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CHIRON returns to Pisces – Sep 26-Feb 22 

Nothing reminds you of alienation, screams of “victim” louder than Chiron back in Pisces.

Every morning the Sun rises; every sunrise brings a bright blue sky, sometimes a rainbow too over the horizon; and every evening, in the distance, at the edge of town there is a crimson sunset; and in between the whole world buzzes busily, every single day like they’re participating in some cheesy, cheery chorus.
Everyone seems to know their place, they lap it up and slap it down each and every day, and seem so happy; why, every single blade of grass seems so damned happy and content, and all and sundry has its path, and knows its path, and comes and goes along its path with a happy little song.
Only the wounded soul feels nothing, knows nothing, understands nothing, neither people nor sounds. Just pain. Pain, and alienation to everything, marooned on this harsh, unfeeling planet…

Retrograde Chiron, active in the Sep 25th Aries Full Moon, holds the key to where we have to reconvene by the end of next February. It will be a long, arduous process of naming and shaming, blaming and defaming. For now, the intelligent being must develop a supernatural capacity to intuitively connect with the Universal Oneness – not become partial. He/she must exercise an extraordinary ability to bring a new aliveness into our hearts, a wholeness of being, strive to share this out with others, revitalising whatever s/he comes into contact with. Much needed healing comes by bringing to light the contents of the subconscious and a sum of coherent parts.

Let the initiation to the real truth of what is going on now begin.

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