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TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: Horoscope and Intention for Virgo New Moon

This Virgo New Moon is indeed a supernatural affair, and whilst it promises to provide some yummy earthing delights, it can seem just as confusing and disruptive to those who are most complacent and looking to avoid taking on exciting new responsibilities. To spiritually uninitiated, this may bring a burst of sudden rude awakenings, sending your whole constitution into a maelstrom of upsets and disappointments. If you are more of a taker – a selfish gatherer and not a giver or sharer, then this lunation unleashes a set of precursors – a string of events where, for months (perhaps even years) to come you are met with a series of stark realisations; disillusionment about they way things should have been (but they clearly are not).

Nor will they ever be. The game has changed.

This is mainly due to the greater universal plan – a ‘higher conspiracy’ to transmute your heavy physical world into a much lighter place. Strangely this supernatural plan conscripts you very intimately, and whether you willingly choose to sign up and participate or become an unwitting accomplice, big changes will happen in the way humans value things, how we enjoy them and how we learn to let them go if their whole premise of fun was at the expense someone’s misfortune of misery.

This lunation is all about fun and recreation, love and self-expression, creativity and recreation – simply doing what feels good. Essentially you are trying to find the most pleasure and joy in your recreational pursuits possible. You do this best when you able to plan the good times, see that they have some functional purpose to them, preferably some benefits from which somehow. However, the overriding factors working against you in this lunation are varied, trying to teach you selflessness and sacrifice. It is chiefly your associations, especially your peers or those you classify as friends, who will help you to experience this. Either you tap into a higher, more universal appreciation of everything (less physical, more spiritual) or you may be left feeling depleted, undermined or even robbed of your investment.

Don’t feel disappointed. Ask yourself where your expectations were perhaps too self-centred and short-sighted.

New Moon Intention

The more I express my desire to maturely express my creative talents, the closer I step towards the realisation of my goal to become recognised for my remarkable abilities and talents.

I pledge now to fully commence my sacred healing path towards creating success in most of my endeavours, not just for myself but for the greater good of all.

I must learn to work independently and not rely on constant feedback or validation from others to assure me that I’m on the right track.

I generally do whatever brings me a sense of fulfilment when I am expressing myself in some creative activity. I must work harder towards finding an occupation that allows me to demonstrate my unique creative talents. This will help me to avoid raising grievances both within myself, and with my fellow workmates, who sometimes challenge my self-worth.

I cannot assume that anyone should just hand me any privileges and entitlements, I strive to rest only on my own merits in order to earn any true tributes from others.

I must learn to enjoy any position which brings me before the public, expressing myself with a cool confidence in everything that I am about. I calmly handle any difficulties that may arise when I am placed under the spotlight. I will come to rise into my own full potential by learning to shine my own light. As I express my talents truthfully and with integrity, I will learn to accept the fondness and accolades of others with grace and humility.

I aim to proceed with a steady pace of personal improvement in developing a career that offers me unlimited potential to grow, veering away from routine occupations that may limit my chances of making full use of my boundless creativity.

I thrive under any test that serves to push me to the greater limits of my strength, stamina, and ability to demonstrate how exceptional I am in my capacity to share of myself.

I am loved and appreciated primarily for staying authentic to myself This is my most sustainable resource.

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