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Those who said “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” were probably talking about Venus in Scorpio, now stationary and about to retrograde at 10°50′ Scorpio (Oct 5) and heads back to 25°15′ Libra (Nov 16). Due to her hard aspects to a long-duelling Mars/Uranus and square to the Nodes – doesn’t bode for happy times, unless you are a stickler for tyranny, jealousy and curses in your affairs.

I know, I know… people think Venus and think love, but this is an epochal transit. Love comes with an enormous amount of stripping and shredding. As we have already seen in the lead-up, this is already proving to be a revolutionary call to action for a duel between the sexes.

There has never been a civil war between the genders. After Mars’ tediously unstable time retrograding through the reformist Aquarius, events are somehow conspiring to divide this planet, and what could be more fundamentally divisive than the most common denominator in just about every household than masculine vs feminine?

We get this. Surely we must. It seems that the dice of fate are supremely loaded. They’re loaded with such intent to settle a score which for years, decades… centuries… millenia has seen this world unfairly divided. Always for no ‘good’ reason. Division and separation, exclusion and limitation are the domain of Saturn. Through Saturn’s historic reign over 3D ‘linear time’, never has there been a ‘good’ reason for the world to be divided. Usually the constraints are over characteristics that we cannot change at birth – be they skin-colour, beauty, nationality, heritage, creed, background, class, economic status, family privilege, land-claim and sovereignty…

…oh, and let’s forget the obligatorily obvious: Gender

We have now reached the point of ultimate division. Since 2014 we have talked much about the ultimate “divergence of humanity”. The Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014 would mark a distinct moment in history: It was the point from which humanity would become increasingly pulled apart in all significant directions.

From that critical time of conflicting grand awareness, we realised that certain things of ‘matter’ between us could never agree, and our skewed points of view would become increasingly weighted so that  ‘matter’ became ‘baggage’ so heavy that it manifested as obtuse annoyance.

Awareness of our ‘differences’ would continue to divide us so diametrically, to such an absolute degree that through our irritability and squabbling we would eventually break down among us to the most common, most empirical denominator… the individual Self. It is our individual sovereignty that we are ready to honour, defend, wage war to protect.

We are near. This war is beyond any cross-nation war. We have seen many, many wars over the ages, over who-knows-what. Wars have always been waged between tribes and among individuals – often about things they do not understand.

World Wars…

Internally too, we have seen much in-fighting between our own peoples – between us and them, between us and our institutions, between us and our churches, corporations, political parties and their leaders. This is becoming a more and more common phenomenon, especially thanks to digital media. And of course, most recently – in the past 12 months, we have seen it most domestically, between ourselves and those we love – those who are ‘supposed to’ love and compliment us. Those with whom we live, who have made us feel whole; made us feel complete. The in-fighting is closing more and more “in”, and every day we awaken to feel a strange sense of alienation from the outer world; we awaken to find that the human divergence has now all but taken place inside our own homes.

On every matter, we seem to be split into many disparate parts, becoming upset and arguing over anything, breaking up, disbanding and unfollowing each other over differences which are essentially meaningless, but we place so much value upon. We are each armed with our little black, wireless devices of incendiary intent and we fire incessant missiles of invective at one another in this full-scale digital battleground. For many, it is becoming a most uncivil ‘civil war… the most paradoxically antisocial ‘social network’. The internet has gone from the initial promise of becoming te ultimate instrument of ‘freedom to share’, to the most toxically ‘divisive tool’. We see the most toxic, divisive intellectual assaults coming not only from everyday people, but from world leaders and high court judges and media commentators – people appointed to stay fair and diplomatic.

As we enter October, we observe that the harmonising Libra Sun having a great deal of turbulence on its hands as it tries to restore  balance among us. Next Tuesday’s New Moon at 15°♎48′, squaring Pluto shows just how dire the fight between lightness and dark has become.

