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By the end of this week, the Sun’s ingress into Libra will have marked yet another monumental shift in humanity’s evolution, bringing on the Autumn/Spring Equinox. It is the half-way turning point through the zodiac, when the days/nights start to flip in length and we turn our attention to the other side of things.

Much has changed since the March Equinox, considerable planetary shifts have taken our wonderful Sol journey through the self-tending signs of Aries-Virgo, now opening up us up to experiencing things through the focus on the other. Wherever we have grown personally, we can now apply into the mirror of relationship during the Sun’s journey through Libra-Pisces. Relationships are built on two things. Respect and trust. Both elements must be present for a relationship to work. And it has to be a mutual, reciprocally balanced thing. You can have respect for someone, but if you don’t have trust, the relationship will not flourish and could turn from friendly to contentious.

So hang on, because it’s going to be exciting, particularly since we are already looking like we may be off to a bumpy ride.

Here are the main transits for this week:

Sun Sep 16  23:15 Moon 24°02′ Square Sun 24°02′
Vs in Tue Sep 18  04:04 Vesta 00°00′
  Tue Sep 18  23:00 Mars 01°52′ Square Uranus 01°52′
Fri Sep 21  01:53 Mercury 28°03′ Conjunction Sun 28°03′
in Sat Sep 22  03:40 Mercury 00°00′    
Ch Sat Sep 22  05:55 Mercury 00°10′ Opposition Chiron 00°10′
in Sun Sep 23  01:55 Sun 00°00′    
  Sun Sep 23  02:46 Mercury 01°44′ Quincunx Uranus 01°44′
Ch Sun Sep 23  05:01 Sun 00°08′ Opposition Chiron 00°08′
Sun Sep 23  16:47 Mercury 02°47′ Square Saturn 02°47′

The week kicks off after the Sagittarius First quarter Moon, a self-confronting time when our rebelliously adventurous inner voice may be struggling with the dedicated, worldly responsible self. Somewhere there is a highly frustrated traditionalist trying to bring the bold, impulsive spirit into balance by creating ways to perform important tasks or duties within an integrated and formal framework. The Virgo Sun finds ways to harness the Sadge Moon’s enthusiasm for growth and learnings by employing a careful, tolerant, quiet and methodical technique.

The week after this, it is the Aries Full Moon (Sep 25) that throws down the gauntlet on how all manner of rule and administration will be meted out. Saturn’s hard pressure to get reliable systems into place are a direct result of the chaos and maelstrom that is developing over the course of this week. We are all somehow subjected to the revolutionary madness of the final Mars/Uranus square, which, when aligned along the Leo/Aquarius Nodal axis tends to affect us all somehow.

Wherever you are, the deep need to feel safe and secure is being shaken up by an inexplicably violent impatience for freedom and renewal. This clash between the familiar patterns of the known universe and the frenetic siren calls for a potentially unknown world builds into angrier and more hostile manifestations all around us.

As much as we may put out the intention for freedom or security, there is likely to be an underlying feeling which fears commitment and risk. Gross contradictions, and a pandemic of incongruence both within among ourselves means that as much as we are attracted towards greater freedom, it is likely that we will resist the impulse, preferring rather to play it safe, since after analysing our options we soon find that we can count on nobody to provide us with any cast-iron guarantees our choices will lead to any future success. A pervasive sense of detachment means anyone wise enough is in it for themselves. It is the foolish, desperate and unwise who tend to clump together into mobs, and we soon see how this becomes a damned state of affairs too.

[pic: alex stoddard]
It’s incredible how quickly this process develops. By midweek, any internal frustration is likely to escalate to enormous stresses in our social affairs as crucial parts of our nature feel like they’re being denied and hampered. The more we feel uneasy and want to cut loose – quit that job, that partnership, financial debt, etc. – the greater the fear of ‘letting go’ because we don’t want to suffer material losses, people or possessions.

Naturally, such grinding contradictions create phenomenal stresses, to which whose nature we are already familiar over these recent months, since Mars and Uranus have squared twice already (May 17, Aug 02). This final spell triggers the themes highlighted by the Aquarius Blood Moon of July 27, and you may wish to reflect back upon those during this week, since your mind is struggling to reconcile your rational, logical senses to what seems to be an avalanche of disruptions and absurdities, many just dragging up old wounds where you wanted to stand up and liberate yourself in the past but felt compromised by the tyranny and inequity of an impenetrable structure.

Whether it is our natural environment or our political state – the revolution is inevitable because it has already commenced internally. Soon, we start to see that no system or relationship can be sustained if we feel the dynamics of its structure as being too one-sided and rigid. Allegiance, after all, is a two-way street; and we have grown weary beyond means of any allegiance which is not reciprocal. Many will take this energy out this week. Let us hope and pray that it comes out in ways which are constructive and helpful.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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