitudes one by one. Learn how to divorce yourself from the insatiable urge to manage everyone and everything around you – find comfort and security only in relating your emotions more honestly.

If you can learn how to apologise sincerely when you are wrong, not to exploit or take advantage of others when you’re right, you may eventually see that all of your fears & anxieties, cynicism & depression, threats & emergencies are nothing more than part of a self-propelled martyr complex which, in truth, bears little relevance to current life circumstances.

Shake this hardball shit out – it doesn’t suit you, it’s clearly outdated and besides, there’s a lot more going for you if you just turn around and go back to being kind.

Tuesday, 15 January

SUN ON THE PLUTO/NODE: ☉- ♇/☋ | ☿ ∗ ♆ | ☿ ☌ ♇

Most caring and conscientious people cannot stand to see anyone suffer. Since most humans are naturally wired to be kind to others, the manipulator often finds it easy to play on their sympathy to get their cooperation to fulfil his personal needs.

It’s common with narcissistic types, who are generally consumed with presenting a shallow false self to others. This is because deep down they are deeply damaged, emotionally fractured souls who are addicted to sucking the life-force out of others to offset ever dealing with their own pain.

Because of this, they play a multitude of mind games in order to feed their insatiable needs. Sadly, this is the most pathologically frightful state of existence – to be overcome into ruthless behaviour which shows no mercy, no remorse for one’s actions; to make no effort to make amends or have empathy for those they hurt.

People who engage in ‘gaslighting’, or mind-manipulation, are the most spiritually corrupted, most morally bankrupt individuals and it’s sadly the case that little or nothing can be done to help them heal other than to leave them alone. Cut off all ties, investments and sponsorships to their cause. Stave off the energy supply of human kindness on which they sorely need. Let them stew in the bitter bile of destructiveness, the vacuum of their heartlessness until they suffocate to death (or do the unthinkable and change their ways).

Sunday, 13 January

FIRST QUARTER MOON REPORT: Mon Jan 14 2019, 06:46 UTC | ☽ 23°48′ □ ☉ 23°48′ | ♃ □ ♆ | ☿ ☌ ♄

Here’s the thing: You may be capable of spinning great yarns about what you are going to do, all the great art you’re going to create, the passionate love you’re going to make, the truths you’re going to reveal, even some of the ways you’re going to change this world to make it a better place for all… and truth be told, I could listen to you all day because you’re so damned compelling…

But hey – T.I.M.E…. Time just reveals that what you say and what you actually do is actually… nothing, except maybe just dream.

Even, on those rare occasions where you might ground one of your fancy ideas or intentions, they seems riddled with practical flaws, submerged in a pool of faulty logic and muddy reasoning, which only erodes any firm basis for them to stand, makes them so impossible to conceive of ever being brought to completion.

Ever heard of a ‘budget’?

Look, I don’t want to piss on your inspirations by trying to cruelly drag you out of bed before noon, nor do I want to alienate you by hitting you with nasty ‘facts’…just concerns me to see you lost in the mire of cloudy misgivings, incapable of seeing through those hazy mists and inner fogs that stand between you and the world out here.

Why don’t you start by becoming more aware of your surreally optimistic dream patterns, see how they take a hold over you. Consider the practical necessities and consequences that may occur, try to foresee the point where things might fall apart.

Change that shit. Put more thought into building the dream, write down a plan ffs… set alarms and little reminders in your calendar, tick off things on the list as ‘done’ only after some serious evaluation, put some serious discipline and effort into making your intentions stick.

By slowing down a little, applying some focus to what you want to do and stick to it until you get the desired result, you might just manage to transform this frustrating fantasy world into a dream-come-true.

☽ 23°48′ □ ☉ 23°48′ | ♃ □ ♆ | ☿ ☌ ♄

Saturday, 12 January

MERCURY’s conjunction to SATURN @12°51′ (Sunday Jan 13)

Of course, with all the absurdity and magical, reality-defying doo-da flying about at the moment, you might feel like you’re at a loss for words.

Don’t be.

Sometimes it’s important to speak up; say something.
Times like this command us to stand up and convey what’s on our mind, make our position clear.

Worst thing to have to live with later is regret – which is effectively not having acted on your intuition.

Say it, don’t delay it.

