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THE WEEK AHEAD: November 12-18

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Regardless of your political/philosophical standpoint, even as we speak there is a sense that someone with authority is working towards trying to affect some seriousness into your world. Whilst this week kicks off with a well-intentioned effort to take on a more disciplined, responsible position, as indicated by the results-oriented Scorpio Sun coming into semi-square with the father of pragmatism, Saturn in Capricorn (☉ ∠  ♄).

This means that regardless of what you may be hearing, that at least someone is making some attempt to restore any semblance of order and sobriety into a world. It is a world which, especially at the top end, looks to be fast slipping its grip, leading the rest of us into either into an utter state of chaos and despair over its mismanagement, or to those who could care less, a near-euphoric bliss of ignorance.

Whatever efforts to make good, they quickly prove frustrating. This is a fleeting fare, because more curtailing and censorship over things unwarranted or undone rather than attributing true onus and responsibility for duties; withdrawing support over matters which we have little control; or just being mean just for the sake of being mean actually creates more setbacks, upsets and delays rather than achieve any order at all.

Yes, authorities do struggle to gain traction from this point forward, and for the next 6 weeks it could seem that ‘serious’ matters slide farther into the ditches of ridiculous and surreal, as we all indeed proceed on our wonderfully ‘magical’ experiential journey toward relinquishing our past infatuations with the hocus pocus elements of the rapidly crumbling 3D world.

Here are this week’s key transits…

  Tue Nov 13  11:43 Sun 21°02′ Semisquare Saturn 06°02′
Wed Nov 14  14:56 Mars 29°12′ Quincunx Node 29°12′
  Thu Nov 15  09:31 Mars 29°40′ Sextile Uranus 29°40′
Thu Nov 15  14:55 Moon 23°11′ Square Sun 23°11′
in Thu Nov 15  22:21 Mars 00°00′
SD Fri Nov 16  10:45 Venus 25°15′ Stations direct
S Sat Nov 17  01:26 Mercury 13°30′ Stations retrograde

Last week’s major gear change (☊ in ♋, ♅ in ♈, ♃ in ♐) as well as critical harmonic alignments (♃ △ ☊ △ Ch, ♃ ⊼  ♅ □ ☊) created a serious shift is the matrix. The Scorpio New Moon (Nov 7) too implied that we have now entered another cycle of evolutionary death and rebirth. But those wishing to see the change will start by sensing an energetic shift within, rather that any immediate difference in the exterior world. Even still, it seems that matters have already become intensified in the emotional standpoint or attitude of those most perturbed, which won’t take time to show up in the exterior theatre of our relationships both near and far.

Of course, the pressure is there to actually see the change, but people (being mostly emotional creatures of habit) will be reluctant to let go of the very creature comforts to which they attach themselves. Even if those things are quietly destroying them, it’s hard to let go. This fixation creates unusual, erratic and wild repercussions from the forces of nature, most of them mysterious and wild in origin – some might say supernaturally ordained; yet determinedly persistent in undermining and shifting all fixed and structured positions.

What does this actually mean?

Well, we are talking about terrestrial forces (such as Mercury and Venus) becoming entangled with the likes of extraterrestrial giants (like Uranus ♅ and Neptune ♆). Those of you following these posts regularly have observed the ongoing narration about the surrealising nature of the ♅ /♆ semisquare (2017-2020).

Nothing of the old order makes sense during such times, which in a way allows a ‘new sense’ (or ‘nonsense’) to take centre stage. These bewildering, yet delightfully bizarre energies are slowly introduced into the stream of our daily lives in very subtle, albeit disruptive ways by phenomenally advanced elements – technology, eccentric personages, unusual interests, strange substances that seem to trip our minds and take them on an astonishing/stupefying journey.

Nothing can stop this, but with Saturn approaching Pluto (Jan 2020), those who hold great investments in controlling the world of economic/business/political order, will definitely try their hardest, or at least exploit the fact that many of us are fogged out in a purple haze of mass-hypnotic confusion.

I know, I know, it’s hard to grasp – but when we look at the way entirely unorthodox measures are being appointed upon what we thought were pretty standard physical/biological/environmental problems, then we see the absurdity hemming at the fabric of our ‘normal world’. The way even the basics are being bent out of proportion lately, it isn’t hard to understand why things are easily going out of bounds with regard to our ‘normal’, ‘traditional’ views on reality.

Matters like the wild state of our environment/climate, the political instability stability, rocky economic trade and questionable deals, both in local and international affairs, suppression of freedom of speech/press, shocking violations to civil and human rights, disturbing and confusing migration and repatriation laws, moral division on intergender & marital relations, gender and sexuality definitions, children/senior/disabled rights, etc… all big-ticket items whose scientific basis seems to be either in question or undergoing tremendous recalibration, both in our minds and in our hearts.