Ruled by Venus, this Libra lunation comes at such a markedly debilitating point. The Sun in its fall during Libra, which means its ability to make decision and act in authority is severely. mitigated. Venus’s detriment in Scorpio weakens things yet again. Scorpio is the sign of the zodiac that explores that which the outer “authorities” have labeled taboo. In Scorpio we learn to observe the flow of ‘power’ and identify what it is that constitutes authentic power. Scorpio’s rulers Pluto and Mars are in conflict to both the Sun and Venus, respectively. The archetype of the shaman and the alchemist, Scorpio is the only sign with three symbols which describe the possible ways its energy will express as it gains mastery.

The Scorpion is the first symbol – it reactively (and often with a lethal blow) stings others in self-protection because it doesn’t yet grasp that what it does to others it does to itself. At the next level is the eagle, who has learned to soar above the lower forms of human drama but remains predatory and judgmental, eager to consume its selective prey. At the highest level, Scorpio’s key totem is symbolized by the Phoenix, the mythological bird of India. Legend has it that as the Phoenix was about to die it would sing a hauntingly beautiful song and all of creation would be reminded of what really matters. Then the Phoenix would burst into flames and from its ashes a new bird arose. Pluto is currently stationed at 18°♑45′ after turning direct on Sep 30.

Venus is now moving so slowly that she too is considered stationary – the period when her energy is vibrationally most intense because it is focused in one place – not moving. She will turn retrograde on Friday, Oct 05 2018, 19:07 UTC. When a planet has a retrograde cycle, it is primarily inverting the normal flow of conscious experience, resulting in a changing of direction, focus, and attention. In general, retrograde cycles often redirect consciousness down different avenues, or back to the past to clear ourselves of any residual influences on the present.

Venus’ retrograde takes place between 10°50′ Scorpio to 25°15′ Libra (Nov16) . Venus has been in her shadow since Sep 03 and will finally exit this cycle on Dec 18.


When Venus is retrograde she symbolically begins her descent into the underworld, finally to returning at the other end, replenished and renewed. Her task is to provide a restoration of old themes or dynamics, especially in our relationships that we may have felt we had already processed or tied off, but in a karmic sense still haunt, or influence us subconsciously. Venus last had her retrograde in Scorpio in Oct-Nov 2002 and again in 2010. Unresolved issues prevalent at that time could resurface at this time. You may gain insight into Venus’ focus this retrograde by reflecting on your life circumstances during that time.

When Venus enters her retrograde cycle, we are invited to investigate the darker or hidden dimensions of ourselves, and others – often resulting in the unveiling of shadow matter projected onto other people around us. This allows us to adopt a different lens from which to observe ourselves and those with whom we interact. We want to be receptive to these deeper perceptions, and simply take it all in as opposed to trying to change things during the actual retrograde. It’s best to use the retrograde period for objective witnessing with the intent to see what’s going on with fresh eyes. Since our exterior relationships reflect our own internal dynamics, the most enlightened perception would be to see any flaws or shadows as our own, and to learn to integrate and heal these within ourselves.

Because the Venus cycle itself is so complex it can be challenging to make rational sense of “why” we’re undergoing such awful challenges in our affairs, or what unfinished business we have with the people we’re involved with and typically, due to our willingness to be guided, things often organically unfold the way they’re meant to. If one is privy to the deeper dynamics of their horoscope, then it can often become clear what type of role the situation or individual is playing, and what we can be done to support healing, resolution, and understanding.


In order to gain greater insight into Venus’ retrograde cycle, we need to keep in mind her association with the signs Taurus and Libra because they compose the two facets of Venus’ archetype. Taurus represents the earthy side of Venus, the sensual, pleasure-seeking side that understands that life is meant to be more pleasure than struggle. The Taurus influence also symbolizes our capacity to form and identify what we personally value. All of our choices in life are guided by our values. While Venus is retrograde, we are presented with the opportunity to ask ourselves, “Do my life circumstances reflect my values?” This Venus retrograde is our grand opportunity to examine our values and ensure that they are not prescribed replicas of what our family or social circle may have determined ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be of value to us. Further to this, we need to examine whether we feel worthy enough to receive the abundance and pleasure. Through Venus, we strive to bring pleasure into our lives wherever possible. Through her direct connection to the Sun, she helps us see pleasure as a truth, not as some secret sin.

