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THE WEEK AHEAD: November 19-25

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Over the past month, the Sun’s journey through Scorpio has brought about phenomenal internal changes in each of us. To some extent, our egos have been stripped and cleared for some much needed resurrection, soul-rejuvenation, and new beliefs. Events and happenings have precipitated a state of crisis, where self-effacement and soul-searching has played out for us like an intense, exotic demo version of tomorrow.

Of course, the Sun is only holding up the rear for what Jupiter through Scorpio has been opening us up to for the past 12 months. As we have learned to explore the meaning of inner freedom, we will soon have a chance to expand the universe within by learning to integrate many of the intense lessons of this last year into opportunities for growth, stretching our minds in ways that will allow us to expand our souls.

From this temporal ‘Dark Night of the Soul’; this Scorpionic process of death/annihilation of the old ego emerges an extraordinary spiritual awakening that we can apply into our outer world. It is the rebirth of the next-level ‘you’.

Here are the main transits for this week:

Jn Sat Nov 17  21:39 Sun 25°29′ Opposition Juno 25°29′
Tue Nov 20  01:32 Mars 02°33′ Square Jupiter 02°33′
Ch Tue Nov 20  10:55 Sun 28°04′ Trine Chiron 28°04′
Wed Nov 21  02:01 Sun 28°42′ Trine Node 28°42′
  Wed Nov 21  19:52 Sun 29°27′ Quincunx Uranus 29°27′
  Sqq Wed Nov 21  22:54 Neptune 13°42′ Sesquisquare Node 28°42′
in Thu Nov 22  09:02 Sun 00°00′
  Thu Nov 22  13:13 Mercury 10°58′ Semisquare Venus 25°58′
  Fri Nov 23  01:34 Mars 04°26′ Semisquare Pluto 19°26′
Fri Nov 23  05:40 Moon 00°52′ Opposition Sun 00°52′
  SD Sat Nov 24  22:15 Neptune 13°42′

The Sun’s activation of the soul-ascending Jupiter/Chiron/Node GRAND TRINE sees humanity’s collective cup overflowing with an abundance of vitality and verve. This revitalising pulse of the Sun-god energy moves through each of us, bringing such intense pleasure and gratitude that one might feel ripest berry about to burst into throes of limitless joy and optimism. With this comes a renewed faith in the virtue of each and every being to do good.

As the Scorpio Sun saunters out of the final degree of regenerative Scorpio and into Sagittarius (Thursday, Nov 22) get set for the ultimate celestial orgasm. As it is written in the stars, so too it is written in your own, unique DNA which in many respects defines the potentials of your ego development.

Like your unique horoscope, the ego is the part of yourself that is yet unaware of itself. Unless you discover first that which you are not, the illusion of your ego will continue to attract every means, method and madness to bring you to the brink of crisis, affecting your own ‘spiritual growth’.

In the week ahead, as you ponder the depths of your inner world, external circumstances will pit you against contrary forces in a desperate push for you to define the edge of yourself. Whatever changes you can make within have the power to change your external world.

However, it’s not easy to come clean. The ego is dense and mighty and often refuses to yield to spirit. Your body’s DNA is filled with hard-coded memories of past hurts, and letting go of those ain’t easy. It takes tremendous light (consciousness) and will (intentionality).

The Gemini Full Moon (Friday) poses a tremendous conflict upon our intentionality, or faith in that which we purport to believe, especially in the face of the troves of information that is thrown our way. Questions or challenges posed to our innate sense of conviction, significantly triggered by the T-squaring Piscean Mars upon the Sun/Jupiter acts like a hair-trigger, either for or against the onset of an authentic spiritual awakening. As spirit beings, we are on the verge of discovery of new horizons of infinite understanding and wisdom. As ego beings, we are heading more and more into the extremes of hatred, separation and division.

These are critical moments of truth now; the infinity of each new dawn itself becomes the precipice of our spiritual horizon. Can we tolerate each other, understand the need to argue and disagree or can we learn to forgive? Against so many facts and opinions, past hurts and historical lies, we must exercise much discernment. We must discipline ourselves to harness the power of information in order to provide clear means to manifest abundance into our lives. It is necessary to learn how to dispense with unnecessary or unintentional words and actions, as well as evasive or escapist tendencies. It is a war between the unconquerable ego and the eternal soul-intelligence.

Hence, under this Full Moon, intentionality becomes the key that will open the doors of our perception. It commands a wholehearted application of sustained attention, a pledge to total conviction, commitment, and faith to our intrinsic truth. This is becoming ever so rare in our time since our egoic minds are constantly distracted and reshaped by the rapid-fire stimulus of media; the interminable deluge of digital data shuttling through every possible avenue, met by our fickle curiosity and our insipid desire to be noticed and be liked. Gemini’s ruler Mercury, now retrograde and in detriment under Sagittarian skies, leaves a crestfallen Moon to fend helplessly against the masculine forces against her ( ☽ ☍ ☉ □ ♂ □ ♃).

….see COSMIC BUS – LATEST WEBCAST REPORT : Friday November 16

We are each responsible for summoning our own spiritual attention, taking command of this inner hunger for focused awareness and purposefully decide how we will invest the energy of our attention. If we choose intellectual pursuits and relationships which are fickle and serve insipid means, then we are sure to squander and dissipate much of our precious energies and opportunities for growth.

As Neptune comes to a station (turns direct Saturday), we sense that we have run out of time for fancy, self-absorbed delusions, fantasies and lies. The dream held in our hearts must now be one which is aligned to that which the universe holds in her own heart for everyone on this planet. Selfish romantic reveries and tawdry predilections start to transparently contradict the collective effort for unity and cohesion (♆ Sqq ☊). This only generates victim underclasses, sufferers of collective pain & suffering, refugees.

Those who truly seek deeper meaning or higher truths within the mystery and sacredness of life do not escape, surrender or give up just because the externals seem just too challenging or difficult. The evidence is here, right in front of our faces. We must now have the courage to integrate what we have learned about suffering and ego-attachment into some coherent principles by which to live, constantly centering ourselves intentionally and living fully in the present moment. This, in turn, opens a meaningful, enriching pathway into the future – even if our plans are not entirely clear at this stage.

Much distortion, violation and manipulation of the light will test our plight to stay mindful over the next few weeks. We are again closer to the soul-displacing effects of yet another spell of Uranus/Neptune (♅∠ ♆, heavy mid-Dec).

There are those who insist on being constantly negative, always complaining, victimised and hard done by. They are bitter and confused and may promise to go to their graves like that (♂ ∠ ♇)

This world will never be changed until those individuals have changed, and this is not possible until a kernel of truth has pierced its way into their hearts, transforming them into new persons. Through our conscious presence, our heightened sense of awaked-ness, we act as teachers for one another. The more we hold the mirror of consciousness up to each other, the more our universe becomes conscious of itself and is able to manifest its eternal dream for all of us.

Living according to a higher-principled intention calls forth the most virtuous aspects of human nature and all of its potential. It all starts with a concept – a decision to live in a certain way, a clear intention that we will refuse to mislead, confuse and betray one another, for we know that to do so may bring about our certain demise. This is not only how we relinquish our ego problems, but recode our DNA – the seeds of future human potential.

When we become attuned to the true story of the Universe, we are also ready to pay true respect to our fellow human beings. This is how bliss happens.

Blessings, and have a blissfully amazing week xx

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