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THE WEEK AHEAD: October 15-21

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In the final week of the Sun’s journey through Libra, we observe the transition of those who dare to outwardly express their desire for justice, fairness and equanimity about to shift dramatically toward the desire for power, to execute change, exact vengeance and even ‘death’ – be it only figuratively or metaphorically.

It’s not so easy to discriminate between the desire for justice and the desire to exact revenge. It’s all very tight and can be a fine line to draw. Of course, justice is certainly something worth pursuing in the sense where it is the minimum force necessary to bring things back into balance. Revenge, however, just seems to take things one step further, where the risk of matters spiralling out of control is not only difficult to predict, but even more treacherous to bring them under control again.

This week, a preponderance of energies already in Scorpio, including Libra’s ruler Venus, has already foreshadowed a kind of nasty and intriguing politics. This sets the scenario for the very formidable battlefield that we might expect to witness between us in the coming few weeks. So hold centre. If you can.

Much will come along to shift us in ways that promise irrevocable changes to our precious bits and coins, and though this spells a sense of dread or drama to many who wish to remain ignorant, or the ‘performatively woke’ operators or the ‘social justice warriors’ out there, us ‘evolutionary bloodhounds’ are always ready to show up for the latest cosmic developments in store…

Here are this week’s main transits: 

Mon Oct 15 20:21 Mercury 08°51′ Conjunction Venus 08°51′
Tue Oct 16 18:02 Moon 23°19′ Square Sun 23°19′
  Ch Thu Oct 18 18:13 Mars 14°01′ Semisquare Chiron 29°01′
Sqq Ch Fri Oct 19 08:46 Mercury 14°00′ Sesqui Chiron 29°00′
Fri Oct 19 09:48 Mercury 14°03′ Trine Neptune 14°03′
Fri Oct 19 17:24 Mercury 14°31′ Square Mars 14°31′

To kick this week off, MERCURY’s conjunction to a retrograding VENUS falls exactly on Monday at 08°51′. Here we see the primary conductors of the Sun’s electromagnetic forces combine: thoughts (☿/electrical) & feelings (♀/magnetic) come together like a highly conductive magnetic rod. It’s irresistibly attractive. However, due to Venus’ retrograde, it feels much like beauty staring at herself in the mirror, and in Scorpio the attraction is so mysteriously deep that she becomes hopelessly intoxicated by her own beguiling witchiness. [See your sign below for your Venus retrograde reading]

Aries/Aries Rising
Taurus/Taurus Rising
Gemini/Gemini Rising
Cancer/Cancer Rising
Leo/Leo Rising
Virgo/Virgo Rising
Libra/Libra Rising
Scorpio/Scorpio Rising
Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising
Capricorn/Capricorn Rising
Aquarius/Aquarius Rising
Pisces/Pisces Rising 

Being mesmerised by the reflection of one’s own beauty creates a double-seeded image-distortion, a hypnotic ideation that does not necessarily impart one to the healthiest of outcomes. Whilst to some degree it is important (and healthy) to possess some sense of love and appreciation for oneself, when taken to idealised heights and without ‘ventilation’ to any accurate external reference points, becoming grossly enamoured with oneself can tend towards excessive displays of vanity and narcissistic behaviour.

‘Narcissistic Personality’ is the clinical disorder named after Narcissus – the Greek mythological hero who fell in love with his own reflection. He would stare at himself endlessly in the watery pool, transfixed by his own image, getting so high on his beauty that eventually the poor fool falls into the pool and drowns.

Freud used the term ‘narcissist’ to describe those who became so blindly self-absorbed and since then, psychoanalysts have gone to town on the narcissist’s need to prop up his or her self-esteem through grandiose fantasy, exaggerated ambition, exhibitionism, and feelings of entitlement. It is a mental condition that can create all kinds of destructive complications, often misplaced as creative or glorious expressions.

