FULL MOON at 00°52′ GEMINI: Friday, November 23 2018, 05:40 UTC

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It’s Full Moon time again – the peak phase of the synodic lunation cycle, a time when we get to see Luna’s face fully illuminated by the Sun, without any of her shadowy features. It is a phase of the Moon we trust will give us an honest reflection of what is going on, show us her face – warts and all.

In astrology the Sun and Moon are referred to as the ‘luminaries’, since the two are indisputably the most conspicuously glorious bodies in our skies. It is their supreme governance over our day (Solar – conscious, majestic, expressive, objective) and night (Lunar – instinctive, moody, shady and mysterious) that helps us regulate the weekly/monthly intention of our personal development.

Through the cyclical pattern of beginnings, high times and endings, marked by the critical turning points of lunation cycle, the Full Moon augurs the time when we get to assess the full accomplishment and meaning of intentions and aspirations set at New Moon.

As the Sun enters Sagittarius this year, the Moon immediately enters the opposing sign of Gemini. The contrast between Sagittarius’s “big picture” concepts against the seemingly disjointed bits of trivial data reflecting off the Gemini Moon.

It’s horse-sense intuition vs cold, logical reasoning; learned wisdom vs verbosity; teacher vs student; overseas interests vs local issues; morals & principles vs cleverness and witticisms… and a bunch of similar themes that make you want to question what’s right and virtuous versus what’s cheekish, mercurial and amoral.

Torn between two polar opposites, we get to see these issues play out in our lives and must determine how to reconcile them, or otherwise pull them apart and let them go their seperate ways.

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On this lunation, the Sadge Sun approaches a dignified conjunction to Jupiter, who in his domicile adds significant thrust to push the higher moral ground. Great confidence and exuberant creative energy can seem unstoppable and achieve great things – if indeed it goes unchecked.

However, all the pomp and ceremony of Sagittarius’ pontifications and gross generalisations about what constitutes truth and moral righteousness are brought highly into question against the capricious Gemini Moon. A T-square from querulous Mars in Pisces guarantees that conflicts would arise where arrogance and pretentious manners are seen to be carried beyond the point of belief, and efforts to reconcile differences in relationships based on higher principles vs track record must be handled with a high degree of compassion (Moon sextile Chiron) and a sense that whatever is going on is somewhat fated (Moon sextile North Node), however difficult.

Although not visibly obvious, the undertow is pulling for extraordinary accomplishments through this (♂∠♇∠♃).  We must come into this lunation with an understanding that whatever happens; however gruelling and intense the arguments; the agreements we make now are for the sake of our highest possible growth.

We must decide whether to stay and face what presents before us as truth, fight it with our own, higher understanding, or choose to take our chances and move on to greener pastures. With Mercury in retrograde squaring Neptune, the lines of rational thought and communication may be fuzzy and highly subjective. Decisions based purely on logic and evidence may be made difficult. We must work hard to follow our intuitive senses and try not to become doubtful and negative, even if the facts point us into that direction.

We want to have faith in a higher power, be it luck, god, or universal law. It’s perfectly natural to think that life must be the handiwork of a great designer. But it was also once natural to think that the Sun rotated around the earth. Overcoming our naive impressions or wishful suppositions to figure out how things really work is one of humanity’s highest callings..

This is the moment of truth and we must trust the symbolism of what is presented, do the cosmic maths. The divine journey of mysticism awaits those who trust the entire faculty of their inner senses, which like a flickering candle, without complete faith can be easily snuffed out.

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