From the perspective of Libra, it is our relationships that provide a means for the formation of a personal value system. This is not just referring to our most personal relationships, but also our relationship to all of life: our partners, our job, our family, our life situation, to money, to mother earth, to strangers, to the natural and supernatural world. We are in relationship to every aspect of life. For Venus, relationships are the currency exchange that defines our value system by identifying what we like and don’t like. We all have preferences, things we prefer and things we refuse. During the course of our lives we are presented with the dilemma of having to choose one opportunity over others. It’s Venus’ association with Libra that is concerned with the process of making those choices of what to engage and what to let be. People and circumstances may leave our life at this time to make room for that which fits us better.

Additionally, Venus also seeks to maintain inner and outer balance, modulating and harmonising the conflicting factors that exist within our psyche, which tend to manifest in our external circumstances so that we can mediate and heal them. Venus’ retrograde cycle encourages us to examine what is out of balance in our lives and take the steps to restore our equilibrium. It’s a great time to exercise doing things for ourselves each day that will reward us with pleasure. We will also want to be aware of any behaviours that block or deny our receiving what is necessary in order to have peace, balance, joy and pleasure in our lives.

Cultivating Venus’ energy now will also support you in being aware of what is guiding your choices. Additionally, Venus will help you become more deeply conscious of what you want to do with your wealth, talents, and best assets as she reminds you that ‘you’ (or that intrinsic life-force by which you identify) is your most precious commodity. Learning how to access this, value it and put it out there is an internalising process, brought to you by the Venus retro.

Your soul is eager to shine its beautiful, unique light and demonstrate its creative power to grow your experience. The creator-light within you appreciates all of creation itself. It is through your affinity to Venus’s magnetic power of attraction now which determines your choices of what is ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘joyful’, ‘sorrowful’ etc. – the force which regulates the ebbs and the flows of your own heart’s desire, which seeks to become whole with the universe around you. From the perspective of that wholeness, everything is an expression of the infinite being that you inherently are, experiencing itself through its humanity, here on planet earth.

I must learn to love the fool in me – the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also harbor and who would rob me of human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my fool.
~ Theodore Rubin


As mentioned, since Venus is in detriment here, there is a strange restlessness in the airwaves. We are not content and we don’t know why. We are made to feel like something is missing in our lives, like enough is never enough, and so the secret desire energy veers to extremes and we start coveting until it just amounts to severe gluttony. Even those who have chosen the spiritual path will be tempted to break their abstinence to indulge in ‘matter’ or ‘flesh’. It is as if external forces from our repressed self (or the darkside) are trying to possess us, “manipulate” us into engaging in corrupt thoughts and devious designs which are corrosive rather than cohesive to our soul purpose. Of course, it’s just the ego, here, but we struggle.

Hence, we develop an intense need to overcome these supernatural forces enticing us into places that may hamper or destroy our spiritual progress. Impatience, boredom or distraction can easily lead us to break ranks and engage into contracts or alliances that are treacherous or demeaning to our highest values.

Past grudges, unresolved feuds, harboured psycho-sexual traumas and knife-sharpening vendettas are the impetus for lashing out, often uncontrollably. We seek to destroy those things that trigger us, not knowing that it is ourselves we are trying to destroy. Must focus on destroying the parts of our old selves that we are carrying, the unresolved bitterness that keeps us apart and alienated from wholeness to others..


