#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: NOVEMBER 2018

Friday, 30 November

QUARTER MOON REPORT: ☽ 07°43′ □ ☉ 07°43′

The devil’s disguised in the details:

Multiple developments leading into this temporary crisis could spell serious disagreements – not exactly over what’s been presented as “truth” but that it’s being presented with insupportable evidence, lies and extortions. The Virgo Moon’s clever, pragmatic approach feels enormous responsibility to ‘do what’s right’. Her manner may be highly understated, but she has an almost wily way about the way she goes about her work, and she is ruthless in cutting out what seems impure or sloppy.

She can easily spot dishonesty and disingenuousness against the boastful, sometimes self-righteous arrogance of the Sagittarian Sun. Similarly, her aptitude to pick up on other people’s weaknesses is fearsome, particularly against the insidiously subtle micro-aggressions of the Pisces Mars. On this tense Last-Quarter Moon, this level of high-minded insightfulness could either set things irrefutably straight (finally), or bust out into snarly bouts of sarcasm, which, if taken too far could border on malice and prove terminal in relations.

As Venus lines up to oppose Uranus, we are lining up for a dramatically liberating weekend. Standards for truth are high and tolerance for crap low. Short-tempers and nervous tensions are easily inflamed when others fail to meet the staunch standards of purity and integrity we set for ourselves. Frustrations may be released upon those who are closest to us. For those who seem to sleaze or press their unwelcome and belligerent brand of “truth” upon us, this could spell ‘final curtain’ time. Passing contacts who have somehow served their purpose in this lifetime could be left out, cold.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☽ □ ☉ □  |  ☍ ♅ □ ☊

Thursday, 29 November

Did you make a wish?

I bet you wished for something more – wished for money or a bigger house with lots of fancy toys, when all you really wanted is to be carefree. Or perhaps you wished for greater power when all you really want is greater control over your own life. Or maybe you just wished for greater beauty, sex appeal or popularity when all you truly want is love.

In any case, if your wish has come true, it most likely materialised in a slightly different form to what you may have imagined. You may have to work through the setbacks and gaps until it comes to be something you can manage, regardless of how implausible or impractical your wish.

Such is the power of your manifesting. Sometimes you know, and sometimes you have no idea the full value of your creative experiments, and just how much responsibility is entailed.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ♃ ∠ ♇ | ♆ SD

Hey you, shitty in the city?
Stay more subdued with that irritable ‘tude…
☉ □ 

Whatever you think’s causing it, it all stems out of you. Your pent up stress and restlessness is starting to seep out in most obscure ways, you don’t even see it, do you? If you’re not gonna own the consequences of your ill-considered jive, those haplessly projected, micro-aggressive, prickly little psychic arrows, then you can safely bet your shit’s gone-get-all-gruesome-n-fucked-up-real-fast.
Nah, don’t explain.
Don’t even start.
If you have to, then it’s already too late.
You need to take it and yourself aside and redress.
Not ’round here.
We don’t want to see it, thanks.
It’s you (baby). You’re losing your cool, your nerves be brittle, mind’s bit confused, your body needs a big, long deprived physical release. I can see it don’t take much to test your patience, which escalates from madness into anger in just 3, 2, 1….
Hey… what’s the opposite of attraction?
…losing your shit.?
You can’t win a scrap with that. Not around here…
You only sew the seeds of bitter fruit.
Go away and sort yourself out.
I’m wasting my breath telling you this, aren’t I?
Well, don’t be mad at me, I’m just saying…
for my sake, not yours, that’s all…
Exact Monday, December 03 2018

Wednesday, 28 November


Have a look around.
Everything is going to change anyway. 
So dare not dare to act so dull and incoherent. 
The heir apparent of all those who care to parent
will one day, soon, become transparent to the querent
– it’s all inherent in the winds of change that we inherit,
cavalcade spoils for every effort that you merit,
inquire much deeper, learn the truth, become aware and
by the by wiser unto all in which you weren’t
as you stand witness here, you also stand declarant
that you have now the means to heal all that was errant.


