#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: October 2018

Tuesday, 30 October

Mercury/Jupiter conjunction  at 27°49′ ☿ ☌ ♃ | ☿ △ Ch | ☿ ☍ Jn | □ ☊ ☍ ♅

[art: naoto-hattori]
Time has come to see, now.
To see and to know.

There has not been a better time to see all past relationships truthfully:

See them for what they’ve brought into your world in the way of creating opportunities for enormous change and for growth; how they have transformed you into a more determined, empowered, yet merciful individual; how in the face of all the world’s vulgar attempts to exploit, control and abuse, you have developed a most positive and strong demeanour in order to fight these darknesses.

The way you are today is not an accident. It has been an intense, often painful journey, and you have suffered deeply but you are ready now to accept the healing and move on.

One flash of light, and you are awakened to the joy of knowing why it was all necessary. In this, you must show your gratitude to your past teachers. Forgive them, and release the painful memories from your mind. Be healed. You are now ready to graduate to the next great level of experiencing a higher love.

Saturday, 27 October

Venus at Inferior Conjunction at 03°07′  (℞ ☌ ☉)

[art: adrian borda]
In her INFERIOR CONJUNCTION, the retrograde VENUS appears to pass between us (earth) and the SUN
This happens once every 584 days (Venus’ synodic cycle), marking the end of Venus’s apparition in the evening sky and her transition towards becoming a ‘morning star’ (VENUS LUCIFER)
The love goddess will soon appear to rise before the Sun, a phenomenon which will last until August 15 next year – itself an immensely supernatural event in our astrological calendar since Venus’s Superior conjunction will then form a ‘yod’ with Neptune and Pluto/Moon/and SouthNode.
Much magic will transpire in our relationships between now and then – our feelings now becoming ever more raw; prone to lead over our thoughts and actions with a fervent immediacy. Like wearing our heart on our sleeve, we commit to matters we would otherwise treat more tentatively or cautiously.
So, yes – a transition towards ‘leading with our goddess’, a time when love can flourish and prosper, because its expression seems more free and spontaneous; not killed off by the thought of duty and responsibility.
Venus in Scorpio is still a ‘Dark Venus’ consumed by her deepest passions and prone devour in order to satiate. Whilst she will soon dip back into Libra (Oct31-Dec02), the next 9 weeks will be intense in our intimate affairs, where passions override logic and lovecraft and heartfuckery ensue. So let love lead and, for a time, cease to say that it is your ‘duty to love’ someone, for feeling obliged to love is the surest way to kill it.
#LetLoveLead #VenusLucifer

Thursday, 25 October

Relationships hit the spotlight again and their almost surreal influence becomes ever more intense upon our heart of desire over the next few days.

Where VENUS sparked off interests around Sep 12, they come around for some review over the next week or so. Whilst wild and wooly-headed, in truth it’s rather questionable how any attraction can hold ground under an opposition to URANUS. NEPTUNE’s influence too creates such wishful fantasies, and though on paper things may not add up at all, we seem entreated and enticed to just impulsively pursue that fluffy little bunny all the way down that dizzying hole.

Understood, with so much gunk happening in the world, that we would just rather ignore or forget. So we go shopping for more crap we do not want, or craving sweets that will depress, or lusting unrequited hugs, or smoking more of that dreadful herbal jazz just to ‘self-medicate’ this aching sore….

Granted though, this reality can be bloody awful at the moment (yeech). What’s going on in the wider world just seems to be impossible to believe. Yet our earth-shattering awakening to the probable collapse of the ‘real world’ can’t possibly be escaped with compulsive investments into the unbelievable, unavailable and the blatantly unattainable. Let’s be real here.

Responsibility™ is needed.

Like the gullible or desperate who place all their hopes in the ever elusive lottery ticket… they’re obviously incapable of doing even the most basic math.

Still, one can dream, right?

Wednesday, 24 October

Sun enters Scorpio

Get set for a month that will try to push your loving heart beyond its most defining limits. In the face of this, know that your most illuminating lessons on love and acceptance lie in the eyes of your most hated enemy.

