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THE WEEK AHEAD: Nov 26-Dec 02

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A significant week, whose rare triple-conjunction between the SUN, JUPITER and a retrograding MERCURY in the early degrees of Sagittarius (4-6°) suggests we will at least expand our aperture of awareness, with hope to better understand and integrate some of the information that seems to be going on in our world, both near and far. The wider we open our eyes, the more light comes in. The more exposure to light (information), the greater our chance to expand our knowledge.

At least that’s the theory…

It’s true though – the more we experience, the more we get our head around how things work either academically/philosophically/ ceremoniously, the more too we are able to conceive higher principles and laws that allow us to get a better grasp on life. Ergo, the more we know, the greater our opportunities for growth and prosperity, right? Well, that’s the theory…

How is it actually happening for you? Look around. Who are the big teachers for you right now? How are you opening your eyes up to the potential for knowledge and opportunities for growth?

[pic: julia epsilon delta]
Mercury retro is a perfect time to be pondering back over recent observations; studying common patterns of distant but interesting events. Through exposure to foreign or exotic subjects and people, we may come to intuitively form new beliefs about what’s true in the world – or at least what’s true for ourselves.

Multiple conjunctions can be potent, combining several different energies into one big unique type of experience. This launches us into a complex new cycle of discovery. However, the intricacy of its influence is largely one-sided, particularly with Mercury retrograde. Here, our thoughts and opinions may be skewed towards the highly subjective, blindly optimistic side (with Jupiter/Sadge). Arguments can be tinged with a class of selective bias, even a boastful arrogance, which can be useful for generating discussion and debate, however squares to warring Mars can mean only one thing…

Here are the main transits for this week:

Mon Nov 26  06:34 Sun 03°56′ Conjunction Jupiter 03°56′
Mon Nov 26  08:06 Mercury 06°30′ Square Mars 06°30′
  Mon Nov 26  20:29 Sun 04°32′ Semisquare Pluto 19°32′
Tue Nov 27  09:15 Mercury 05°04′ Conjunction Sun 05°04′
  Tue Nov 27  18:16 Mercury 04°33′ Semisquare Pluto 19°33′
Tue Nov 27  21:32 Mars 07°29′ Sextile Saturn 07°29′
Tue Nov 27  22:28 Mercury 04°19′ Conjunction Jupiter 04°19′
Ch Wed Nov 28  12:02 Venus 27°57′ Quincunx Chiron 27°57′
Wed Nov 28  14:58 Venus 28°00′ Square Node 28°00′
  Thu Nov 29  04:03 Jupiter 04°35′ Semisquare Pluto 19°35′
Fri Nov 30  00:20 Moon 07°43′ Square Sun 07°43′
Sqq Fri Nov 30  03:51 Venus 28°42′ Sesquisquare Neptune 13°42′
  Sat Dec 01  02:13 Venus 29°09′ Opposition Uranus 29°09′
in Sat Dec 01  11:13 Mercury 00°00′
Vs in Sat Dec 01  20:42 Vesta 00°00′
Ch Sat Dec 01  21:55 Node 27°55′ Trine Chiron 27°55′
  Sun Dec 02  10:17 Mercury 29°07′ Quincunx Uranus 29°07′
in Sun Dec 02  17:02 Venus 00°00′

This week subtly escalates into some offensive, difficult to stomach instances. For most of this week the Sadge SUN, which comes off as the expansionistic, culturally important Egotist, seems beleaguered and insulted by the micro-aggressive forces of MARS (square) and PLUTO (semi-square). He knows what’s right, but also very aware of all the ‘bad actors’ trying to undermine the enjoyment in life.

[pic: julia epsilon delta]
Mars in Pisces is unsure of how he feels, so does not fight directly. He works away silently, mysteriously, surreptitiously. To others he seems lost and erratic in his activity and it is impossible to gauge his exact position. He uses lethargic little lies, or sends out mixed, apologetic signals. Even when pressed he will only ever gush out the sides with confused, neurotic motions. This only raises concern, as one senses victim-type dramas developing into classic, persecution-complex sagas through and into the next month.

Whilst Pisces cannot deal with the flagrant arrogance of Sagittarius directly, he feels disgusted at having to abide along any moral grounds. Pitched against the hyper-inflated righteousness of JUPITER/MERCURY/SUN combo, MARS feels preached upon by the haughty right hand of ‘dogma and religion’. He knows he is too vulnerable to take on these ‘learned prefects’ so he plays a feeble game of wait-and-see. Chastising PLUTO in Capricorn pushes all activity underground.

We get a sense that big forces are working to implement new laws against corruption and abuse because there’s been far too much of that lately. But then, even the most ignorant fool is wise to the fact that laws were only made to be tested.

Speaking of erratic, Venus is now finally direct after her epic retrograde and picking up pace at the final degrees of Libra.

It’s been an interesting journey for the love-goddess, whose role in our lives is to bring peace and happiness into our hearts, compliment us with lovely people and nice things. Since September she has been vibing back and forth, opposing Uranus, forming squares to the Nodes and trioctiles to Neptune. This is not regular activity and by no means adding to the stability of our affairs.

If you have been feeling inordinately disturbed by emotional insecurities; wracked with inconsistency in the way you feel about others, especially loved ones; blowing hot and cold to the point of exhaustion; severing ties and friendships that have expired their purpose; even picking up strange new contact with folks whom you suspect may be potentially dangerous for you, then VENUS is the force that’s binding you.

She will soon return to the intensely passionate waters of Scorpio – her sign of detriment. There her bristling affections could easily override all reason and serve to enact the greatest act of revenge against everything and everyone that’s come to hinder, harm or hold her down. Call it fatal attraction/revulsion, call it something of the divine new order, but her third and final opposition to Uranus (Saturday) promises to rock the very foundations of what constitutes ‘normal’ in the way we traditionally love and value one another.

Is there any point in trying to lay down any principles and guidelines in how to achieve greater compromise and consistency, especially from our most intimate affairs? Depends on how willing we are to be conscious, pay attention, consider carefully the effects of the choices we make in our lives. Are we ready for that yet, or are we just railing and raging from past wounds?

[pic: julia epsilon delta]
As VENUS also forms a quincunx to CHIRON, one thing is certain: That experiences we are having now, however painful, radical and unsteady are teaching us much about the less travelled frontiers of life, introducing us to unprecedented new heights and pitfalls that we must experience or endure.These are certain to enrich our lives and add to our maturity. Ultimately, through allowing our hearts to lead us down the road less travelled, we will at least have much to show, of even greater value than we ever imagined, that we may share with others.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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