Saturday, 24 November

 ∠ ♇ ∠ ☉ | ☽ ☍ ☿☌☉☌♃ □ | ♆ SD ☉

The warring dualism between ‘matter and spirit’ – the hostile antagonism between our lower, survival-oriented ‘control dramas’ versus the higher ‘holy sacraments’ of life is a struggle still pitched upon this earth by centuries of patriarchal construct and device.

Systems of oppressive government, unfeeling conglomerates of business and patriarchal churchlore had no place in our world at the beginning. These structures are all man-made, neither natural nor true.

Such obtuse transits in our skies only serve to expose the obscenity of our obsequiousness to what has clearly managed to enslave all of humanity. We have fallen prey to worshipping money over nature.

Worship the mighty dollar, or perish they say…
As a species, we are slipping dramatically in our spiritual values. Matters soon becomes meaningless. We are are governed by pernicious forces which seek to keep dividing us with their bloody economics and perfunctory religions.

Our ancient ancestors, whose religions were originated by women, held such perfect reverence for our natural need to maintain sexual-spiritual balance. Their rituals were of pure cosmic ecstasy, and they lived it, body and soul. Their rule was matriarchal – no real leaders, no followers, no hierarchies; no real hierarchical distinctions between mundane, everyday tasks and exalted rituals.

Some of the more receptive members of their clan would act as psychopomps – shamanic trance-channellers who revelled in conducting the sacred rites of ecstacy and sharing of knowledge and experience. The ancients knew life, they knew death and knew the stars above as all part of one ecstatic rite, just as they knew their sacred right to ecstacy.

Let us rediscover ourselves – awaken from this sleeping darkness, this unknowable unknown. Let our divine selves re-emerge out of the shadows cast by our patriarchal past and shine our passionate creative light upon that which tries so desperately to keep us from knowing our true selves.

Wednesday, 21 November

 ⊼ ♅

Worst thing we can do as a society is to try to limit or deny any natural urge or impulse to express ourselves honestly – whether emotional, mental or physical, just because we find it too intense and disturbing.

To forbid or censor something that’s a natural expression; to banish it to the dungeons of ‘taboo’ only forces it to stagnate and stew in its own toxic juices.

Either we must allow it to be wholly satisfied, fully fulfilled and gotten out of one’s system or otherwise we best completely obliterate it from existence.

Whenever freedom of expression, be it speech, written word, intimate action or spirited artform becomes suppressed, it remains there to putrefy and fester.

Such as our puritanical attempts to chastise the natural sex-urge. Whenever we censor sex as a society it only twists and contorts into its darkest aberrations – inevitably degenerating into unholy, unhealthy perversions and morbid fascinations, eventually erupting into the most grotesque, untimely abrupt and shocking manifestations.

☉ △ Ch △ ☊

The tension you’re sensing between you and those whom you’re ‘supposed to love’ is probably due to somebody’s unwillingness to grow or change.
You might try to hide it; but you cannot hide from it. Like Poe’s “tell-tale heart”, the truth thumps louder and louder under the floorboards until you come to trust your inner conscience and find ways to climb out of that skin and just evolve.
Listen to that heart (if it’s still beating).
It’s worth it. True soul connections are rare to find and few between, so make every effort to maintain them.
On the other hand, those roustabouts still held together by a lower, ego-based desire or hidden urges to perpetuate systemic pain & trauma can just go.

Tuesday, 20 November

 □ ♃
“Best way to clear the air is to have it all out in the open.”
~Atticus Finch

Sometimes it takes an argument, sometimes whatever means necessary, sometimes blind luck or fate itself steps in to orchestrate the encounter. Whatever it takes to summon up to courage and come to the table, talk, talk openly, honestly, all cards down. Nothing more healthy than getting it all out there and clearing the air.

Friday, 16 November

There’s no point in trying to argue ‘morals & principles’ with anyone right now. Not that they can’t see any of your attempts to find any reasoning, nor that the discussion isn’t going to be at least ‘interesting’. Just seems that the more we hear and say the more it becomes confounding and just weird.