FULL MOON at 01°13′ TAURUS: Wednesday October 24, 2018, 16:46 UTC

Highly poᴤᴤible under this FULL MOON:

  • ❁ You go to sleep feeling so ‘rich’, but wake up feeling broke.
  • ❁ You’re driving to the chapel ‘madly in love’ only to realise you would be truly mad to go through with this.
  • ❁ What you felt yesterday was in good taste, today just makes you want to puke.
  • ❁ The very thing that once made you laugh & smile now looks like misery warmed up.
  • ❁ You cannot – regardless how much it will keep the peace -keep silent for another moment about how you really feel about that goddamned ‘dog’.

Yeah, values….

Live by ’em…
Die by ’em (and you just might, if you don’t snap refresh them)

The TAURUS FULL MOON come as a spurring question. Where does one reach his/her threshold of patience, tolerance, kindness, care? Or are those things truly the stuff of a most divine and limitless dimension?

You will be tested. 
How will you react?

Horoscope: FULL MOON at 01°13′ TAURUS: Wednesday October 24, 2018, 16:46 UTC


Sunday, 21 October

Let’s be real.. with the MOON going through the supersensitive Pisces and the SUN in PC Libra, it’s impossible not to offend someone/somehow when, after all, the scathing MERCURY in Scorpio is still cutting a square to our SJW MARS in Aquarius.

Watch now and for the remainder of your weekend, how the mood is ripe for a victim/scapegoat/martyr/masochist to emerge, some poor schlep to step forward and take one for the team.
Watch too how easily you could play into this whole ‘mortally wounded’ dynamic, yourself.

With VENUS in retro (also in Scorpio), I bet you already have a ‘special someone’ lined up with whom you’d love to settle some ‘unresolved score’…

Just know, that when you sting, its venom releases a two-way lose/lose scenario. Unless we come together to discuss deeply (no clichés), genuinely forgive and somehow let go, the healing cannot even begin to be completed. Sometimes the stigma, pain and feelings of vengeance can just go on for lifetimes…

…but then, releasing old wounds takes enormous kindness, maturity and wisdom.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☽ ☌ ♆/Ch | ☿ □ ,∗ ♇, ∠ ♄ |☉ ⊼ Ch, ssq ♆

Friday, 19 October

Sniping MERCURY in Scorpio square with MARS in Aquarius:

Don’t flatter yourself that our friendship empowers you to say mean, disagreeable things to me. The closer we is, the more kindness and respect I needs from you. Loving kindness.

Unless absolutely necessary, leave the nasty stuff to our enemies – they sure won’t have any problems holding out under such a transit.

omg!! You was never really my friend all along, was u?

Wednesday, 17 October

He texted two words and I nearly ran off the road.
Yeah, it hit home… pierced a gaping hole through my heart,
and now i’m crushed.
How can he just infiltrate my whole being just like that;
arouse my feeble spirit; 
unsettle my most inappropriate, unsavoury thoughts?
How can he make my devilish demons dance so deviously again; ignite such fires within my loins; wring bitter tears out of my grieving soul?

Bastard man…

Each sound still reverberates in my mind like a pointed instrument; designed to make me argue, writhe violently and react… stir up a raging conflict in my mind like an incendiary healing device.


I wonder if he even has a clue just how potently he impacts me…

Monday, 15 October

We are all sick.
We are raised into a culture that’s sick.
It does sick stuff, and calls it ‘being normal’, let’s face it.
Horrible, divisive, selfish, greedy, unkind stuff.
To others. To itself. To one another.
Every fucking day, there is yet another atrocity flagged in our faces. And what’s worse, we see this sick stuff becoming ‘normalised’ – in the household by the ‘parents’, in our schools by our ‘teachers’, on the daily news by our ‘leaders’.
It’s sickening, but we have elevated ‘sick’ behaviour to be ‘normal’ and we somehow glamourise and glorify it for its value towards what is called ‘success’.

