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The Week Ahead: December 24-30

[art: Joseph Blanc ~ Perseus]

Quite fittingly, the transits of the last week of 2018 act as a fitting finale to the strange saga that has been indeed one of the strangest years.

This week, Mercury clashes with the colluding cosmic forces of Uranus/Neptune and Moon’s Nodes, forcing us to try to unravel the gnarly knots and mysterious loops of our life story. Which is kinda timely, since it falls right on festive season, a time when all its supporting cast members seem to arrive on our doorstep (or are noticeably absent from the scene). Whether we want to not, we best be set to accept that whatever we encounter down the rabbit hole of our unconsciousness could dredge up either a trove of hidden treasures or a bunch of bruised emotional stowaways.

Spare me, you say?
Sure, you can do your best to avoid or escape. But, you try that against the tsunami coming your way…

Here are the main transits of this week…

Sqq Sun Dec 23  2018 11:42 Mercury 11°53′ Sesquiquare Node 26°53′
Sqq  Mon Dec 24  2018 19:40 Mercury 13°40′ Sesquiquare Uranus 28°40′
Tue Dec 25  2018 00:33 Mercury 13°57′ Square Neptune 13°57′
Thu Dec 27  2018 11:48 Mars 26°55′ Trine Node 26°55′
Ce Thu Dec 27  2018 15:06 Venus 19°17′ Conjunction Ceres 19°17′
Jn Fri Dec 28  2018 19:53 Venus 20°26′ Opposition Juno 20°25′
Fri Dec 28  2018 21:27 Venus 20°29′ Sextile Pluto 20°29′
Ch Sat Dec 29  2018 05:40 Mars 28°05′ Conjunction Chiron 28°05′
Sat Dec 29  2018 09:36 Moon 07°36′ Square Sun 07°36′


Those distant, long-forgotten details, blowing through the windmills of your mind will somehow find a way to peevishly reveal to you where things had once gone horribly wrong.

By the weekend, the Mars conjunction to Chiron in the late degrees of Pisces washes to the shore all kinds of psycho-sexual wounds – painful stories around our masculine self, or better defined as an abject failure to assert ourselves in the face of extreme vulnerability. Here, we begin a fresh, 2-year journey of exploration and healing, a better integration on how the expectation of pervasive danger and unpredictable harm has lead us into shame, sorrow and possibly physical ailments.

How well our personal boundaries are fended, how direct we are in asserting our individual competency and how successfully we manage to hold ourselves in the face of adversity are all keys to better, healthier living. The past 2-year Mars/Chiron cycle, which began in January 2017 in sync with that of Venus taught us how to draw the line and say ‘no’.

So be ready for an extremely tetchy time, especially where any little trigger to your personal sensitivities could see you spiralling into flashbacks where you failed to stand in your ground, especially around masculinity and men.

Of course, the new phase, which leads into 2019, is going to be about setting boundaries on what we accept as ‘truth’ as well as around acceptable behaviour. This becomes a lot more sophisticated quest than the issues of the past two years (which have been centred around gender-defined wounds, violations and shames), and as I will lead into on tomorrow’s bus episode. Standing our ground on what we accept as ‘truth’ is going to take us into some interesting areas, but like setting any boundary, the rules are simple: Making sure we are clear on what crosses our threshold of unacceptable; having the means to declare those to whomever, whensoever they are under threat; maintaining the standard (never loosening or sliding). 

The whole ‘truth’ thing becomes an epic quest, and as we shall see, we needed a year like 2018 to reveal just how gullible and naive we are – not just as individuals but as a species. We want to be happy, and to give peace and happiness a chance, but happiness is a conditioned quality, whose definition is largely taught to us by culture. What is not taught to us is choice and happiness is a question of focusing, hearing and seeing the meaning of things behind the veil of appearances. In truth, there’s no such thing as ‘ good’ or ‘bad ‘ – just our conditioned thinking that makes it so. It is our ‘perception of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ which makes things acceptable to us (or not). Good and bad is in only in our mind. It is our moral mindset, our mental architecture that determines how we will interpret and respond to situations.

This, as is slowly being proven to us all is easily messed with when the sneaky, upsetting extraterrestrial energies start to play with our minds. In time, we will come to understand this, and the power we have to create a different level of perception, one that transcends conditioned thinking.

Our pursuit of happiness then becomes a journey of exploration; of finding out; of distinguishing between worthiness and irrelevance, connectedness and dissonance, warmth and dissociation, brightness and dimness. Happiness hence becomes the precariously poised path along the crags and nooks of the unknown, and how well we pointedly defend ourselves against the obstacles of arrogance, narcissism and conceit. (see you on the Bus, tomorrow).

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018

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