So what do you do? Just listen and try to understand that you are entering such a surreal level of distorted and dislocated values and ideas, that from this point forward you may as well be seeing the twilight zone reality reflected back to you by that magical little black mirror you’re looking into a thousand times a day.

This is your reality. This is where you’ve been investing much of your life force into.

What did you expect?

Thursday, 15 November

It’s all quite surreal. Those of us who can reflect upon this wonderful delusion are the philosophers.
#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☿ S℞ □ ♆SD

I’m no longer convinced that everyone has a soulmate – someone who will line up next to them and magically cure them of their madness. We are all in this together, and at various times connect in order to learn how to communicate our souls to one another. Sometimes we just happen to align, but more times than often this is due to sympathetic upbringing.

There were lovely moments in your early childhood when a parent or someone close could instinctively guess what you needed. So too, in the early, highly heady days of love, we sometimes have the elevated feeling that we’ve met someone who seems to psychically understand us without us needing to speak. That power, that supernatural force is the effect of outer planets (♅ ♆ ♇) possessing you with the effect that emulates the enmeshed energies you felt from that familiar, caring parent.

All this sets a dangerous illusion in the mating process, whereby we equate true love to someone who magically doesn’t need to have things spelt out to them. So many of the complications that i see in advanced relationships develop where we have things to say that haven’t been said, we expect others to just intuit (or read in us), and we blame them and turn bitter or dissociate when our special partner hasn’t understood what we never explained to them. This expectation of ‘respect’, or ‘respect on ou special terms’ is an expectation of mind-reading, an advanced breakdown effect of the above mentioned outer planets falling out of sync, or passing in transit.

This is why I feel the whole “twin flame” assertion is such a torrid affair. The heightened elation of being in extreme alignment to another being, which in reality is just an uncomfortably intense level of mirroring is going to become excruciating the moment we discover that we are fundamentally flawed. There is a damaging delusion that to criticise the flaws of our beloved is a sign we don’t love them anymore. In actuality, being in love only intimates our proximity to each others’ shortcomings and annoying little foibles. Once we spot these things they need to be mentioned without fear of or hesitancy that they will destroy the love. Communication, honest and true is a brave frontier in relationships, especially those that aspire to reach the (post-egoic) fifth-dimensional qualities of compassion and utter allowance.

Therefore, probably best not trying to define those relationships with any jazzy new-agey terms (like “soulmate” and “twin flame”). I’ve seen examples in my work with people who are so enamoured by the eloquence of the idea of “oh, he’s my twin”, trying desperately to twist and contort their minds into forcing that other person fit into the euphoric ideal of something they believe fits the description of a “twin flame”. Usually it’s an important transit, and when the transit has fleeted past, they are literally left tearing each other to shreds, so badly wanting it to work (in their minds) but knowing in reality, or practically, it has become unhealthy for the same reasons it initiated as the dream.

When i hear people dish out fancy ‘titles’ these days, i’m immediately alerted that this relationship is entwined into some form of ego-enamoured posturing, or as you say a “projection”. It makes us feel important to announce we are “in a relationship with…”; “he’s my home-boy”, “my husband”, “my lover”; “my special teacher” etc. It therefore slips into the class of the ‘conditional’ affair, meaning that it will only function only so long as that person plays that role for for us. Then, when it ceases to, it must end. That’s the 3D world – limited, harsh and full of separations and pain. Not saying that the bond of ‘divine understanding’ cannot exist in that, but only glimpses and rare ones at that.

The elevated form of relationship is one which is timeless/indefinable. The moment we try to define or confine it to ‘thing’ or a place/time it loses its ability to move with us is in real present-time (now/4D), which is an imperative step in reaching the divine (infinite/5D) state. People who are in this state/dimension have overcome the need to define either their own status, or that of those around them.