What’s funny is that those who stand aside and protest or refuse to take part are considered the sick, or mentally crazy, naive or unstable.
To feel depressed, angry, anxious or enraged about taking part in this awfulness is considered disruptive and weird, to the point of shame and ridicule.
To not go along with society’s sickness is to be deemed ‘mad’.
Those who go against this ‘normalisation of sickness’ pose a huge threat – to themselves, to those around them and to society as a whole. We find ways of shutting those people down. Excluding them. Snuffing out their voice of dissent before it ‘disturbs’ others.

Meanwhile society is getting sicker and sicker.
It is riddled with disease, corrupted beyond repair.
We are so sick of being sick just to play ‘normal’ that our poor bodies cannot take it anymore. Entire nervous systems are on the verge of breaking down.
Our poor planet cannot take this anymore and is thrashing us daily with storms of dissent and quakes of unease.

Our societies are breaking down.
Its systems – held together by lies, deception, heinous crimes and gross mismanagement of trust and faith, are disintegrating.
This is becoming more transparent by the minute.
Indeed, it is the sickest who appear to have taken full control.
And those who dare speak the truth have been summarily pushed to the wall.
Out there, along the margins of society are a bunch of angry, desperate, willing-to-risk-everything individuals who both refuse to play, but also feel powerless to keep living in this sick, sick world.
They are so close to losing it.
Inches away from suffering one massive breakdown.

What you can do:
Don’t play along with the sickness.
Know that it is perfectly healthy to be uniquely you.
Become mad, get crazy when someone tells you to be otherwise. Refuse to live in a house where sickness is demanded of you. Don’t go to schools, pray in churches, work for anyone who preaches division and competition and calls it ‘better’ or ‘worse’. Don’t purchase products or sponsor or vote for those who produce muck & murder, hatred and divisiveness. Don’t bank your resources on those.
Dare to be madly yourself, and don’t buy into the sociopathic narcissism of others. Be mad at the proliferation of their sickness. Be mad on the outside. Be uniquely mad now.
Do something that rebels against this immediately.
Emerge out of this cocoon of sickness as a giant of well-being.
Avoid the rush later.


Saturday, 13 October

Each cell in your body carries DNA. To use today’s crypto-parlance, you DNA is the blockchain of thousands of ancestors in the lineage of your heritage. Whilst much of our physical appearance is genetically based, our unique personality is impressed with karmic influences from previous lifetimes. Our Higher Self plays a large part in determining our circumstances, attitudes and, partially at least, in producing certain bodily attributes.

So, whilst your living, biological memory exists in every cell in your body, it presents only the potential of what you might become. The same applies to your birthchart. It is your astral DNA, and with enough light, or free will, you wil harness a certain amount of potential to continue the karmic strains once followed by those persons or personages in your family lineage. Like every rising Sun, it holds the creative power to help you manifest the highest intent of all that has come before.

Towards the end of this month, a phenomenon occurs that will awaken much of humanity to the dormant potentials of its reincarnating ego.

Know that there is no chance involved. First of all you inherit yourself. You did not inherit your Self from your parents. You brought that with you. But the parents provided the genetic possibilities for you to reimbody all your particular strengths and weaknesses, faculties, talents. These may be similar to or different from either or both parents; most importantly, the DNA pattern in the fertilised germ cell will reflect the unique potentials of the incoming soul.

It could hardly be any other way, since this pattern is shaped by and formed around the incarnating energies seeking to express as nearly as possible the multifaceted person that you are seeking to become once you are effaced with 3D time/space….

Change your present attitude, transform the past, change your entire future destiny…Put simply… your daddy did some shit. His daddy did some shit, and his daddy did some too… stuff they never told you about. Stuff that was ‘nasty’. To survive. It was the ‘tradition’. Or the violent reaction to ‘tradition’. Or whatever. They didn’t know better. Until they learned the price. And then they didn’t talk about it. They just suffered the cost. And they suffered silently. Until it would sometimes get too much and they would act out. And perpetuate the trauma by passing it on… And we, for the sake of our past, carried in our bloodlines through our DNA are still possessed to do ‘nasty’. Let’s take a look at that. Start to break that down. Let’s talk to someone about it. Bring it to light….