Friday, 11 January

Meet Pluto: ☉ ☌ ♇

Dark, charismatic, sexy, powers and wealth beyond description…

One thing… he kinda has a problem: One which he likes to keep damned secret. And should you (or anyone) try to get too close with their light, he’s liable to totally fuck you up.

So how do you play with such a sport?

[read more………..]

SUN/PLUTO – The Living Being of Power and Transformation

Wednesday, 9 January

JUPITER square NEPTUNE (Sunday, Jan 13 2019, then June-Sep 2019)

[art: jati putra pratama]
The potent dreamworld we’ve created in our lives becomes both the source of our highest potential and the cause of our greatest discontent.

Strong push from each of these energies to have their way – JUPITER’s excess and NEPTUNE’s escapism – means that they won’t allow us to manifest our vision unless we earnestly and humbly believe it can be true. Since we are filled with a sense of spiritual hubris, practical apathy and a confused ambivalence about everything, our dreams remain just dreams, a delusory world to which we can escape (through fantasies, drugs, perfunctory spiritual practices, wishful thinking, etc) – a veritable vortex of hypocrisy into which we invest (waste) a lot of energy trying to maintain.

Dreaming is addictive; our lives are in danger of floating down the river of unrealised potential. A sudden breakthrough is needed. And it will come, regardless of whether you are ready…

short excerpt from …..

2019: The Year in Preview – An Astrological Synopsis

Tuesday, 8 January

[art: iladya portakaloglou]


The Capricorn Eclipse (Sun/Moon conjunction) has brought quite a lot of pressure upon us to crystallize our intent, to make a serious transformation in our being. Serious changes are necessary if we are ourselves to be taken seriously. And we want to be taken seriously if we are to have any real effect here, right? Otherwise our whole purpose can just waft off into a phony-ass jam, a lame attempt, a fanciful delusion, a massive con-job, a hoax… basically a big joke, yeah??

The universe is watching us.
It knows if we’re being true.

The Sun (conscious thought) may be hundreds of times bigger than our Moon (emotions), but from where we stand (earth) the two appear equal in size. We learn this from eclipses, as we witness the Moon’s capacity to perfectly superimpose herself over the Sun. We learn too that feelings count just as much as thoughts, and when the two come together like this, as one, we see how all things are capable when we put our hearts and minds to it.

Under such heavy forces, we see how we can accomplish extraordinary acts of transformation, but how we can also commit great acts of destruction if we put our heart and soul into whatever we believe. Examples are everywhere, and they are here to serve as guides…

Being alive today is serious business, and when we marry thought with emotion we can accomplish some pretty powerful stuff.
But how?

We need to be certain of what we need.
We need to be sure of what it is we want to manifest here in our world, our physical earth, our embodied self.
When we set our minds into coherence with what our emotions are telling us, we create the perfect alignment to manifest our intention here on this earth, in this life.
If it’s big change you want; massive transformations you desire to see, then you shall have those – if you are for real.
But only if you are for real. Current energies in the collective field aren’t in much “mood” for your bullshitting around. Like a run-in with father, you will get a stern warning if your life is amok and filled with whimsical nonsense. You will be whacked, hard, so watch it.

It’s time to to cut the crap, be for real with what you’re here to do and just eff’n’do it. There’s no way out of stepping out of stepping up to our responsibilities. We are here, heart and mind… body and soul, our struggle is real, so let’s not think there’s any cheap & easy way out. Seems like we’re all grounded here for a while, so best let’s work it out… if we want to leave a serious impression on this planet.

Let us connect now with the collective field of this ‘divine oneness’ and align our own mission with the universe’s greater intent on why we’re here right now:

….read this again, and let’s go over our intention one more time, making sure it’s clear and in coherence with where we want to be……..

Sunday, 6 January

Partial SOLAR ECLIPSE at 15°25′ CAPRICORN: Sunday, January 6 2019, 01:29 UTC

Saturn crystallises things. Makes them tangibly real. Touchably hard, so they matter. Maybe what you get is not what you think you wanted at the time, but that’s just it… it’s only a matter of time. When you look back at your journey, you always dig how you got exactly what was coming to you, just as you had “deserved” it.

In time, every experience counts because it served to define your character. The universe is good like that. Dishes out your destiny, just right.

