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Whatever you may be reading, seeing, perceiving out there, it is only an ‘official statement’, a trick of the light or a ruse to distract you from what’s really going on under the surface. The more we learn, the more we realise we know nothing really. We’ve been kept in the dark. The ‘reality’ is that the ‘forces’ running the show out there are not in any way in confluence to what you’re reading from deep within. You will be tested to make things match, even pressured…

But don’t be so convinced. Reserve judgement. The facts are far from being gathered and a conclusion is a way, way away.

The jury is out on this ‘reality’ show.

So keep on a-riding…

Whilst, in the past, you were ready to accept that maybe there was something wrong with you, perhaps you were slow, or stupid, or your reasoning and powers of perception were a little askew, it seems that lately there is far too much weight; too much ‘evidence’ coming up from within (somewhere deep inside you) to try to reconcile with the messages that the outer world keeps propping up as ‘facts’. As we see this week, if you choose to engage; to try to argue and refute; to try to dispute or disprove what in your heart you know is true, then the product or outcome may be that you just offend or disagree, which leads to greater chaos and division.

And there’s enough of that already.

In the next few weeks/months, the questions become louder, and whilst we fool ourselves, or become fooled enough to believe that the answers may be ‘out there’, unless we learn to go ‘listen in’ and trust in what is coming through, until we develop the power to stand true on the inner voice, stop fighting it, we will continue to see a world which is devious and corrupt.

And it’s not.

We just let it fool and distract us. We allow it to make us feel crazy and wild.

Here are the main transit for this week…

Tue Oct 09  03:47 Moon 15°48′ Conjunction Sun 15°48′
Sqq Tue Oct 09  13:16 Mercury 29°16′ Sesqui Neptune 14°16′
Ch Tue Oct 09  15:21 Mercury 29°24′ Quincunx Chiron 29°24′
in Wed Oct 10  00:41 Mercury 00°00′
  Wed Oct 10  17:36 Mercury 01°06′ Opposition Uranus 01°06′
Thu Oct 11  02:30 Venus 10°17′ Square Mars 10°17′
Thu Oct 11  16:02 Mercury 02°32′ Square Node 02°32′
Fri Oct 12  04:07 Sun 18°47′ Square Pluto 18°47′
Fri Oct 12  08:21 Mercury 03°34′ Sextile Saturn 03°34′
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The New Moon (Tuesday) is an excellent reset point. It is a fine time to regain our composure and put out the intention that in order to have peace we must draw the line with the ‘forces’ that keep trying to pressure us to change against our will. Nothing about our Selves is in alignment with giving our power, our energy, our precious resources to those who want to abuse and exploit them for their own selfish agendas.

Let’s sit, listen in, develop a strong intention, then act by holding the fort on any bullying nonsense. Let us stay empowered and act not in anger and dissent towards others over differences on this. It’s silly. Do not engage in what we know we cannot affect. Let us not let it affect us. See that the world will continue to get more and more extreme with how it’s going to project its crap. The exterior knows that it is losing its grip over you. It suspects that it is losing its organised stranglehold over your intuition. The special effects show out there is getting more and more desperate and ever more spectacular in trying to steal your attention away from your source. It is finding it harder to persuade you against your Self and your brothers and sisters.

Know that you will not be given to the cheap chicanery and perfunctory stories that is being pulled off as ‘reality’ or ‘spirituality’.

Make an intention to stand with poise and composure. Do not become worked up over a nuisance. Do not identify with or against it. It is all you after all, and either you come to it with power and authority to love and forgive it for ‘trying’ to test you, either you assist it to move on or you stand to become embroiled in its pernicious little game to tease and to divide you.

I’ll see you tomorrow, if you’re on the bus – we will continue our discussions then. We live in the most exciting and refreshing times.

Many Blessings and an amazing week to you xx

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