NEW MOON at 15°48′ LIBRA: Tuesday, October 09, 03:47 UTC

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With Libra, a cardinal/air sign, the soul begins to acknowledge the presence of another soul, and via the ego – the expression of the personality, sees that it keeps the interests of the other in mind whenever acting or reacting. Of course, personalities differ, so the fun is all in the interaction and how to keep the peace while going about trying to satisfy one’s ego business/pleasure.

At a Libra New Moon, the activation of any new venture at this time is with aim to keep (or create) harmony and balance in whichever affair is highlighted. In many ways we make a start, a promise, set an intention to find a method or sweet spot where we can wilfully oblige others, as well as instinctively meet them halfway, totally persuade them we can make things nicer, more workable, more peaceful. Using our intellectual (air) ability to discuss, we initiate (cardinal) an engagement where civilised debate – strategy and tact, guile and subtle manipulation – is employed to bring ourselves and another into a more balanced, sustainable and peaceable position.

With the ruler of Libra, Venus now retrograde, the potential for massive relationship/political turbulence is heightening to unforeseen levels. Like a serpent shedding its skin, the preceding days of the dark moon holds the power either to annihilate, or to heal and regenerate – depending on our clarity and capacity to see the significance of this moment and flow with its rhythms. We see a new, internalised appraisal of what is of value in our lives and what just has to go, and how sometimes we will ruthlessly set out to destroy it if it continues to impede our progress (see Venus in retrograde article here)

The current Sun/Pluto dynamic will roll out those charismatic and compelling kinds, whose will is to effectively bring about some kind of transformation in our lives. They come to us with no uncertain agenda – they see what’s expiring and with much purpose and authority, seek out to dismantle and destroy it, break it down to the point of complete disintegration so that it can once again regenerate. Of course, if it’s not fully “expired”, there may be wars. In the end there can be only one survivor and it’s a fight to the death. Life will never be the same for neither, but to the Sun/Pluto type, they are used to this (see also Scorpio/8th house).

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This powerful transformative process occuring at New Moon affects those whose own unintegrated emotions are so deeply buried that they remain unconscious. These are hidden in the cellular body, sometimes for a lifetime. Personal matters now become extremely charged, deep emotions become triggered, and consequent reactions can easily get violently enraged and difficult to control. Underlying, body-stored traumas seek to find release one way or another. Any excuse will do. Current dynamics in our everyday drama will produce individuals or instances which will precipitate such a climax.In the case of the Libra New Moon, the quest for peace and justice becomes so intensely aroused by those who willfully wield ambition, force, power, domination, and aggression. One way or another, whether it is with or without your consent, whatever you place your attention upon will set you off into a new journey of psycho-emotional breakdown and regeneration. As is always the way with Pluto, you will never again be the same again, whichever direction you decide to go (nor should you want to be).

The ‘NEW MOON Special Message and Intention’ is also a great insight into how the energies are coming together to guide you soul’s journey at this moment, as according to your sign. Read both your Sun Sign (Spirit) and Rising Sign (Personality) to get a full overview of what themes are undergoing changes. (see below for links to your sign).

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