☊ □ ☿ ☌  | ☉ □ ♇

[pic: kat irlin]
Special connections are like smiles: they best happen naturally, under the right circumstances, around the right people, at the right moment, during harmonious energies.

One cannot force these things…

If he’s pushing to be with you even in the face of your refusal, apathy or disinterest, trying to sell you the idea of the relationship or fix the mistakes of all the nobs that came before him, he’s probably likely to be carrying his own issues. If you’re not vibing it you’re not vibing it. Ask yourself why he’s pushing you when he could be out there forging a relationship with someone who is actually interested in him rather than forcing himself upon a woman who isn’t. [red flag#101]

Friday, 12 October

Your memory of the event is not necessarily what happened.
Change the memory,change the way you still feel about the event.
☽☿ ♀ ♃ ♏

You have the power to change. What does that actually even mean? No you don’t change, exactly. Not like you morph into another creature. But yes, you can. You can and you do when everything you think undergoes a complete attitude shift. Your mind is powerful and when you focus it on affecting your emotional self, your cellular self, your cellular memory, then you have the power to re-program the shit you believe. Your thoughts are only yours because you attached an emotion to them. Otherwise they’re just thoughts. when you attracts ideas into your heart, you make them personal and it is your personal ideas that constitute your belief system. Your belief system – whatever you BELIEVE is true then becomes your REALITY.

Whatever you believe about you, your Self, whatever happened TO you (as you perceived it) and how you choose to keep acting out in response to that shapes your world, your decisions, your body, your ass, your bank account, your friends, lovers, bosses enemies and scary monsters…

Yeah you.

Don’t fuck around.
Don’t fuck anyone else around.

It’s all you.
Stop betraying yourself…
Take full responsibility for the ‘you’ of this moment.

Change your account and be a nicer ‘you’.

Gossip and rumours are a sickening little cancer of their own. Typically, their cause is as hard to diagnose as they are to stop. Each begins as a single toxic event, a germinating malignancy of spite and hatred that spreads rapidly throughout, mutating and corrupting an entire system, multiplying and interweaving like an entangling bundle of coiling threads, expanding exponentially into the stream along the pathways of their common noxious origin. Eventually, of course, they might wither and die; their tentacles of reach simply defray, their twists and permutations too far-fetched and exhausted to be plausible…

And then, there’s the exceptions, Every now and then a single shred which might be resiliently toxic, grow thick and gnarly and unkillable: develop quickly into a global ‘conspiracy theory’ or an ‘urban legend’, its hooks and barbs becoming ingrained into our cheesy pop songs, used in some viral-quoted meme on facebook, infecting all the conscious thoughts of everybody’s mind.

Whilst some might flare and fizzle just like that, others stand to survive a thousand years or more, become the scripts of history books and bibles – perpetual seeds of parasitic half-truths that eventually kill all reason.

Wednesday, 10 October

Enter Mercury in Scorpio…

And so… it builds up to a political crescendo. As we enter the next 24-48 hours, we also observe perhaps the most critically sensitive state of acrimony between the ‘me’ and the ‘clearly not me’.

The MOON’s fall into Scorpio coincides with the ingress of the acerbic MERCURY into this bewitching constellation, which is also being back-transited by the scorned VENUS (Rx) and the viciously judicious JUPITER, who over the past 12 months has taken ‘politically correct’ to the next level.

I’m not going to go over the astro details again, but the energetic cacophony being projected into nearly every social engagement, particularly by our feminine selves which seeks to receive, accept, nurture and accommodate is going to find the masculine (which seeks to assert its supreme dominion and competency) quite pungently outdated and revoltingly unwanted.

Challenges will immediately occur within intimate relationships. These will reflect the clash between old and new, between familiar behaviour patterns and the attraction of renewal emerging from a chaotic unknown. Political life may feel like a battleground as discordant energies try to influence choices and decisions; and as crises emerge we may feel almost torn apart by what is going on in our world.

REMEMBER: Much of what you see is merely an illusion, learn to see the magic and identify the sorcerers and the wonderful magicians. They are having a ball, and it’s not even halloween.

