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THE WEEK AHEAD: December 17-23

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A reasonably easy week as far as planetary energies indicate, giving us a chance to take some well-needed respite in what has arguably been a pretty crazy year. To be noted, we are still in the midst of a very surreal process, wherein the seeking of a utopian dream in a world which may or may not be teetering on a dystopian nightmare.

Here are the main transits for this week:

Mon Dec 17  2018 06:51 Mars 20°07′ Sextile Pluto 20°07′
  Tue Dec 18  2018 02:51 Mercury 05°08′ Semisquare Pluto 20°08′
Wed Dec 19  2018 02:51 Sun 27°08′ Quincunx Node 27°08′
Ch Wed Dec 19  2018 22:02 Sun 27°57′ Square Chiron 27°57′
Sqq Ch Thu Dec 20  2018 15:18 Venus 12°57′ Sesquiquadrate Chiron 27°57′
  Thu Dec 20  2018 16:22 Sun 28°44′ Trine Uranus 28°44′
Fri Dec 21  2018 17:12 Venus 13°54′ Trine Neptune 13°54′
Fri Dec 21  2018 17:38 Mercury 09°35′ Conjunction Jupiter 09°35′
in Fri Dec 21  2018 22:23 Sun 00°00′
Sat Dec 22  2018 17:49 Moon 00°49′ Opposition Sun 00°49′
Sqq Sun Dec 23  2018 11:42 Mercury 11°53′ Sesquiquadrate Node 26°53′

It’s the Uranus/Neptune semi-square, exact last week and still tight until the end of year. Though its effects are subtle, the way it’s working to eliminate expired futuristic concepts dominates the bigger themes in our lives. If our fantasy of a social utopia is somehow there to fulfil our need for inner development and individuality, then our picture of what tomorrow may bring is being disrupted by all kinds of upsets and setbacks. This kind of disturbance to the dream makes everything so difficult to follow, and impossible to predict.

To find answers, some are turning to psychedelic substances to help them reach higher realms. Others more fearful of such risqué experimentation, a turning to a more fundamentalist religion or morality, spreading the word of a ‘second coming’.

Whilst the all-round idealism is likely to be very strong, it is no less encouraged by the irrepressible hopes that our society might one day lead us to the type of dreamscape founded on a philosophy which believes that humans can one day free themselves from material aggrandisement, greed and avarice.

Still, the planet is seriously sick with the cumulative stress of trauma ‘victims’ – an epidemic condition which is no longer a secret but in certain circles is worn almost as a badge of honour. Of course, many find greater comfort in superimposing their traumas over every mundane experience. Their shadow is cast over others in ways which seeks to act out horribly, just as a means to hide the frailness and vulnerability of spirit, to eliminate the emotional numbness. As a consequence, all sorts of wild events are almost commonplace among us now, both within society and in the forces of nature.

Gradually, as a result, we each become increasingly more nervously sensitised to each others’ inconsistencies, and a yearning for greater clarity looms so large in everyone that we learn to tune into higher octaves. Meantime, the confusion, instability and more and more radical displays of emotional instability, even among those in whom we would expect would keep their staunch and cool composure, leads us to such high-handed incidents where weird, one-eyed behaviour just leave us shaking our heads in utter disbelief.

Turning within through meditation, contemplation or any form of self-therapy becomes the ideal path to take during this period so that we start to witness, unlock and release old patterns. By sitting with ourselves, we discover a new centre. Here we can begin the work of releasing the baggage, clear out old illusions, and hopefully begin to see through new eyes.

Meditation or prayer are unique deprogramming tools. They assist to sequentially loosen and free up our psychic aura through practicing mindfulness, redirecting the energy flow of our mind inwards instead of outwards, so that the energy acts as a penetrating diffuser of restrictive psychological patterns stored deep within the body.

Powerful channeling comes after Wednesday (19 Dec), when our Earth, Sun and the Galactic Centre (27°♐08′) all become aligned. If the Sun is the source of all earthly intelligence, then the Galactic centre is the source of all stellar information. All stars in our galaxy revolve around this point, from whence our universe was spawned, our own Sun taking about 240 million years to complete one revolution. If truth removes ignorance, then ultimate truth removes all doubt. Hence why devout faith in a singular source of all intelligence, one that is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent is expressly a Sagittarian concept. A third conjunction to Jupiter from Mercury allows a wealth of ideas to be spread, perhaps more than can be utilised, and put out with such bombast and dogmatic fervour that the message may be a little over the top.

By the end of the week (Friday) the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn marks the Solstice – winter in the north, summer in the southern hemisphere. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth, which means we are at the hard-nosed business-end of our affairs. It is the time of year when things get real and we have to face our responsibilities with a sense of maturity, seriousness and grounding. Certainly, like the wise, paternal influence, we are reminded that we need to pay our dues to the society in which we wish to belong. If we have taken off on a tangent or become too indulgent in some flight of fancy, then this will be a time to reign it all in and make a firm commitment to be real.

Many may think this is an excuse to be a grumpy old goat, hard and critical of everything and not display our soft, vulnerable side. Yet, it is vulnerability that is at the galactic core of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. Vulnerability is the source of all hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, we must follow the path of vulnerability.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx….

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  2. Thank you for this post Ang,

    I’m seeing and feeling things with much more clarity and your writing, especially this week, resonates extraordinarily well

    I’m grateful your words express in form what is so formlessly being experienced ‘out there’

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