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FULL MOON at 2°00′ ARIES (Tue, Sep 25)- Special Messages for the Cosmic Tribe

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Nothing brings things to a head more bluntly than a full moon in heady Aries. Yes, full moons are times of confrontation, of culmination, when matters reach their full awareness and we get full clarity about things, energies, stories to which we previously may have been entirely clueless.

It can be a time of materialisation of the energies applied, when our intentional efforts “bear fruit”. We often experience at least one of those wonderful “aha!” moments, where our revelations may be accompanied by great disappointment or heartfelt gratitude.

Full moons can also be times of heightened moods, highlighting the incoherent flow between our conscious intentions and our subconscious beliefs and habits. Feelings run rife, ruling over events in our lives, finally exposing something important about what we are carrying deep beneath the surface for perhaps way too long.

A Moon/Chiron conjunction brings out those feelings that have become stagnant and fixated, scarred or wounded by our past experience. How we have taken these into our body, our habitual, cellular selves now becomes contrasted by a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Libra. The conscious goal now is to create relationships which assist us to clear the emotional body by exorcising the ghosts of our wounded past. Conversely, the ego can become either mortally wounded by affixing to unconscious pain, or miraculously healed by deeply attuning itself, identifying, accepting and clearing toxic feelings as well as the feelings of others.

The T-square from Saturn raises important concerns about how limitations and conditions from society/parents actually feed into our subconscious fears, guilt, and shameful judgments, often sabotaging our conscious creative intentions.

Neuroscientists postulate that for most of us, our brains are only using 5% of our consciousness, running on subconscious auto-pilot 95% of the time. Since this limits our capacity to really play with our creativity in an intelligent way, there is a call for greater conscious awareness.

“We are living at perhaps the most profound time in human history, a time in which the whole of humanity is undergoing a collective transformation into quantum reality. We are being catapulted into several new ways of experiencing life, all simultaneously. For example, we are rapidly shifting from a “matter-based” society to one completely steeped in “energy consciousness”, from energy technology to energy medicine to energy fuel.”
~ Carolyn Myss, Medical Intuitive

If you’ve been feeling that the energy leading up to this Full Moon has been crazy, heavy and difficult to handle.. even depressing, then hey, that’s not such a bad sign. You are definitely awake. It’s perfectly natural response to feel burdened and sickened by what your conscious mind is telling you. In fact, it would be a serious problem for you if you thought these times were fun or exciting in any way.

Yes, we are undergoing through some turbulent times, where hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes seem to be ever more frequently striking every corner of the globe – whether geo-cosmically, politically or psychologically. We are fast approaching a critical mass of shitstorms and their intent is to shift our consciousness away from our emotional addiction to matter and start to engage on a purely energetic level. Every moment, heavenly messages are trying to make their way to each of us to help us to shift.

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The most important thing that you can do right now, under an Aries Full Moon, is establish an inner relationship with yourself. Be selfish. Come to develop a relationship with your Inner Guidance System. However you want to refer to it: be it your “natural, authentic self”, your intuition, your soul, Spirit, God, Christ-consciousness etc… it is the voice within you – the awakened, eternal YOU that takes direction only from within, animates your body and guides you to know exactly why you are here taking this human journey.

Listen to that voice. Allow it to exonerate you from your attachment to hurting yourself, perpetuating the wound, the shame, the stories of inadequacy and disappointment. Be perfectly selfish. Forgive yourself and move on. Just keep moving on with the journey…

We speak about this journey weekly on our cosmic bus workshops, and here I extend to you all (members and non-members alike) a rare opportunity to catch the latest episode, providing in depth discussion on the key planetary energies affecting us during this lunation and how to use them to your best advantage.

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Blessings, and have an amazing full moon xx

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