#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ – December 2018

Saturday, 29 December

LAST QUARTER MOON (07°36′) REPORT: Saturday, Dec 29 2018, 09:36 UTC

Ok, so maybe your heart was broken somewhere back there and that’s somehow left you disenchanted, perhaps even bitter as you learn that others can’t always live up to your expectations. But, hey… such is the complicated puzzle of your being. By now you might realise how important it is to keep moving, stay persistently active – romantically as well as socially. Sure, keep your eyes on the road for some new crew, a brighter wisdom, or some sassy-frassy individual who will blow along with the inner balance that you so badly crave…

Ostensibly this world may seem a little harsher now; folks seem more detached, its fate more gloomy and somewhat predetermined. But deep inside, you just know that with a little bit of kindness, understanding, and benevolence you can generate all the true harmony and peace of mind that’s coming your way.

It’s true… you do create your reality, and though it seems that just over those fences are a whole bunch of stymies, you have the power to veto all those by staying on the straight and narrow path ahead.

Don’t get distracted or try and look for your tomorrow elsewhere – the truth for you lies straight ahead. Put some confidence and spring back into your stride, and caper along like a kid goat. Learn to appreciate who you are, build up a much more independent outlook.

This Last Quarter Moon in LIBRA is the prelude to the Capricorn (partial) Solar Eclipse in a week’s time – a reminder that as much as we like to idealise and romanticise our world it is important to stay sensible and grounded, ensuring that our physical desires are resonating at the appropriate spiritual level. What does that mean? Well…assumptions and pretensions will not only be met with harsh disappointments or punishments – after all, you will feel horrible about somehow letting yourself down.

Stay mindful about the temptation to fall backwards or compare your world to what the neighbours are doing. Nothing useful for you there. You are an artist, creating a beautiful reality for yourself. Use real, physically present materials to pave your way towards a truly divine experience – pursue the path of affirmation, not self-renunciation.


This is truly an amazing time to be incarnated for all the lightworkers, spiritual warriors, and Bodhisattvas. Those who are beginning to waken en masse are observing that what was once considered to be fringe social or spiritual matters is gradually becoming more and more socially accepted by the mainstream.

Holistic health and enlightened activism is becoming a serious focus of social concern. Our conditioned acceptance of limited Newtonian understandings are constantly being debugged and debunked by a more authentic understanding of the universe’s inner workings by progressions in quantum science.

We are what we have been waiting for. We are living in a time where the cycle of monadic evolution starts to give us a multitude of choices. Within the next 18 months we are set to make an extraordinary leap – one that is absolutely vital to our evolutionary progress as a species. I am referring to healing the divine masculine. [click link to read more…]

MARS/CHIRON: Healing the Wounded Masculine

Saturday, 22 December

It happens, but rarely.

Last time there was a Full Moon on the Solstice of Capricorn was in 1980. Back then, the world was still mourning its loss of dreamer and peace-chancing troubadour, John Lennon. This, at a time when relations between the Soviet Union and the West were set to crystallise to their most icy for almost 3 decades, deteriorating to a point where the dread of nuclear war was to become a part of our everyday consciousness.

As during the post WWII era, those were seriously harsh years to be alive. Personal freedoms and individual privacy was to suffer a huge setback. In the west, Ronald Reagan in the US and Margaret Thatcher in the UK would basically set out to redefine of the basic rules of capitalism. Their forcefully influential governments changed the laws around labour-bargaining, smashing the power of trade unions and killing off anti-trust enforcement, allowing the big monopolies to dominate, hence imposing greater economic austerity upon the populations.

Today, stellar conditions are similar to those of that time, and after a period of heady economic growth and bullish market runs, it is fair to expect that a period of austerity is looming. This is nature’s way of curtailing power – by centralising it only to those who can wield it with absolute rule.

This is the trend of the SATURN/PLUTO cycle which in the next 12 months will draw to a close. Whilst the Solstice Full Moon augurs the end of certain personal freedoms, the Solar Eclipse that follows in two weeks will officially baptise those who would claim to rule only by extremes and absolutes. Let’s pray that they have the presence to do so in a benevolent and responsible manner…

Of course there is a need for a break with the past. With neoliberalism discredited and austerity set to fail again, the rules of the economy need to once again be rewritten. These must focus on setting up long-term economic growth, in which case, the only kind of sustainable prosperity is a prosperity which is shared evenly if not equally.


Monday, 17 December

 ∗ ♇ | ☿ ∠ ♇ | ☉ ⊼ ☊ |☉ □ Ch/ | ♅ ∠ ♆

If you suffered a trauma, it’s probably most likely that you’re superimposing your trauma onto everything you see, struggling to see the beautiful potential of what the rest of us are capable of seeing. Like a movie projector, you are casting your dark trauma story over everyone in your environment.