Understanding the Sacred Union

Tuesday, 13 November

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ♆ ∠ ♅ □ ☊ – ☋/ ☽

How can we hope to deal with all past trauma and abuse when you keep reaching for that bottle? How do we discuss the negativity when you instantly sink into cynicism, pessimism and sarcasm? What does darkness and despair mean to a soul who chooses to interpret those emotions as a chemical reaction in the brain, to be nullified with meds?

Are you not merely amplifying your emotional imbalances by railing towards harmful extremes?

Your emotions are BIG. 
Bigger than you and me combined.
And they take over; possess the power to destroy everything between us – everything that’s good… for good.
Right now, things being tetchy as they are, it don’t take much to set you off on a bender of self-reproach, hatred and emotional mutilation.

Please, won’t you just work together with me? Let’s not be triggered into fright. Do your best to stay grounded, here, with me now.

Monday, 12 November

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☉ ∠ ♄

Some days you feel blocked. You look around and sense that the walls are just too high. Just remember, regardless of what you feel is frustrating you, holding you back, the only limitation is that which you allow to limit and control you: your own mind. You are the master of your own reality; either you can be the victor over your negativity, or the victim of whatever you say is discouraging you.

Master your mind and master yourself. Do not blame others for your chastisements, frustrations, doubts or fears when in truth it is your own mind preventing you from accomplishing your dreams. Do not be your mind’s martyr – become its conqueror.


Sunday, 11 November

 ∠ ☽/♄

Of course you do.
How could you ever forget?
Each painful memory is there, under your skin
like the harrowing wound that tore you open. 
Perhaps in time it healed over with scar tissue
just to spare your vanity…
your sanity…
your pride…
– you may have forgiven; learned your damned lesson,
and the sting of insult and humiliation
from time to time may ease up and abate
but the pain you feel won’t ever subside;
won’t ever quite let you forget.

A perfect moment to look at where we’ve come from and where it is we are going, for sifting through the memories of our past, what we’ve achieved and we have not, searching for remnants and traces about who we are and who, for what it’s worth, we are moving towards becoming.

It can be a confronting time. We may not happily want to contemplate our past lives for too long – we may wish to avoid it. Just like the way the entire human race has found fantastic ways to skip away from the contemplation process, to trick our minds with clever distractions, meandering aimlessly in the endless streams of online confusion and insipid interests, to seek escape from ever processing the deeds of the past or to lay plans for a tomorrow that often seems ever so sparse, indefinite and bleak.

There is a deeper need for us to still our mind, to go to a special place within us all; a place where our past lives on as an eternal part of the present, where the forgotten dreams of those alive and dead are brought alive again, where we ourselves get to relive and to pay honour and tribute to all those who have brought us here, along our journey to this ‘now’. The name of that place is called ‘Remembrance’, an infinitely rich dimension where, with patience, kindness and stillness of our heart and mind, we may make a conscious intention to remember the myriad of lives that we ourselves have lived, and of the lives of those who helped us to live them.

Blessings to all those xx

Saturday, 10 November

♃ △ ☊ △ Ch

What they diagnose as MENTAL ILLNESS is just contact with entities from the spirit realm which you are struggling to INTEGRATE into your physical world. 

It’s common, a lot more common than you think. Especially if you were born and raised into a family or environment where there has been a lot of enmeshed energies, where others (like domineering or weak-willed parents) have usurped your spirit, your aura has become torn, open and exposed to entities from the ‘other side’. These tend to invade you, highjack your spirit and play tricks with your well-being. Of course, if you are not guided, or assisted by your community to see that this is merely a sign that you are merey undergoing a critical shift in consciousness, if you are told you’re mad, or insane; if your depression or psychosis is being dealt with as a “disease” or an “affliction” and you are placed in care or medication, then your divine journey is cut short, or worse still labelled to be “treated an alien/weirdo” from whence begins a whole other journey of alienation and despair.

We have a long way to go with treating the most gifted individuals in our community.