WARNING to watch for existing areas of mental and emotional stress – any emotional instability will cause problems to suddenly erupt in relationships through unpredictable and highly volatile mood swings. If you can’t stand the pressure, just get on your bike, and get out of town (but be careful not to ride into the scary monsters)….

Sunday, 7 October

In the three days immediately preceding the New Moon, her waning crescent fades to blackness, and our Luna vanishes from sight.

Since what we see of the Moon is actually only the Sun’s reflected light, the Moon’s dark period is when we see her true colours. In the past, the fear-ridden, awestruck ancients would both dread and revere this spectacle. During these days, a strange stillness would befall across the land; rituals of honouring the feminine divinity and her healing power would be observed by all.

Of course, as the patriarchy took hold over recent centuries, the sacred mysteries of this dark moon period were trashed and scorned with tales of scorn and wickedness. All kinds of horror stories were spread about this ‘evil’ phase of the moon: disasters, floods and public calamities were augured, and it was generally considered the worst time of the month to be trying anything you might have wanted to go well.

These days, the dark moon is best known as a time when we descend into our own inner selves, spend some time in quiet solitude, respectful contemplation and preparation to make an important decision or to set a powerful intention.

As October rolls on to a New Moon in Libra (Tuesday 9th), the potential for massive relationship/political turbulence is heightening to unforeseen levels. Like a serpent shedding its skin, the dark moon holds the power either to annihilate, or to heal and regenerate – depending on our clarity and capacity to see the significance of this moment and flow with its rhythms. Venus now retrograde, we see a new, internalised appraisal of what is of value in our lives and what just has to go.


One thing is as certain as the Sun rises each day. Current planetary transits also brings out their corresponding astro-natives to take part in the drama playing out in our world.

We are all divine agents of certain processes and our unique energies help to facilitate these for each other.

The current Sun/Pluto dynamic will therefore roll out those charismatic and compelling kinds, whose will is to effectively bring about some kind of transformation in our lives. They come to us with no uncertain agenda – they see what’s expiring and with much purpose and authority, seek out to dismantle and destroy it, break it down to the point of complete disintegration so that it can once again regenerate. Of course, if it’s not fully “expired”, there may be wars. In the end there can be only one survivor and it’s a fight to the death. Life will never be the same for neither, but to the Sun/Pluto type, they are used to this (see also Scorpio/8th house).

Since the synodic Moon is also involved in the mix, the plot thickens. This powerful transformative process affects those whose own unintegrated emotions are so deeply buried that they remain unconscious. These are hidden in the cellular body, sometimes for a lifetime. Personal matters now become extremely charged, deep emotions become triggered, and consequent reactions can easily get violently enraged and difficult to control. Underlying, body-stored traumas seek to find release one way or another. Any excuse will do. Current dynamics in our everyday drama will produce individuals or instances which will precipitate such a climax.

In the case of Tuesday’s Libra New Moon, the quest for peace and justice becomes so intensely aroused by those who willfully wield ambition, force, power, domination, and aggression. One way or another, whether its is with or without your consent, whatever you place your attention upon will set you off into a new journey of psycho-emotional breakdown and regeneration. As is always the way with Pluto, you will never again be the same (nor should you want to be).

Make your emotional transformation with someone a conscious choice, and lose your shit because you had agreed it had to go.

Wednesday, 3 October

☿ □ ♇ | ♄ △ ♅ | ♄ ⊼ ☊

There’s no doubt that the fiddlefuck that has become Facebook will soon be gone. And so will the toxic Twitter and the ubiquitous but supershallow Instagram. All the other snappy platforms too, for that matter – centralised systems that tap into our resources and content but give us nothing back for all the energy and time we expend into them. The writing is on the ‘wall’ for the imbecilic Zuckerberg and his Silicone tech-bros whose insane ‘world-domination’ greed helped exploit the selfie-culture during Uranus’ transit through Aries. In some way, the past 8 years has taken us on a strange, self re-imaging journey. The way we present ourselves as competent humans has evolved immeasurably.

