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NEW MOON at 15°♐07′:   Friday, December 07, 2018, 07:22 UTC

Squares to Mars/Neptune and cuts from the Venus/Uranus opposition make this New Moon ultra-touchy, often rash, volatile and highly unpredictable. In one sense this bold new adventure is about as exciting as you can make it, whilst on another the heightened idealism and impressionability could result in the most surreal mudslide down the proverbial rabbit hole.

A proneness to spiritual or magical themes could indicate that the dizzying or destabilising effects upon your sanity, even your ability to stay settled and grounded can be quite contradictory, even paralysing to your health and stamina. Warnings around idealising, or glamourising our masculine – could result in disappointment or disillusionment once the sparkle of this transit dimmers down. If you must dream, follow through with commitment and hard work. No cheating.

Needless to say, our conscious intentions for this month must include an unprecedented degree of visionary insight which is best motivated from a place of true mysticism, high art, literature, dreams and meditations, avoiding drugs, booze or consort with questionable characters. Don’t knock yourself out trying to impress. Work on your ability to channel ideas as straight and directly from spiritual sources.


❀ Make hydration, nutrition and exercise a top priority
❀ Exercise your power to say “no, thank you”
❀ Form honest, real-life relationships. Walk if it gets toxic.
❀ Be more meditative, less reactive.
❀ Live your dream like it’s real, and don’t quit dreaming.
❀ Keep on moving, growing, reading, speaking, teaching.
❀ Mind your own business and give generously/receive gracefully.

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