In my own shamanic journey, I became masterful at shifting into a physical being that others would approve of, merely as a course of survival. I was forcibly moved from place to place, culture to culture, family to family, and so had to learn to survive the traumas of separation and abandonment through the honing of my skills to rapidly adapt to my physical environment. For me, as a child, there seemed no other way. But there are many other coping mechanisms for us to stay ‘normal’ in the face of abuse and trauma. Being told that “we don’t fit in” is a beautiful, yet cruel sign that we are struggling to acclimatise our infinite spirit to a finite place/time. Understanding that this is the ‘great white hoax’ is the first step towards your divine shamanic journey.

The other side of this, of course, are those individuals who don’t have faith or courage in their skill or resources to adapt, who refuse to listen to those ‘guiding voices’ from the ‘other side’; who become resigned to being outcasts and weirdos and then adopt a lifestyle which sees them broken, markedly on the edge, forced to hang out with other unintegrated “weirdos” or as loners, provoking society with strange costumes and customs, refusing to be agreeable on any grounds, which can lead to a life of (often violent) difficulties and disillusionments.

Monday, 5 November

[pic: peter kemp]
How about you?
How ignorant are you??

Probably a little bit.
Probably you knows it too.
I bet you keeps your ignorance so guarded that you think it’s safely stashed away in a darkened little 3D vault. So carefully cloistered that you probably wouldn’t dare allude to it, even to your stoogiest of buddies, and if someone should (god-forbid) pick you up on it you are ready to lunge & deny, decry, denounce and destroy.

How dare they call you ignorant??
You, of all people!

Relax… truth is, everyone is ignorant in some way. Some of us grossly ignorant, to the point of being utterly malignant.
How do I know?
Well, that’s irrelevant, but to an intelligent person, you wear it garishly around your neck, and it’s revolting.
What is relevant is whether, from time to time, you dare to ask yourself just how stuck are you in your ways; how hung up on some theory, or belief about some ancient holy cow or out-of-date tradition or ‘constitutional right’.

Sorry to ask, but how fixated are you with your own dogmatic views; your fundamental ‘rights’; your fancy titles and entitlements; to think that can you shut out science, or lambast those who disagree with you and try to point you gently to the facts?

Oh, you think it doesn’t matter…?
That we should go away and leave you alone?

Don’t be so sure. You are not safe.
Nature has an awful way of levelling density and bringing ignorance to ground…

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ URANUS retrogrades out of TAURUS on Tuesday, Nov 6. After a 4 month reprise in Aries, it marches steadily back into Taurus March 6, 2019 where it will trudgeon through until 2026.
URANUS was last in TAURUS between 1934-1942.

Saturday, 3 November

[art: “Cupid and Psyche” François Gérard, 1798]

 29°’℞ Libra, Sqq ♆ ⊼ Ch

Let me explain this to you, gently so you understand it; so that you don’t come away from this with any disappointments or hard feelings:

I understand that you’re upset. It’s common these days. And I get too how you want to believe in me; my will to help you bring about certain changes: to provide comfort; to say some pretty daring things that you believe are true for you.

But know too that for all my efforts I cannot change this world for you. Nobody in the world can change this world for you. Nor can anyone provide any sustainable solution to all your problems. Nobody can have that for you.

Latching yourself onto others, swinging from limb to limb like a monkey may seem cute, but it won’t bring the satisfaction or respite that you divinely quest.

The truth you seek just isn’t out there. Others may provide guidance and care, moral support or inspiration. However, your big questions will ultimately leave you feeling flat and empty, jaded, even angry if you’re looking for absolute surety from others.

Look at it this way: 
The answer you seek is in your question. 
If your question is about you, 
then the answer is ‘you’.


Fellow Travellers,

Halloween may be done, but the Month of November promises some real tricks and treats for us all, mainly due to the significant shifts in planetary ingresses and outgresses occurring from start to end of this month.

The flavour and frequency alters dramatically to what we’ve been accustomed over the past year or so. Most significantly, Jupiter returns to his domicile of Sagittarius. After the past year in Scorpio, where justice was a dish best served with a ‘knife in the back’, we may observe some semblance of law and order trying to be restored again. This, especially by the end of this month (19), when the judicious on takes on a very sneaky and evasive Mars in Pisces. Of course, with Neptune in Pisces, the chances for moral and ethical truth look pretty fat for 2019, and in the end it will be the hypocrisy that kills it. Still we can live in hope and prayer for the premise of a promise. To some people, any dream will do, however implausible.

