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The Week Ahead: Nov 5-11

By the time this week is done, you might wonder whether you’ve ever sensed such an intense week of change before – even in the context of what has arguably been one of the most intense years in your life. The only problem these days, is that you’re probably so used to intense changes that you may pass it off as just another typical emotionally consuming week.

But it’s not…

Not only does a Scorpio New Moon punctuate our lives with an incredibly powerful death/rebirth moment, but key planetary energies Jupiter and Uranus Rx are concurrently shifting signs, as well as the all-important Nodal Axis, now regressing into Cancer/Capricorn. This phenomenal shift in our evolutionary gear is akin to a dramatic key change in the orchestral symphony that accompanies our already beautiful, yet somewhat angst-filled lives. The beauty, of course, is that nobody knows which way it’s going to go. We just know that it’s becoming more and more extreme.

Here are the main transits for this week:


Pa in Mon Nov 05  01:30 Pallas 00°00′
Sqq Ch Mon Nov 05  21:09 Sun 13°24′ Sesquisquare Chiron 28°24′
Ce Tue Nov 06  01:49 Venus 27°25′ Conjunction Ceres 27°25′
Tue Nov 06  06:41 Sun 13°48′ Trine Neptune 13°48′
in Tue Nov 06  11:11 Node 00°00′
in Tue Nov 06  18:56 Uranus 00°00′
Wed Nov 07  16:03 Moon 15°11′ Conjunction Sun 15°11′
Vs Wed Nov 07  19:33 Pluto 19°06′ Conjunction Vesta 19°06′
  Thu Nov 08  06:20 Jupiter 29°57′ Quincunx Uranus 29°57′
Thu Nov 08  10:50 Jupiter 29°59′ Trine Node 29°59′
in Thu Nov 08  12:38 Jupiter 00°00′
Fri Nov 09  07:17 Uranus 29°54′ Square Node 29°54′
Fri Nov 09  15:12 Venus 26°11′ Trine Mars 26°11′
  Sat Nov 10  17:26 Mercury 10°55′ Semisquare Venus 25°55′
Ce Sun Nov 11  11:44 Uranus 29°49′ Opposition Ceres 29°49′
Sun Nov 11  15:18 Sun 19°11′ Sextile Pluto 19°11′
Ce in Sun Nov 11  21:37 Ceres 00°00′

The Nodal shift itself is major. In the 18 months ahead, the frightfully austere Capricorn South Node will entangle itself with the obsessive Pluto (Apr 2019), controlling Saturn (May-Oct 2019), then ambitious Jupiter (Jan 2020) as well as squaring Chiron (Mar 2020). Now, I don’t want to add to the anxiety of what already seems like a very stressful time for many folks, and I know that some of you are into levitation, crystals and other wonderful ways to ‘stay positive’, but none of those transits are actually going to make the next couple of years easy for anyone still grappling with insecurities over ‘status’ unless we understand that the human race and its associated ‘hardware’ are going to go through a complete reformation of its entire value system.

That means that the entire thesis of how our lives were once structured is going to change so drastically that we may hardly show any sympathy to the obsessions held by our former selves, and how ‘good’ things ‘used to be’. It stands to be revealed how they were not – since for the most part they were almost always at the expense of others feeling ‘bad’.

Over the next 18 months, the Saturn-flavoured South Node, which is charged with a certain unsociableness, lack of adaptability and harsh intolerance could cripple or defray much good will and spiritual progress made on this planet. This is due to the heavy planetary forces (♄/♇) trying desperately to drag humanity backward and down into the dark auspices of fear and terror. Our attempts to survive this will mean that we could become ambitiously dragged into the fear and separation game.

Whilst this dredges an image of greater apprehension, suspicion and divisiveness between us, it also eats away at our sense of charity and forgiveness, exhausting patience and kindness between one another to the point of utter dehumanisation.

On a greater evolutionary level this emotional harshness may be necessary, as humanity transitions out of the 2000 years of emotional pain and suffering of the Pisces age and into Aquarius – a cold, unfeeling, futuristic world of lightspeeds and a universally singular intelligence.

Whilst progress to this end may occur rather rapidly, the transition from a relatively dense, 3-dimensional existence into a higher, quantum state of intelligence is going to temporarily exacerbate the already growing tensions and universal divisiveness currently sweeping across the globe. We will see the continued rise of extremism and kakistocratic rule as the old patriarchy tries desperately to physically hang on to its crumbling 3D relics.

Of course, those those who are already experiencing states of spiritual awakedness are already gently amused (but not perturbed) by the absurdity and madness. And those transitioning into the digital field are almost devoid of any humanoid feelings about what’s slipping away. They may make things better or worse by assisting the controllers to either destroy the old systems or humanity instead. Some depression is inevitable, but then it’s hard not to feel at least a little sad about the apparent decline of the old world. One thing we must learn to accept, quickly, is that our economy, our climate, our natural resources cannot support man’s consumer-based madness and political discontentment for much longer. But that, after Uranus returns to Taurus from March next year.

For now, in the current swell of ignorance, true wisdom doesn’t stand a chance of penetrating. There’s no point trying to reason with a trendy idiot – the risk that you’ll end up being taken for an idiot yourself becomes almost dangerous. Observe the rigidity of minds, yet know that truth is truth, regardless of how it’s mistaken, misunderstood or denied by the ignorance that’s currently in fashion.

The reasons for all this are very deep-seated, of course. Many of us are here just to survive. Very few humans even know that there’s a higher, more creative way to live. When our low-vibing ‘survival-self’ feels threatened, the human-being instinctively becomes possessed by haunts and spirits from his reptilian past lifetimes. Subconscious urges to either fight or take flight become collectively triggered and people start to act out in most desperate and inhumane ways towards whatever is causing the fear.

Observe all the anger and the hostility going on in the world over scarcity of supplies, and the rising, unprecedented levels of displacement of people seeking refuge from tyranny and war. I bet many of you are not aware of the severity of the problems in other lands. There are parts (such as Yemen) which are currently facing the ravages of serious starvation and war which could, in just a few short months wipe out tens of millions. Closer to home, the intolerances are mounting due to deeply entrenched, ongoing divisions which boil down to greater wealth inequities and poor economic management.

The Scorpio New Moon is a chance to set critical goals for what’s important to you and how you intend to reconstruct your world, assuming that you are able to accept that certain elements of it are seriously under threat and are about to completely crumble. It is important to stay brutally truthful about what you truly value, and bring your mind in total alignment with your heart. We must slowly learn how to divorce ourselves from an insatiable need to manage everything around us and work towards creating a more heartfelt human contact, to value nature more than money, emotion more than power, and new growth rather than the collecting of dead wood.

I have prepared a special article to accompany last week’s live video dissertation on Wednesday’s Scorpio New Moon (Cosmic Bus), as well as carefully guided intentions (for all  the signs). Click here to see the article.

Join us this week (Wed/Thu) for a comprehensive discussion on the transiting Nodes, their significance and meaning in our lives, as well as a full scope of how the shift into Cancer/Capricorn will affect your own development (individual messages for each sign).

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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