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The Week Ahead: October 1-7

The combination of stellar energies becomes gradually more and more intense as each week rolls on through October. Most of this is due to Pluto, lord the underworld and all things Scorpionic. Even the greater benefics Venus and Jupiter are in the dark constellation, joined later in the month by Mercury and the Sun.

And, as above so below they say. So, be low, low..

Here are the main transits for this week:

SD Sun Sep 30  22:00 Pluto 18°45′
Tue Oct 02  09:47 Moon 09°09′ Square Sun 09°09′
Pa Tue Oct 02  19:22 Neptune 14°25′ Opposition Pallas 14°25′
Wed Oct 03  00:01 Mercury 18°45′ Square Pluto 18°45′
S Fri Oct 05  19:07 Venus 10°50′
Fri Oct 05  23:52 Saturn 03°15′ Quincunx Node 03°15′
Ce Sun Oct 07  10:02 Sun 14°05′ Conjunction Ceres 14°05′
Sun Oct 07  15:18 Sun 14°18′ Quincunx Neptune 14°18′

After seven months in retrograde (Apr-Sep), Pluto finally turns direct, about to bring closure to all the deeply irrevocable processes we’ve been stumbling our way through since as far back as April 2017. This is the last swipe for many, and by the time the underlord leaves his Rx shadow early next year, we will find ourselves in a totally unrecognisable state. Pluto has that effect, leaving us and our former lives beyond recognition or repair. Beyond all hope of return. All we can hope to take with us is some degree of redemption and a pledge to “never again”. Either that, or we do a deal to be his badass bitch, at least some of the time. (you’d be surprised how many sign up!)

It’s been a heavy couple of years, but as we’re observing, little about this year has been light at all. Since Saturn entered Capricorn in Dec 2017, joining Pluto, the ominous sands of time have begun to run perilously low, heading towards a full-scale dismantling of the old patriarchy and its faltering efforts to maintain its own badass structure and control over this planet. There is an obvious, older, white-male-dominant type which has become so fragile now that any competitor is sensed to be a threatening foe which must be crushed. It’s a desperate state, and we are seeing it among many among the fraternity of the entitled.

A lot of planets are coming into climatic shift this month.

Since mid-May, Mars has been moving back and forth through Aquarius, providing us with all with an opportunity to become more aware of what’s not been working so well (or even at all) in our lives and in a half-baked effort, try to do something, anything, to fix it.

This week, MARS continues to chase Black Moon LILITH into conjunction (Tuesday). Lilith rules over those disowned aspects of our own shadowy nature – parts of ourselves which we consider hideous, of which we are somewhat aware yet possibly pressing hard to keep concealed from others. We push these hideous qualities down, out of sight from others, fearing that if they come exposed would reveal to others how horrible we are as a person. Yet these repressed qualities somehow press back up at us, bursting to come out through our most intimate encounters. We call this part our ‘shadow’, the side that we try to keep out of the light.

[art: polly nor]
Our ‘shadow-self’ conceals a darker side to our nature, hidden aspects of ourselves which we have repressed or suppressed –  anything from difficult emotions, our own sexual preferences, hidden desires, even potential strengths that are yet to be uncovered because we fear to go there. We know these traits are within us, but we just do not want to acknowledge them ourselves, and we prefer others not to see them either.

We become convinced that if these traits were ever to be revealed that some might judge us as being a “bad person”. So whilst we tend to keep these aspects of ourselves tightly under wraps, we unwittingly project them onto others in our lives (like our friends or family), where they play out in our exterior world dramas and when we see them in others start to engage in cutting them down. Our efforts to deny, or shoot down our projected shadow self may at times reflect upon us with a severely sabotaging effect.

Currently being activated by the MARS, the LILITH on S.Node is about to dart out throughout this week. Repressed anger erupts angrily and suddenly, projecting itself into our affairs as a horrid realism – not just over the apparent rottenness of this world in general but the rottenness of our own life in particular. Everything becomes personal, especially those things that seem to trigger or past-life misdemeanors towards others, or memories of feeling mistreated with inequity and exclusion. We stand our rights with vehement disgust, even affiliate ourselves to the collective disgust of a pitchforked mob, and together we are ready to storm the Bastille..

Of course, when we identify ourselves with a mob, we are met with the resistance from a counter-mob. In 3D physics, every action is met with an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s Third Law).