A lot of this is hard to follow, and when we look at things from a purely academic, mathematical or linear point of view, we can understand the exasperation and growing frustration among the governing fraternities. There is no way to hold back the creepishly seeping, undermining effects of Neptune in his rulership of Pisces, especially accelerated into our consciousness by the Uranus’ hugely disruptive technologies and innovations. Something incredible is happening globally, and it’s designed to confound our understanding of ‘reality’ as much as to take us into alternative states of awareness of what that might be.

So here’s where it gets interesting this week. As we speak, both Mercury (matters of the mind) and Venus (matters of the heart) are slowing to station. Mercury, in the ardent, deep-thinking, exuberantly adventurous sign of Sadge will turn retrograde by the weekend, only hours after Venus does an about-face and head back out of Libra and into Scorpio.

Their relatively slow motion means that they will remain in a rare, sustained semi-square for most of this month, which among many things sees the vocal and visceral rise of the feminine element becoming ever more aggressive about equality, fairness and any correctness – especially in places of marriage and career, as well as in business and politics. Sharp debates, conflict and rhetoric expose all areas of insecurities and lack of confidence. Whilst these themes have been brewing for some time they become conflated, distorted and infused into the cosmic forces of Uranus/Neptune who are in harmonic alignment to this.

Mercury will come to still itself upon a square to Neptune for the entire week as he starts to retrograde. All attempts to ascertain truth via a broader comprehension of everything under the heavens become not only fraught with faulty facts and premises, but the determination to believe in even the most implausible creates scenarios of gross consternation and confusion among us. This, all going on under the continued grand-cross dynamic of Venus/Uranus/Nodes reverberates upon our hearts and minds like a flat-out rejection or denial of conventions. Our rapturous imaginings of pleasure, filled with simply impossible expectations for love and peaceable relations generates a strong, sharp, yet fluid-like stream of disturbances. The effects between us range anywhere from the knowingly misguided, yet lovingly pitiful, to the unconscious manifestations of nervous convulsions and jerky behaviour which seemingly has no reason but continues to create micro-aggressions.

Here, we see many individuals emerging to the surface as truly lost souls, seemingly incapable of stringing together any coherent idea or ideology about who they are and what they believe in. In one sense, it appears that they are calling for help in order to find themselves. In theory, one would think that they are screaming to be heard, if only to be informed that the entire thesis of their belief seems slightly misplaced in erroneous ideas or incomprehensible dogmas. In practice, to even attempt to assist or ‘correct’ them; to place them into question or hold them to account for the ‘facts’; to challenge their ideas with any degree of skepticism incur great upsets and misunderstandings. These could suddenly set off a series of even greater complications and events whose outcome are difficult to control.

It’s no good trying to reason with someone whose whole understanding of the universe seems misaligned with your own. If the information you are trying to exchange seems superficially skewed and scattered to the point where it’s virtually impossible to make any sense or application of it, then proceeding in that discussion/debate would seem hopelessly unwise. With Mars entering Pisces (Thu) the fray of confusion and feelings of victimisation escalate and reach intense levels of martyrdom and crazy crusades as the month progresses.

It therefore behooves us to be ultra-mindful of the propensity to enter into ultra-confusing scenarios, especially with loved ones or close-connections. Sometimes we may not be able to help this, but just be aware that Mercury’s retrograde in Sadge means that we will reject others imposing their views or beliefs upon our own (and visa versa), especially if we’re determined to exercise our mental independence to make ‘right’ a recent injustice or rectify a ‘wrong’ upon our entire constitution of beliefs. Jupiter’s misalignment to Mars only aggravates the situation, and truly, it’s no good trying to accomplish any connection during a sustained square from Neptune to a retro Mercury. Even if you do manage to come into some sense of coherence, things seem to be exaggerated out of all proportion to the ‘realities’ that are being presented, so the effect can seem like you are dealing with an idiot, which is, of course not helpful.

So what is the advice?

Stay out of the melee and scuttlefuckery of human affairs for a bit, unless you are relating in non-linear, highly intuitive and compassionate ways. Stick to nature and actually working with its own laws. Try to understand these in ways which don’t necessarily need to be refuted or argued. You (like many others) are developing a mystical mind – one that sees through and beyond the veneer of man’s tendency to control and manipulate the forces of nature, biology, truth and god. You will see much ‘wrong’ but know that it’s all been a necessary step in understanding that not one man (or person) can be absolutely right. We are all part of a greater effort to become spiritual messengers for one another, and hence, in the process learn to bypass the need for third-party structures, religions, governments or laws.

Herein lies the cause: That it doesn’t matter how old or young; male or female; black or white; long your soul’s been hovering over this earth; how much money you have amassed or how much status you have received. It is about the amount of clarity your light vibration can radiate upon those before you that truly matters. This, and the certainty that your own light is as much in harmony with the physical universe as each wave is in rhythm with the ocean.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018

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