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Mars in Aquarius

1010548_10151728755743217_1564129996_nYou gotta fight for your right to party… or to at least form a band of brethren and storm the Bastille, looking to eat cake….

Due to retrograde (June 26 through August 27, 2018), Mars will spend an extended time in Aquarius:

May 16-Aug 12, then Sep 10-Nov 15.

With the warring planet in the intellectual sign we see not just an innervated urge to defend one’s ideologies, but the Aquarian propulsion into social activism sees Mars seeking to indiscriminately assert one’s individual progressive ideals among others , strangely energising all areas of society to polarise on topics that are essentially reformist and revolutionary. The individuating force of Mars ensures that our personal boundaries are strongly defined by our radical visions for the collective. It is likely through this period that we will rally support for our  own political platforms and agendas, fight for our ‘rights’ against all those who we hold repugnant and opposing views.

There seems to be a rallying swell to band together, not necessarily because there is safety in numbers, but because the numbers essentially add up to defend a similar cause – that we are all equal and we demand our equal rights and individual freedoms. Of course, everyone will somehow be affected by this prevailing impetus to gain liberty from the ignominy of inequity and injustice. We can therefore expect that the world will be marching to the tune of the pied pipers who are most vociferous and representative of our  particular cause. It is these revolutionary spirits, energised further by Mars’ square to Uranus:

  • May 16  2018 (00°02′)
  • Aug 02  2018 (02°33′℞)
  • Sep 18  2018 (01°52′)

It is therefore to be expectantly a stormy battle, for any argument over what ‘equality’ may mean does not necessarily imply that we may be promptly delivered into any utopian, world-class democratic system any time soon. There is an evident divide among the classes that is painfully becoming a problem for anyone who is affected by unemployment, poverty, war, famine or political persecution. And those with masses of power and wealth are certainly preparing for any uprisings.

Industrialists and businessmen are investing almost all available resources on technological advancements like greater utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), comprehensive computer algorithms, robotics and futuristic automation of processes [see Amazon], governments are stocking up on the latest security measures, and corporations are weeding out any hierarchical steps in the structure that allow plebiscite access to those in the top echelon, particularly from the public or their own employees.

When Mars in Aquarius forms a square to Uranus in Taurus, inciting great indignation and disgust for the social and economic inequities and injustices, particularly for those who fail to show their humanity by sticking stubbornly to their fixated views. Some may now begin to take a revolutionary stand of considerable defence of their own personal, as well as social rights and ideals, but it must be said that there is a fiercely militant and equally as righteous counter-resistance forming.

Where will Mars in Aquarius will most strongly offend or upset you:

Sign/Rising Sign

Areas where you will be active; fight to assert your equal rights; defend your progressive, group-minded ideals.

Aries Friends, co-operatives, social-networks
Taurus Career, public prominence, governing bodies
Gemini Justice, law, belief system, higher education
Cancer Sex, other peoples’ business
Leo Members of the public, significant persons, anyone in particular who challenges you
Virgo Workmates, systems and processes, personal health and routines, services to others.
Libra Lovers & pastime activities, toys and playthings, kids.
Scorpio Home and family
Sagittarius Neighbours and Immediate relatives
Capricorn Finance, income and assets
Aquarius Acting as the face, or representative for others
Pisces Charities or non-profit causes

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