Your trauma affects your mind, it messes with your sense of imagination. Whilst everyone else is blessed with some degree of mental flexibility – an ability to bend the light, just enough to create new forms, trauma sufferers seem stuck on the one same vision, like they’re playing the same old video cassette from the 80’s, over and over and over. It’s like they don’t have the capacity to change the movie, and their spoken script is filled with cheesy lines from “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

We all need to be able to dream, to use our imagination to enhance our lives, escape the excruciating harshness of this existential reality. If we can’t dream up stuff about our lovers, special places we’d like to go or live, delicious foods, of having sex, power, fame or fortune, then life can become a complete drudgery. It’s our imagination that sets us off into the unknown, that lifts us out of our mundane existence and brings hope into our lives. Imagination is the spice of life that somehow helps to assuage any pain, enliven our intimate encounters and enriches our experiences. Those who cannot construct a fantasy are somewhat stuck into a groove.

Traumatised people seem forever sucked back into a past moment, back to the last time they felt any deep emotions or intense involvement. Therefore they are incapable of being present, here with us. This incapacity to be in the moment affects their mental flexibility – their ability to dream. Without this there seems no chance to construct a brighter future and everything seems hopeless and bleak.

Is that you?

If not, you can help.
Start by identifying those who seem stuck in a moment from which they can’t return. Just distinguish those among us who live in the past, speak in glitches and cliches or are wistfully distant in a past reality. Identify them and watch what they do.

Watch how they quickly try to project their twisted fears and horrors onto your sweet afternoons. Watch, but don’t necessarily react. To do so only facilitates them with the monster role they wish to see in you, or you to see in them.

Just watch, but don’t play.
Use your imagination to either alleviate their pain, or to quickly exit from their horror movie….


Sunday, 16 December

☉♐ ☊♋

For the most part, I’ve grown up in big cities. The shifty hussle and frenetic bustle of my youth was simply fascinating and I immersed myself into its 24hr lifestyle. It’s also wonderful how being engaged in that throughout my late adolescence and adulthood had summoned me to find ways to connect and to engage with others, be able to move through and to interface with the city crowds, to read and to respond to society as if it is indeed one large living organism and to weave and discover all its niche strands of sub-culture.

As an artist, it then follows that I should want to speak to that, and through my many incarnations here as a grunge musician/entertainer, anti-socialite, counter-entrepreneur, mystic, political provocateur, business executive etc., I have always found ways to speak to the collective heart of my city – and at least to the appeal of a select audience.

For the past decade or two, especially in the last 6 years or so, I have found even coming into the city a rather deadening and dark experience. These days, I avoid it as much as possible, for it immediately thrusts me into unspeakable sadness. I shared a small apartment with a friend at the beginning of the year, and the experience left me mortified and rather depressed. It is phenomenal how disconnected everyone is from one another now. People don’t even make eye contact, and catching the train, it is profoundly heart-wrenching to see every single person absorbed into their little black digital mirrors. The only time they look up is to take a picture, usually a selfie. Nobody looks at one another any more, and so there is a sparse sense of disconnectedness of soul that makes me wonder whether we have already arrived in to a modern living hell.

My sixteen year-old has no phone, and this is more an accident (she keeps breaking my old hand-me-downs). I’m kinda glad, since she lives inner-city and has a busy lifestyle. She is incredibly social for her time, and constantly in party – her young friends delightfully intelligent and remarkably present. But unlike us as young adults, it is impossible to place these kids into a specific niche or cultural genre. They seem so nondescript, not given to group clichés, somewhat resigned to the stupidity of the elders of this planet whose transparent selfishness is leaving the ozone full of holes in the tomorrow.

I am fascinated and deeply saddened at how quickly the mass-extinction of human attention from each other’s gaze has taken hold. Smartphones are barely 10 years old, and 4G (streaming wireless data) has only been around for about half that time. We have become ‘globally connected’ but have managed to disconnect our attention from those in our physical environment.

As humanity begins to roll out its 5G smart-grid, I question really whether as humans, in our physical form, we really wish to remain engaged and grounded here on this earth at all. Is this us shooting for the stars, or are we already dead and buried, our spirits here merely enslaved by the overlords of big business, consumerism and multimedia?

Sure Christmas and New Year around the corner, but just like the seemingly endless ‘updates’ on our phones, the holidays could come and go like some meaningless tweet on your device, and we will barely bat an eyelid as to the whole purpose of the ‘holi-ness’ of these special holi-days.