In the final fortnight of this retrograde Venus, now in its domicile sign find it hard to decide whose side to take. So it tries to get by on taking on the side of others (just to be on the safe side). Unfortunately this becomes a damned state since by this stage there is no ‘side’ that is safe at all, and her peacemaking energies get tossed from one extreme to the other. We find out the hard way that, try as we may, we can’t please everyone – in fact, can’t please anyone unless we please ourselves, and since by this stage we’ve probably lost or forgotten what we truly value and desire about ourselves, we start to develop a kind of emotional paralysis, an inner discontent which comes from the realisation (full awakening will come by Venus’ final opposition to Uranus – Dec 1) that we have just been a gullible patsy or stooge for the mob.

By the end of this ordeal, we learn exactly who we are and what we value against everything we think we should and ultimately could be.


It is a long struggle with values, likes and dislikes. Because of our tendency for exteriorisation and the heavily psychoactive drives of Scorpio we become triggered by things that we can no longer stand, or that we feel we must have at all costs (to make up for lost time).

As Venus squares Mars for the second time (Oct 11), sores picked during the first square (Sep 08) become so inflamed that it seems likely to manifest as a backlash over any disgruntlements, disagreements and conflicts, particularly between the masculine-feminine. Not the easiest time to get along with those of the opposite gender, since the expectations (mostly historical or cultural) for the other to make concessions due to gender ‘entitlement’, reaches boiling point and spills over.

This tension will not end until Nov 09 when these two energy find mediation with a trine. However, by that stage much force has amassed on both sides to either arm-up defenses or to cede defeat, and it is probably a combination of these two which places great jeopardy to those still intent on making exterior projections of their innermost repressed, unresolved desires for power and control.


By the end of his retrograde cycle we are either steeped in tortuous self judgement, exteriorised in extreme polarisations and disharmony or we learn to own and manage our personal power of attraction. As we say on the ‘cosmic bus’ engaging by being alert in non-judgmental attentiveness to your own thoughts, actions and feelings puts us in touch with that presence within us that abides – remaining unchanging and undisturbed – no matter what is going on around us.

Learning to welcome your soul’s presence, a state of ‘being’ that brings a quality of love and light and meaningfulness and purpose to all that you do is no accident. It comes from practice of staying mindful that you have the power to choose, to own, to engage or to just…. not.

The very picture of a whole person is one who can drink wine, dance on the beach, sing in the rain and at the same time enjoy the depths of understanding and wisdom that belong to the sage. Half of humanity has been accepting the inner world but denying the outer world. The other half of humanity has been accepting the material world and denying the inner world. Both are half and no person who is half can be contented. You have to be whole: rich in the body, rich in science, rich in meditation, rich in consciousness.

For things to improve, they must reach a critical mass. We are kicking against the pricks, fighting extreme darkness with absolute light. Ultimately, VENUS is all about creating greater abundance, beauty, and balance in our world. That begins with each individual and ripples out like waves upon the ocean of humanity.
Make the decision to allow it to begin within you. Find the light deep inside and let it shine upon your own inner darkness. This is the way each of us individually and collectively creates a better world for ourselves and the generations of humanity to come.


If you would value having cosmic guidance around cultivating the best of the planetary energies influencing your chart in life-affirming ways, this is an excellent time to schedule a consultation to gain deeper insight into Venus’ retrograde influence, as well as the other influences highlighted in your birth and progressed charts at this time. BOOK A SESSION HERE

You might also find a personal Relationship Reading helpful during Venus’ retrograde period if you are seeking deeper insights into issues you are experiencing in a significant partnership. We discuss the themes and issues relevant between two people, whether personal or business. This comprehensive reading includes discussion of the dynamics in each individual partner’s chart, the dynamics between the two partners and the dynamics of the Composite chart, which is the chart of the relationship itself as a third entity. BOOK A RELATIONSHIP SESSION HERE

The ‘Venus Retrograde Special Message’ is also a great insight for delving into how Venus is likely to influence your activities, resources and relationships. It covers the entire Venus retrograde period and looks deeply at the soul’s journey through this, as according to your sign. Read both your Sun Sign (Spirit) and Rising Sign (Personality) to get a full overview of what themes are undergoing changes. (see below for links to your sign).

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