The abrupt realism that emerges is only a mask for why we’re truly angry or repressed though – which is due to such an overwhelming estrangement from humanity that we conveniently choose to blame and project our feelings of dissociation and desolation upon each other.

The more convinced we become that the rottenness is only happening to us, the more annoyed and alienated we get with the world; and the less we engage with the world, the more annoyed we get about the phoney-arsed efforts we see others making in continuing to engage with it.

Those old patriarchal power symbols upon which our lives were structured – money, authority, entitlement, beauty, security are fast losing value, and we know this. On the deepest level, our subconscious knows that these phoney values are the source of all terror, corruption and rottenness among us. Yet many continue to play the game, carrying on like they’re not, because to expose these as being ineffective would mean to expose the whole system of reality as being one giant, bogus, impotent flop. And in truth, we have a lot invested in this “flop”. It would be a shame to just walk, right?

[art: polly nor]
Not now…
[sigh] No wonder you’re concerned or depressed.

Whether we suppress our demons or intend to make a stand by projecting them outward, it can still feel depressing. When we become certain that there is something deeply disingenuous in our world, something that creates hatred, life can become a real downer. This is not a clinical depression btw – its existential realism goes deeper than the personality because it corrupts the soul. This depression cannot be healed by your domestic-grade medication/ drugs/ booze/ gossip/ netflix. This depression is not a condition but rather a symptom that we are drowning in a situation/relationship that is largely untenable, since we feel that something in our world does not allow us to express ourselves in our truest sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Venus, now at her detrimental worst in Scorpio, prepares to turn retrograde. It’s because she is so damned compulsive, which leads her into making some catastrophic choices. In retro, they are ones that she can’t help but keep going back to, regardless how soul-destructive they’ve been. (We will be discussing this on Mon/Tues cosmic bus episode).

Since Mars and Venus are the two planets least found in retrograde, both of their retrogrades tend to take us into strange, unknown territory. I’m observing many clients describe their experience of Mars and Mercury’s recent retrograde cycles as deeply unsettling, sometimes so frightful that they are thinking destructive thoughts. There’s a lot of unhappy, unsettled egos out there trying to reorient themselves in the world.

Here we must ask whether the activities that take up the majority of our social interaction actually make us more happy to be alive? Aquarius is vested in futuristic, reformist ventures, utopian hopes and ideals we commonly share with others in aim to create a better, brighter world. Sure, technology and social networking has a lot to do with it, but these ‘tools’ can also threaten our very humanity and lead us to dystopian, apocalyptic visions, especially during times like these, when the world seem cloaked over with such heavy darkness.

[art: polly nor]
What kind of humans are we? What kind of world are we creating and what sort of society are we making for ourselves here? Why so much hatred and division among us, especially at the most fundamental levels (gender, race, class, etc).

A lot of questions about the future coming to light.

Once something is in our awareness, we can no longer feign ignorance. Try as we may to turn the blind eye or repress it, it’s just not possible. The key (with any retrograde) is to turn inward to that which breathes life into our body – look to Spirit for guidance. As we will see with Venus in retro, it would be treacherous to think we can ever go back to something we haven’t quite let go of. That would be death.

This ‘dark night of the soul’ which we are currently in is best tackled with inner reflection, meditation, discussion on the several levels of grief, and forming a communion through the practice of mystical prayer. This dark shadow of our repressed emotions, about to be formally unleashed when PLUTO TURNS DIRECT, is in fact about to launch the deepest stages of a collective spiritual crisis.

Without the proper support/ counselling, this crisis can be easily misdirected into surface relationship issues & politics, unresolved childhood traumas or chronic health issues, all which could lead us into the most phenomenal spiritual crisis this planet has ever collectively undergone.

[art: polly nor]
Staying cool and centered has never been so important, yet ever so difficult as this next few weeks. Please remember to be kind and gentle with yourself, learn to love our demons and at least avoid blaming others.

Do not allow any negativity or ugliness in your surroundings invade your spirit, overpower your heart’s intention, destroy your confidence, affect your growth. Do not become increasingly bitter and envious each time you are forced or provoked. Hold your inner power. Shine your inner light.

and have an amazing week. Blessings xx

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  1. Sooo very helpful, thanks. Through the past year at least, I realize my empathetic sensitivities. The cosmic chaos has forced me to do as you recommend: control the negativity, turn down the noise, guard my inner peace. Now I turn inward to meditation.

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