However, the internet was not born of that selfish, exploitative spirit. The internet was about freedom to share information without selfish agendas and constraints. Its the joy was in posting unregulated info that everyone could enjoy. However, these platforms have become a one-sided transaction. They breed by taking all our uploaded content and our consumer-market attention and then farming us off to the highest bidder. They give nothing else back but feed our narcissistic desire to be seen and liked, especially by our peers. So, of course, over the past eight years – in the Darwinian sense – the fittest, most resilient narcissists have survived.

I can’t, and I refuse to scroll down facebook any more. I find its remaining users have become so corruptly banal and overtly desperate that i come away feeling a strange sadness rather than a joy about feeling connected to like-minded souls. Of course, I still have a few favourites who remain true, but i look them up rather than rely on fb’s algorithm to bring their latest posts onto my timeline. On the back end, facebook is now sending me emails and memos of apology for violating my privacy almost every other day. It does not send me checks or royalties for all my effort and time spent creating fresh, engaging content for the people. This can’t hold out. Despite this, facebook, remains the most far-reaching method to reach a wide network of followers in real time. So, since my posts are time-sensitive I remain here, in faith to my tribe who have remained ever loyal and supportive of my work all along.

I believe in social networks as the intermediary step onto a greater, more cohesive society. I believe too, with Pluto approaching Aquarius, that networks will one day become not only bigger but once platforms become dismantled and decentralised, the internet will serve all and connect us all in ways that will be as wonderful as they could be sinister. This would include our brothers and sisters in those countries and cultures behind the censorship curtains. I believe too, that wherever there is a problem, there is some gifted genius working on a solution. My hopes and prayers go to the Promethean goodwill this person has to deliver.

URANUS dips back into ARIES in the very pivotal second week of November. It comes back into Taurus in March 2018. Things may get uglier for the facies out there in Selfieland.

Tuesday, 2 October

COSMIC BUS: Lunation Report Tuesday Oct 09, 15°48′

We are living in a world shrouded greatly by secrecy, clever manipulations and intrigue. There is much we do not know, and much more we are lead to believe which is patently untrue.

Why? Because it all suits those in control who want to keep it that way. Yes, apparently our planet must be governed and our species must be preserved by those who know best. As far as we can remember and according to our history books, through the dark, scary ages, it has always been the way. Whether we liked it or not, we have had to trust the kindly, paternal governors of our collective fate.

But times aren’t so dark lately. We are slowly seeing who has kept us in the dark, and why.

Behind the massive mind-control and forced ignorance upon our species are the greedy monsters, the destructive demons, the enslaving satyrs and the narcissistic psychopaths. They each have their own selfish agenda driving their insatiable desires. The impotent seek power, the eternally miserable seek greater wealth, the feeble and infirm seek youth and vitality, the grotesquely unloved seek human kindness. They crave and devour it all without mercy or end.

Meanwhile, the rest of us continue to live like mushrooms – kept in the dark, feeding on genetically modified cowshit, processed in China, and wrapped in pretty little plastic packaging for individual use.

Where does it end? Where does the justice restore balance to all these carefully contrived addictions to toxic crap?

TUNE INTO OUR COSMIC BUS EPISODE as we discuss next Tuesday’s LIBRA NEW MOON (Oct 9), whose square from the corrosive PLUTO and quincunx from nebulous NEPTUNE indicate the injurious complexity of our times. Just how impressionable are you? Why would you insist on setting an intention stacked against the odds of a plausible outcome, and how do you use your light to navigate through what becomes one of the most dramatic crescendos to humankind’s story…

……………….catch this episode here Cosmic Bus episode [click here]

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Monday, 1 October


In perhaps the loveliest quarter Moon ever, we take a little respite from all the bitching and the blaming and for the moment (just briefly) let those bitches out there really see us at our most composed brilliance, lighthearted grace and bounteous optimism… to spite the damned odds everywhere…

Yeah, let them be jealous of our peace of mind, our air
of serenity and perfect poise. Nothing’s gonna burst our bubble, rock our boat, no way, today.

When we just stop fretting about what others think and just love and appreciate ourselves for who we are, we totally rule. There is almost nothing we can’t do once we have conquered our insecurity, mastered our innerpeace… at least for now.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☽ 09°09′ □ ☉ 09°09′

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