Aside from my work commitments, I plan to spend a digital-free holiday time with my family, out here in the lush nature of the countryside. It is not an accident, and I’m not sure if they will cope, but I’m going to do my best to get them here and off their phones.

Much love, and please share how you plan to spend yours xx

Saturday, 15 December (11:50 UTC)


You’re not going to heal a thing unless you listen to what your body’s telling you. Anger, suspicion, frightfulness means you’re packing a lot of HEAT in your body. Where did that come from? You’ve been collecting it, storing it inside you (body) ever since the first trauma. And it stays in there until you find a way to release it. Till then, your cumulative energy is hot, defensive, pissed-off.

Becoming aware of your internal energy is the first step towards healing yourself. If you’re angry, tense, anxious and snappy but you don’t know why, being aware of the rising heat that’s trapped within you is critically important. Especially if it causes you to melt down under stressful situations. Observing the source of your feelings is necessary in order to let go of the tyranny and torture that haunts you. Rather than projecting fear or blaming others for making you upset – which could have you live as the perpetual victim – notice what’s seething in your body. The inner pressure, heat, muscular stress, numbness and tingles are all a sign. See if you can learn to release these through activities that help you relax, stimulate pleasure.

You might choose drugs, booze as ‘medications’, but these will only dull or mask your body sensations. They’re not going to help you get in touch with your body. Breathing techniques and meditations – exercises that help you get in touch with your body feels, its gestures and movements will help you better manage and transform the ghosts of your angry past into little minions that you can apply to help you help others help themselves.

Pass it on.

Friday, 14 December

♅ ∠ ☽/♆

What could be stranger than the different forms of madness we encounter in others; their bizarre, complexic, incomprehensible habits; their banal social awkwardness… clumsiness; their jerky, clunky everyday actions?

Life is infinitely stranger than anything we’ve seen before.
And getting and stranger stranger every day.

And kindness… 
What could be stranger than kindness?


This is the time to be alive. 
Obviously… can’t you see?
The planet is people-heavy right now (7.7 billion). Seems like we’ve all decided to be incarnated NOW. 
Why? Because there’s never been a better time to be human. Never been a better time to be in a body.
Some may argue, but that’s just the point:
You have, in this moment, the power to argue.
You have the power to choose. 
Choose what to hear, 
choose what to think, what to like and dislike,
Choose what to believe.

Yes, that’s true.

If you want to chose to be a victim, NOW is the time.
If you want to choose to be a sad, pitiful, angry, attention-grabbing whore, the means are all there for you to make it happen NOW.
If you want to choose to be well, to mean well – not just to your own self and your kind but towards all of humanity, then you have that choice NOW too.
It’s all there for you to choose.
I know you believe that because I see how you have been fighting to make it happen so for years NOW. 
And NOW… NOW you are ready to live out your story in full.
The time is NOW to stand by what you believe. BE the story you keep telling yourself. Embody the tale of you.

So, what’s it gonna be?
Whether it’s victim, martyr, healer, satyr… get ready – it’s nearly curtain time. You’re on!

Join me here, live discussion, on Cosmic Bus (Click Link), as I lead into the 2019 eclipse period with a little dissertation on the energies present during next week’s CANCER FULL MOON.

Thursday, 13 December

MERCURY 29°♏ | VENUS ♏∠☉♐

Those who profess and who proclaim their love the loudest; who vehemently demand your trust and honour; who stand most proud about their undivided loyalty and faith – those are the ones who stuck out most to disappoint you. I hope this past few weeks has taught us all a little something about treachery and betrayal.

For those who boast the most to have our back are those most prone to stick it with a knife when we just wasn’t looking.

No, it ain’t nice, and it can shatter our heart into a million pieces, just cause it seems so inconceivable. But hey… it happens. Happens to all of us.

As much as this becomes the wedge that will divide us, watch too how we now come to bond with one another and unite over this.

Wednesday, 12 December

It’s common for us all to fall into a sorry, sad victim state right now and, of course, the immediate reaction might be find someone to pin the blame on. Scapegoats are an easy target, and they give the appearance that we are dealing with the problem.

But the problem’s just a symptom of an issue that run deep – deeper than your naked eyes can fathom for any true answer – some solution, healing or truth that will satisfy your long-standing uneasiness, insecurity and concern.

The GRAND KITE formed over the past fortnight when stationing MERCURY & CHIRON both aligned in Trine upon the NODAL AXIS, created an intensely sustained channel of energies funneling onto this earth, spirits from higher realms whose insights have turned everything. These angelic messengers of both demonic darkness and christed-light have engulfed our planet and seized over both our rational/linear and intuitive minds. Observe how your own attitude has changed lately.