When Pluto’s also in the mix, distressing rain becomes a wonderful avalanche of shimmering diamonds. Storms are transformed into a flood of sparkling crystal pearls. The applied force can transform rain into a multitude of glittering prisms. The harsh, psychological pressure of Saturn/Pluto, aided by the boundless illusion of Neptune, infuses this lunation with a profound uprising emotion, one that can change any ordinary incident into a radiant, luminous voyage.

The great metamorphosis is just around the corner…

Saturday, 5 January

☿ ⊼ ☊ | ☿ □ Ch | ☿ △ ♅
 △ ☊ |  ∠ ♄ | ☉ ∗ ♆ |  △ Ch

Who are you to me any more?

We seem to have become fractured, desynchronised in our relationships. No wonder we feel oppressed. It’s as if we are on the same train, yet no longer moving in the same direction or at the same pace.

How on earth are we supposed to evolve together when our thinking has become so incongruent, our motivation so disparate?

Not a good mediator.
It creates this illusion to be a perfectly reliable friend. However, it has invaded our minds, interfered with contact to our spirit guides. We’ve been misguided, connecting to false friends. In the end, it’s caused nothing but this ghostly sense of isolation and despair, dividing rather than uniting us.

I’m sorry, in no mood to argue.
I’m not up for this phoney fight.
I came here to connect to love.
I want roses.

Where do I step off?

[art:Stefano Lista]

It was the end of things.
Everyone disturbed.
No meaning. Now reason;
Holy, good, inviolable, divine;
for whom those supernatural beings
naturally accept as their own sacrosanctum standards,
signify only a danger, decay, debasement, or at least retreat; corruption, and a certain self-oblivion;
O, dark moon goddess, toy with my superhuman strength and my benevolence, make me appear inhuman, inhumane –
so when your dark of light confronts my earthly seriousness such grave solemnity in gesture did I scowl
Such heavy word, such grievous tone,
most mournful eye, morality, and task
How could this be – and in spite it all,
it’s only in the darkest hour of your night
that the great seriousness really begins,
and as the sun dawns, the real question is posed for the first time, as though the destiny of my soul has changed,
as the clock hand shuttles forward,
the real tragedy begins….

Thursday, 3 January

Moon/Jupiter square Neptune

[art: william blake]
In among the delays & frustrations of everyday life; the second-guessing and the tortuous mechanics of the critical mind trying to connect the dots, is the wafting sense of wanting to suspend all disbelief and just escape this reality.

Despite the mounting pressure to look at the grim side of things, people aren’t interested in seeing such truth. They’re only interested in what keeps them safe and secure. They’re interested in being held and looked after. They’re interested in a magical story where unicorns leap over rainbows and life has limitless options, even in the face of adversity….

Sure… in the face of truth, even the greatest of us may suffer moments of deep despair. In the analysis of the reality, we entertain things that simple, god-fearing folks simply do not wish to know about, for they live in hope and prayer… of maybe falling in love with a prince, winning the lottery, or a great messiah leading them to a promised exodus…

Though the chances of that are infinitesimal, ‘hope’ is not necessarily a falsehood. It can be a powerful force which not only supports, but drives our creativity. Otherwise, how could words like ‘false’ and ‘hope’ ever be forced into such an unconscious coupling?

However implausible, our hopes cannot be false. Nor have they ever been… In the quantum field, hopes (and prayers) are a vital part of the oft forgotten feminine counterpart to our creative process.

Wednesday, 2 January


[pic: yulia napolskaya]
Ok, the “Happy NY” sentiments were good while they lasted, but now it’s time to accept that ‘success and happiness’ these days is going to have to come with some hard-earned lessons.Nothing severe happens for no reason. Best look into it. See what it’s trying to say to you without your ego taking offence. If you react negatively to setbacks or frustrations and become bitter it not only affects your confidence, but you fail to learn, setting yourself up for more of the same.

You are the casting agent for the interactive games going on around you. You will play into all kinds of drama, but in essence, both hero and antagonist reside within you. One acts to the script of creativity and compassion, while the other by the script of karma and hard knocks.

It’s inevitable that from time to time you’re going to experience either or both, but on this day you may have mixed feeling about which is which. Maybe the hero is the villain. Or could be the other way around.

However you look at it, it is your actions that will determine whom you embrace.


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