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THE WEEK AHEAD: October 22-28

After a month of bestowing us with the ‘harmonising light’ to bridge better relations, our all-powerful Sun shifts out of Libra and into Scorpio this week. This means that our big chance to find mediation and restore greater balance in our world has been graciously showered upon us, and hopefully lovingly received by all. Whether we made the most out of that experience or found ‘interesting’ ways to deny, pervert, and distort this so-called ‘harmonising light’ is another matter altogether. Anyway, the chance was there.

Here are this week’s main aspects….

Ch Mon Oct 22  08:22 Sun 28°53′ Quincunx Chiron 28°53′
Sqq Mon Oct 22  11:17 Sun 29°00′ Sesquisquare Neptune 14°00′
Mon Oct 22  19:11 Mercury 18°52′ Sextile Pluto 18°52′
  Tue Oct 23  01:50 Mercury 19°15′ Semisquare Saturn 04°15′
in Tue Oct 23  11:23 Sun 00°00′ Conjunction Uranus
  Wed Oct 24  00:47 Sun 00°33′ Opposition Uranus 00°33′
Jn in Wed Oct 24  06:59 Juno 00°00′ Conjunction Mercury
Wed Oct 24  12:52 Venus 04°22′ Sextile Saturn 04°22′
Wed Oct 24  16:46 Moon 01°13′ Opposition Sun 01°13′
Wed Oct 24  19:46 Sun 01°21′ Square Node 01°21′
Fri Oct 26  14:17 Venus 03°07′ Conjunction Sun 03°06′
Sun Oct 28  02:53 Sun 04°38′ Sextile Saturn 04°38′

From Tuesday, the Solar intelligence coming through Scorpio progresses our operating frequencies into the fixed/water modality, and the experience becomes imbued with extremely strong feelings. During the next month, conscious attention shifts to observing matters from beneath their superficial veneer, seeping deeply into the very complex heart of what motivates them. We seek to feel our way closer to the source of what moves us, understand what inspires and animates us, and in typically fixed (or fixated) fashion, we may also see how some may stop at nothing to satisfy the whole ‘hard core’ experience.

The Sun will also join forces with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, also currently transiting the intensely emo Scorpio. The compendium of energies generates a critical mass, a movement assigned to come up with meaningful answers and serious accountability (☿☌ ♃, ∗ ♇) for what it is we value and how much this means to us.

Yeah, values.

Venus’ inferior conjunction of with the Sun at 03°♏07′ (Friday) only intensifies the depth of feeling and quality of emotion we invest in expressing appreciation and gratitude. This special transit becomes the key agent for massive changes this week.

Wednesday’s Taurus Full Moon promises to be a total shocker. Its conjunction to disruptive Uranus (squaring the karmic Moon’s Nodal axis), guarantees that no amount of ‘expectations’ in the way we are accustomed to give and receive pleasure, favours, material and financial security from our usual contacts can feel satisfactory enough, especially if our joy is rooted in meaningless or worthless exchanges. Time, resources, faith and energy suddenly runs out for things/materials/financial interests based on clichés, lies and utter nonsense.

Yeah, values.

Situations – be they of love or hostility – end quite dramatically if their essential purpose in our lives is to make fodder and securing ties. Those things we do not deeply understand or whose worth is based on Saturnian concepts of separation, jealousies and greed (♀ ∗ ♄) become re-appraised. Only the soundest, most groundest of investments and contacts can endure. So look around – see wobbly things/relationships/markets come crashing if indeed they were built on phoney foundations, speculation and misrepresentation. Even those things you thought were super steady may surprise you by collapsing. Why? Because they were built on shaky, flaky, earthquaky values…

…yeah, values.

The Sun’s opposition to Uranus also accelerates public and social awareness. Explosive revelations, genius insights and disastrous discoveries shift our collective consciousness to irrevocable state of affairs. These things quickly trickle into our economic markets. There are also earthquakes going on in all in socio-political circles. I know you probably think things have been pretty insane already, but so far it’s been but a mere a rumble. If the incumbent rulers don’t hear the rumble and start to change things up, the rumble will quickly escalate to a horrendous roar. Uranus brings insurgent rebellions, revolutions and even violent uprisings.

All bases are loaded, ready to explode.

Those who are blindly engaged in crude partisanship and talking-point pugnaciousness; those caught up in the endless fighting about nothing; those who cannot embrace something more progressive and sustainable are charged with temper and risk entering a protracted period of turmoil and unrest as soon as Uranus re-enters Aries (Nov 6). For those who are deeply invested in the world of separation, this is only the beginning of a world where disorder and chaos reign wildly.

Not wanting to sound dour, but unless we become intent on taking politics into our own hands and reshaping it – then the stormy mood swings experienced by ourselves, strangers and loved-ones alike, our own overinflated investment into ignorant beliefs, practices and economic values, ushering in disruptions and violent disasters of the earth’s own disturbed climate, leading us into heavy losses.

What do we do?
Get busy.
Start by not running away from true gains because they come with pains to your ego. Have the audacity to ask questions when you see something is leading you into a phoney or dark place. Ask what it is we truly value between us and why we choose to buy into it. If you love the sweet honey, be prepared to be stung by a busy bee. And if anaphylactic shock is not your thing, I suggest you stay away from the buzzing madness of the busy hive.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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