What follows now, and for many months to come is a phenomenal struggle between the shadow and the conscious side of every human on this earth. Those who are in control will try to draw others into states of extreme division and separation, summoning armies that will stand to war amongst one another on every conceivable level. Once people unhinge from their centre and begin to take extreme sides it will be hard to bring them to a state of peace, balance and well-being again.

Those wounded souls (and that might be all of us on some level) who find a totem to stand under in the fight against another cannot be helped. Those who lose sight of their intrinsic source of power will become engulfed by the forces of darkness, possessed with ever increasing design to destroy what remains.

Yes, this may sound scary, but I know that those of you with immense faith will know that this is the moment you have been waiting for. A chance to put your faith to task. There is much to talk about as I wish to elaborate on the next three critical lunations – The CANCER FULL MOON (Dec 22) and the two ECLIPSES (Jan 6 & 21), which, as we see, already augur a deeply turbulent year ahead for humankind.

Please join me on the #CosmicBus Thurs/Fri as we endeavour to gain a rounded perspective on the cosmic forces now at play.

[more details to follow….]…join the Tribe and get your seat on the bus @https://angstoic.com/2018/12/boarding-the-cosmic-bus/

Tuesday, 11 December



A nagging discontentment in the rapacity with which we’ve been sourcing our information results in nervous tension and disorder. Nerves are brittle, delicate things and constant overload could cause them to defray and deteriorate.

Too much information too fast and our receptors may struggle to cope with the volume, relevance and veracity of what’s being exchanged.

Regulators are necessary, but who do you empower to control your data for you these days?

It’s not until the lines of communication are severed/nerves breakdown that you realise the naked truth…

What truth??
Realise the truth about how little of what you were processing actually mattered to you (or anyone).

Sunday, 9 December

Hey. Did you make an intention? I bet it wasn’t easy…

[pic matias alonso revelli]

Welcome aboard, if you can’t send me a friend request I apologise (it keeps jamming up with fb’s stupid 5k+ limit). Please send me a private message with your private bus code (see your invitation to jump on board in your email). I will easily delete ‘dead’ friends to make room for you on the bus.

On ‘compassionate’ grounds, I will summarily block anyone who is still doesn’t get it, being a nuisance energy; trying to push a point. After 6 years all over this internet, it should be clear by now that my team and I have zero energy for making an argument with anyone over our ‘content’ or defending my ‘craft’. We just relentlessly put it out there for you to scratch’n’see. If you don’t agree with what’s put up here, nobody’s holding you, just move on. Argue your point elsewhere.
**Politicians, campaigners, inboxers, chainmailers, “nouveaustrologers” & mini-mes, vigilantes, social justice warriors, discontented activists, dissociated bitches, dissonant trolls, shills, wishful unicorn queens, ‘group’ spokespersons, conspiracy theorists – can all just gently fuck off the face of your flat earth at the dispassionate flick of my BLOCK button. Facebook is nearly over anyway and you helped killed it.

We’re really only interested in posting to my tribe – those of you who by now are committed to tune in on the same irreverent wavepath and just follow. Such a pleasure to connect with you and we love you so, so much. So much 

I’ll be stopping by sometime over next couple of days (#live2tribe) to explain this URANUS/NEPTUNE trip, and why it is the coming two months seriously turns wobbly for us folks down here on planet E.

So funny… watching how 3D forces march so mean as if to exact their freakin ‘judgement day’ like hell-possessed demons (♇ – ♄/☋) . Watch them destroy each other. Watch too how you can make yourself so goddamn happy, yet only ever when you’re truly sure that you don’t know exactly how you did it. (I’ll explain, but) think right back to your first ever acid trip, or at least the time you knew it was all over in your heart, and so relieved that ‘it’ was never ever going to be the same… think how little you gave a fuck. (it’s like that).

Big  to all xx

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Saturday, 8 December

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Thursday, 6 December

GRAND TRINE ☽/☿SD △ Ch △ ☊

Not out there.
Listen to that inner voice.
You cannot deafen to its urgency.
It is the only voice that rings true for you, and it is trying desperately to warn you. To alert you of the dangers out there and to lead you back on your path.

To awaken to the truth you must tear down all the lies that perpetuate pain and suffering. Do not kid yourself. You cannot change yourself nor change your partner, let alone change this world. Best you can do is create a space for healing so the transformation can take place.

Here, by the grace of the divine forces, you can set an intention for truth and love to enter into your life.


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