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THE WEEK AHEAD: September 03-09

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Whether you’re well aware of these current cosmic trends and their overall effects upon this planet or you prefer to keep you head safely encased inside a vacuum, there’s simply no denying that these are extraordinarily sensitive times, when owning your story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending your entire life running from it (☉ ☍ ♆).

Here are the main transits for this week…

Mon Sep 03  02:39 Moon 10°34′ Square Sun 10°34′
Mon Sep 03  12:59 Mercury 25°34′ Sextile Venus 25°34′
  Mon Sep 03  17:41 Jupiter 17°33′ Semisquare Saturn 02°33′
Pa in Tue Sep 04  10:50 Pallas 00°00′ Enters Virgo
Wed Sep 05  15:19 Mercury 29°10′ Quincunx Mars 29°10′
in Thu Sep 06  02:39 Mercury 00°00′ Conjunction Jupiter
Ce in Thu Sep 06  06:23 Ceres 00°00′ Enters Libra
SD Thu Sep 06  09:23 Saturn 02°33′ Saturn Stations to go Direct
Ch Thu Sep 06  14:14 Mercury 00°52′ Quincunx Chiron 00°52′
Pa Thu Sep 06  18:58 Mercury 01°13′ Conjunction Pallas 01°13′
Sqq Fri Sep 07  00:08 Sun 14°20′ Sesquiquad Mars 29°20′
  Fri Sep 07  07:41 Mercury 02°11′ Trine Uranus 02°11′
Fri Sep 07  12:21 Mercury 02°33′ Trine Saturn 02°33′
Fri Sep 07  18:27 Sun 15°05′ Opposition Neptune 15°05′
Ch Ce Sat Sep 08  01:15 Chiron 00°48′ Opposition Ceres 00°48′
Sqq Sat Sep 08  05:43 Mercury 03°53′ Sesquiquad Pluto 18°53′
Sat Sep 08  20:39 Venus 29°37′ Square Mars 29°37′
in Sun Sep 09  09:26 Venus 00°00′ Enters Scorpio
Sqq Sun Sep 09  10:32 Venus 00°02′ Sesquiquad Neptune 15°02′

It is universally arguable now that the forces of darkness are unscrupulously running rife over this earth. What Jung referred to as our “shadow” – our repressed, unintegrated self, often conveniently projected onto others is now reaching epidemic levels of denial, blame and toxic shame-slagging. Our demons have run amok, and we must either find the strength to find them, reclaim them, integrate them back into our being or become painfully torn into two. With all malefics (♂, ♄, ♇) still in Capricorn, this is a rough, tough, but much needed climb towards the pinnacle of some “success”.  Yet every reward must have its cost, and in the divided human psyche the price of outward glory, fortune, fame and prestige for one victor implies many others must struggle, sweat and sacrifice and unfortunately miss out. Do you feel like you are winning in the race to the top, or are your efforts simply being besieged by those who know how to control you?

Serious pressures mounting this week courtesy of the Lord of Karma – Saturn who, after 5 months of retrograding in his domicile drags us back to face the grim reality of our earthly lot. He stations at the precise point where he first swung his scythe back in the second week in January (02°♑33′). Do you remember what the serious matter was back then? See how you are somehow become enslaved to it. Do you see how it’s weighing on you? Can you see how much your yearn for your emancipation from its cruel incarceration of your soul?

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Well, anyway – maybe I’m dramatising things a bit (or am i?). In any case, much austerity and pressure’s been applied over these past few months. One can only ‘hope’ you’ve gained the wisdom and the wherewithal to move forward on those matters that are still confining you. Yes, I said ‘hope’ – that’s a Jupiter thing – something that he’s abundantly endowed with… except that ‘hope’ and ‘faith’ are being severely tested now, under His Supreme Benefic’s third and final semi-square to Saturn. It’s been a tough old year so far – many crucial moments of faith pressed (or depressed) – not really quite sure what to believe in any more. Whilst you may have sincerely made every effort to move forward, upward, onward, alas… those sensitivities abound, and we’re all feeling the frustration and swings between the optimism and despair.

The other thing is that embracing our vulnerabilities is risky, yet not nearly as dangerous as giving up on our hopes and promises for love and belonging and joy. Ironically they are the very experiences that leave us at our most vulnerable. We must learn to be brave now, since only the reckless and courageous enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light. This week puts out another Grand Earth Trine (☿ △ ♄ △ ♅), again not easy on the nervous system and more prone to create seismic shifts in the way we look at things from this point forward. We are changing, but change is not a constant – it is happening exponentially, and from week to week. Our equipment can hardly keep up. We are not built for such rapid progress – we find it irritating and we get easily stirred – especially when we are so touchy.

So we hear this a bit – especially from this author lately, that the ‘shadow’ is running rife over this planet, taking over. Well… it has done so for a while, but over the past year or so it has engulfed the earth with relentless pace, triggering enormous projections of previously buried anger, rage and discontentment that it’s reaching levels where in many part of the world it is almost completely out of control.

Massive resentment against all corrupt and manipulative forms of power in politics, business and finance, the big religions, governments and corporations are now losing their credo with all of us. Also critical is our fear of the Other, the fear of chaos and uncertainty, the fear of the Feminine (not only of women, but rather of what the Feminine represents in both men and women  –  our feelings, our intuitions, our sensitivity etc.), which can translate into racism, homophobia, the objectification & abuse of women etc. Our primal need for tribal identity and safety is not being nourished leaving our “inner child” naked and exposed to the treacheries and cravings of the “boogey man” that we like to project, to demonise others with.

Our unconscious desire to belong to something familiar and to banish that which is foreign is not so easily satisfied, and with Venus joining Jupiter in Scorpio (Sep 9), and the primordial clashes we see against Mars in the coming weeks are just simply a klaxxon call – the alarm clock we set to fight the fierce war between light and darkness up ahead. Just don’t think that you can hit the snooze button on this one – I’m afraid you may get clobbered in your bed. That is is serious.

The cruelty intensifies because when we are under extreme duress – and post eclipses, everyone feels like they are really at the end of something huge now – the cruelty and unkindness becomes the easy, cheap and rampant device of the cut-throat Scorpio, married nicely now with the purge-processor that is Mercury in Virgo (Sep 6) to do some heavy blame-shifting (☿ ∗ ♀). One of the coldest, most hurtful barriers to connection is the importance we place on ‘going it alone’ – somehow equating our well-being and success with ‘not needing anyone’ (Ch ☍ Ce) . This is not necessarily true, and we need to extend our assistance as well as receive it from others – not push them away with scorn and disdain if we are to integrate our shadow. The darkness does not threaten to destroy our light, rather it serves to better define it.

Why does it feel that some of us have a long way to go in getting this? Perhaps it is our fear of the darkness that casts our hopes and joys into the shadows. The fear of going down into the dimly lit side-streets and alleyways that proliferates the shame, blame, disrespect, betrayal. We are terrified and find it hard to trust because it is most likely that our own heart light is dim. It’s this withholding of affection which damages the roots from which love grows. The source being our heart-centre. Love can only survive these injuries if they are first acknowledged, tenderly healed and shared.

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Blessings, and have and amazing week xx

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