Needless to say, this week’s squares to the Black Moon Lilith, alongside Mars at the South Node, reveal the toxic effects of today’s Facial Media Twitterscape which has created a veritable Instamania for the garden-variety narcissist. And, for those Über-Narceholes, it has created monsters the likes of which could only be described as a ‘Joe Goebbels’ wet dream’.

Of course, on the mundane level, we have seen many changes in the ways in which we relate to one another in the flesh. There has been a growing detachment and emotional dissociation, even our most intimate of relations, a tendency towards greater disengagement in genuine soul-to-soul contacts, and the inability to spend quality time with one another without distraction into meaningless and frivolous interests and affairs.

This kind of EMF frenzy, brought upon us by the digital age comes to a head by the end of this week when Mercury (thanks to his own retrograde, mid-Nov) heads toward the first of three squares to Mars (Fri).

This is an interesting point to watch, since Mercury is by now negatively charged by the Venus Rx polarity. Retrograde energies bring a time of review, reversal, and taking a reflective perspective on past experiences. Elements stored deeply in the subconscious mind rise to the surface, seldom in the most direct or distinct fashion. The squares to Mars may just be the trigger point where our past narcissistic efforts of the past can come to a head as we realise what a meaninglessly repugnant and insipid state of values we have created for ourselves.

Do anything mean anything anymore?
Sure… but hey – do we all agree? A lot of us are placing meaning in the opinions of the consensus, and by the end of this week, things start to shift dramatically.

In the past week, we have already seen the global stock-markets start to quiver as Mercury hit the Uranus/Node square. We can expect more of this kind of thing as Venus does the same throughout November. We start to re-evaluate our own personal investment in a self-image, people, matters that are, in the end, largely meaningless. Like playing with monopoly money, speculating ourselves on digital platforms is not real. It’s just a game, and when it’s over that money buys you nothing.

As the game draws to completion, even the big ‘winners’ stand to gain nothing if the big lessons have not been about developing inner strength, social skills and confidence to bargain openly and fairly. Learning to win gracefully and with compassion for those who struggle is a bonus. Most of all, not taking one’s token image in ‘the game’ too seriously helps tremendously, and those who have shown too little or no regard for the feelings of other players may struggle once the board game is packed up and we return back to being ‘human’ with one another.

Since Black Moon Lilith – that repository of our darkest, most repressed desires – is now midway between Mars and the South Node in Aquarius, there can be little mirth nor sympathy left for those who are lost in self-fancies and addictive auto-distractions. Like the Kanye in the White House, staring agog into the face of the Trumpster, the feedback-loop created by the blinding afterglow of narcissism resembles two mirrors held up to one another… space-time goes infinitely deep until it warps into a weird, self-diminishing vanishing point… And then, like the wrath of a trillion Kardashians, we disappear into the insignificance of obscurity when after all, nobody cares because the old game is up and the currency we were trading in is worthless.

Moreover, when you walk home and you’re still thinking violent things in relationship to other players (like when you walk home from work, or that party, or that online discussion) – things that you probably should have said but didn’t, then you have to pay attention to those dark things building in the back of your imagination. They’re telling you that you haven’t been courageous enough in your life and are building up a kind of resentment that could explode outwards and destroy things, somewhere – who knows where now.

As usual, we have things to learn, and these come more apparent to us as the month progresses. I will be discussion the impact of all this repressed energy and how the Taurus Full Moon (Oct 24) becomes a real sudden upset to our entire socio-economic system during this week’s ‘Cosmic Bus’ stop (Wed/Thu – usual time for cosmic tribe members).

Meanwhile, we must try to conduct ourselves as genuinely as we can, hopefully in ways that helps to improve our life, or at least in ways that see our suffering being forestalled. Moreover, it is our mission to constrain malevolence and suffering to the degree where positive improvement is possible for all things at all levels. Taking the most appropriate action; stepping up to take responsibility for ourselves, provides opportunity to allow the true meaning and purpose to what our life is about. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit uncertain. When you consciously engage your unconscious self – cast your physical body into situations which you are consciously sure are being useful and healthy, then meaningfulness finds you and you begin to feel a coherence to what the universe wants for you.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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