For now, botth Mercury and Venus Rx exit Scorpio form either end, and since they both switch directions around the same time (mid month), returning to Scorpio in time for December. This month generates some degree of debate and commotion. Since the two most personal planets are in close semisquare with one another, most of the month works up to be a very politically righteous debacle. Expect to see aggressive, ambitious women who are quite involved with restoring balance and equality in their workplaces, finding ways to position themselves or replace their male counter places in their chosen professions. Sharp-tongued debates are filled with ambivalent thinking, inflammatory rhetoric and wishful thinking which (with Mercury turning retrograde – 16th) goes nowhere if not backward.

Mercury spends most of his stationary period squaring Neptune, so expect whatever began with the invective threat of sweet revenge at the end of October ( ☌ ♃ ♏) to deteriorate into deflections of untruths, hyperbole and out-and-out lies. In any sense, a whole new process for determining truth emerges, and it isn’t necessarily fact-based. With the North Node shifting into Cancer, and Uranus into Aries, “intuitive judgement” becomes the flavour of the month. Not for any other reason but because, by the end of month, we universally determine that you just can’t trust a thing you hear or read as factual anyway, and to boot, you may have trouble believing even your own eyes.

Seems like the special effects have spread well beyond your usual Hollywood blockbuster fare.

With Jupiter now in Sadge, everything comes loaded with an ambitious agenda, everyone is out for self-promotion, and everywhere there is movement and positioning. But with the Nodes being messed up by Uranus/Neptune, everywhere people seem disrupted and displaced, like they are flotsam upon the ebb and flow of some great tidal wave. These are the days. This is the time when form and definition start to fuzz out on us, and we start tuning out the great noise of the exterior world and start tuning in. Deep, deep within.

It’s a marvelous time for those who choose to stay grounded and wise. What does that mean? Well, are you one of the early adopters of a philosophy that says that the best way to stay sane is to shut your mouth and stay away from the rat race? Well, that’s kinda the sage way… sanity through alienation. May sound like an old Radiohead song, but there’s freedom in finding your own strength and being content with your aloneness. Uranus in Aries just brings that home nicely, and with The North Node in Cancer, we slowly learn how to divorce ourselves from the insatiable need to succeed at everything society has told us to aspire to, and through a chain of very intense experiences, slowly open up our inner sensitivities.

This is a wonderful time to be incarnated for all the lightworkers, spiritual warriors, and Bodhisattvas. People are beginning to awaken en masse, and though these next few weeks are filled with some degree of confusion, loss of consciousness and denial of the inevitable end (to the old world), it is the sloppy mudswirl that humanity needs to loosen those stodgy old sticks that refuse to budge.

In saying that, don’t expect things to change overnight. The big sticks have got a lot invested in this show. They are not about to become dislodged without making an incredibly spectacular finale. The 3D picture gets even more black and white, extremely more polarised, and left starts to look so far from right that its scary, wherever you choose to stand. With Jupiter semi-squaring Pluto (29th) whatever folks (the masses) might imagine is going happen, things often materialise quite differently. The big powers have got a grand job to do, and they won’t be satisfied until the mission is accomplished, no matter how destructive or impractical it looks. Chances are, those pulling the strings aren’t so much concerned with the consequences of their actions, since they don’t plan to be around for too much longer anyway.

And so, for us, the cosmic pioneers who are already romancing with notions of infinity and abundance, we are the ones who must remain untarnished and unshaken by the slings and arrows of this ridiculousness. We refuse to be controlled because, in essence, we are closer and closer to self-contentment. One thing the Leo North Node period taught us – when everything you need to be happy is already in you, and you can manifest happiness everywhere you go, then you soon learn to want for nothing to feel complete. For he who wants nothing, can never be controlled.

Blessings, and have an amazing month xx

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