#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: SEPTEMBER 2018

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Friday, 28 September

Ch in Tue Sep 25  23:51 Chiron 00°00′
Wed Sep 26  00:12 Mars 04°06′ Opposition Node 04°06′
SD Sun Sep 30  22:00 Pluto 18°45′
S Fri Oct 05  19:07 Venus 10°50′
The compulsively defensive actions of the MARS/LILITH on the S.Node continue to dart out throughout the weekend and into early next week. Repressed anger erupts violently and suddenly, projecting itself into our affairs as a realism – not just over the apparent rottenness of the world in general but the rottenness of your life in particular.
This abrupt realism is only a mask for why we’re truly angry or depressed though – which is due to an overwhelming estrangement from humanity that we conveniently choose to blame upon each other.
The more convinced we become that the rottenness is only happening to us, the more annoyed and alienated we get with the world; and the less we engage with the world, the more annoyed we get about the phoney-arsed efforts we see others making in continuing to engage with it.
The old power symbols upon which our lives were structured – money, authority, entitlement, beauty, security are fast losing value, and we know this. On the deepest level, our subconscious knows that these bullshit values are the source of all corruption and rottenness among us. Yet we continue to play the game, carrying on like they’re not.
I know it can feel depressing. There is something deeply disingenuous here and it’s a real downer.
However, it’s not a clinical depression – its realism goes deeper than the personality because it affects the soul. This depression cannot be healed by medication/drugs/booze/gossip/netflix. This ‘dark night of the soul’ which we are currently in is best tackled with inner reflection, meditation, discussion on the several levels of grief, and forming a communion through the practice of mystical prayer. This dark shadow of our repressed emotions, about to be formally unleashed when PLUTO TURNS DIRECT, is in fact about to launch the deepest stages of a collective spiritual crisis.
Without the proper support/ counselling, this crisis can be easily misdirected into surface relationship issues & politics, unresolved childhood traumas or chronic health issues, all which could lead us into the most phenomenal spiritual crisis this planet has ever collectively undergone.
Staying cool and centered has never been so important, yet never so difficult. Please be kind and gentle to yourself, avoid blaming others.

Wednesday, 26 September

Wed Sep 26  2018 00:12 Mars 04°06′ Opposition Node
Thu Sep 27  2018 23:35 Sun 04°48′ Trine Mars
SD Sun Sep 30  2018 22:00 Pluto 18°45′ SD Node
S Fri Oct 05  2018 19:07 Venus 10°50′ SR Sun

Pluto’s been retrograde since last April, providing us with opportunities to gain insights into how we all use and abuse power. It is when Pluto is direct in motion that we then get the opportunity to practice what we learned.

The dual intensity generated by a stationing Venus and Pluto this week, as well as Mars on the South Node may have a lot of folks running on a short fuse this week. It’s a great time to apply the currently trining Libra Solar-powers when liaising in negotiation with others to maintain some balance in energies. Be especially careful about using ‘group identifying’ terms that expose prejudices, biases and selfish hidden motives.

Use the insights gained from yesterday’s Aries Full Moon energy to hold off hasty and wound-triggering judgements. Where possible express your innermost desires in ways that empower others as well yourself. Additionally, engage stress-reducing practices that nurture body, mind and soul and fuel your inner fire.


Venus entered her retro shadow on Sep 03, at 25°15′ Libra. Contact was made, and just a few days later venom injected using all kinds of barbs and hooks.

Now moving so slowly that she is nearly stationary – her magnetic energy is most intensely focused on “the pounce”. Her strange, paralyzing poison is spreading through our entire nervous system. Only days away from retrograde, already hearts are pounding slower, spirits hang high over the ravine by the finest piano wire.

Mess with her? You probably already did…
Her job’s to see somebody pays.
For what??

She don’t forget the pain of the sting, and one day (soon) she’ll try to make sure you don’t forget either.

Tuesday, 25 September

Dare to stare your fear right in the eyes. Fear, exclusion, judgements and limitations to your being “inadequate” to deal with “life” are found to be unreasonable. They unfairly press you into feeling guilt and shame, remove you from the flow of this present moment (living) and keep you fixed, either in ‘hoping’ that tomorrow might one day be different and that you will find a way to bring more control into your world or resigned to the conclusion that they just never will.

These are not reasonable outcomes. Fear is not reasonable to the awakened being.

Know that your life will always be full of challenges and crises, lessons and disciplines to meet and to master. If we learn anything, we learn not to accept only one limited path that binds us to the fears of loss, illness and shame. We learn how to endure and overcome life’s unreasonableness. We learn to conquer fear.

Fear is the three-dimensional barrier, an instrument imposed on us by Saturn. Chiron is the teacher who provides the key to help assuage us from the pain of fear by opening the doorway to mysticism.

Learning to think, perceive, and act at the mystical level of consciousness opens our eyes to divine, higher-dimensional truths. We learn to defy gravity, levitate to other worlds – worlds that offer us choices, dreams, powers to transform ourselves. Much as we may feel karmically bound to suffer loss and shame again and again in this life, seeing the truth does ultimately set us free.

FULL MOON at 2°00′ ARIES (Tue, Sep 25)- Special Messages for the Cosmic Tribe

Saturday, 22 September

Here’s a preview (tribe access only) of the special messages for the FULL MOON IN ARIES

Aries/Aries Rising
Taurus/Taurus Rising
Gemini/Gemini Rising
Cancer/Cancer Rising
Leo/Leo Rising
Virgo/Virgo Rising
Libra/Libra Rising
Scorpio/Scorpio Rising
Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising
Capricorn/Capricorn Rising
Aquarius/Aquarius Rising
Pisces/Pisces Rising

Friday, 21 September

As the Virgo Sun now rises in superior conjunction with messenger Mercury, attune his illuminating gaze upon your mind’s third eye to receive his purest message:

Allow his iridescent Solar glow to flow upon your brow, let it begin to heal you. Your heart will become healed. He will restore your health. You become a minister of his healing power. Once the anointing glow starts to flow into your entire being, great revelation of knowledge will allow you to move into a supernatural walk in unison with the universal Source – creator of all light.

Know that there will be no lack. That’s what Sol wants for you today. He is moving mightily upon this earth to help you illuminate all shadows and as you receive his light with your whole heart, the essence of courage and creativity will flow upon you, assure you that every need in your life will be met.

Let his light inspire your creative potential, and with joyous application see it multiply miraculously. Use the spoils of your creative endeavour to pay off all your debts and live in supernatural abundance.

Harness the power of the Sun’s light, let it deliver your heart to making peace with all enemies. Let his everpresence activate your trust and faith that regardless of your circumstances, Sol will be there to light your way.

Blessings to all x

Thursday, 20 September

It’s virtually impossible to predict what MARS IN AQUARIUS is going to do because you just don’t know what motivates him.

His SQUARE TO URANUS a few hours ago might have seemed like the most trumped-up no show in astrological folklore… except that’s just the very nature of the beast: Just to mess with you, he just refused to perform the very way you expected him. Rebels are like that. And I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as one without a cause. They all got something eating at them…

If he’s convinced of the importance of a cause or course of action, there’s no problem, that gives him the impetus to move. Otherwise, he just bottles up inside where it builds and builds into grinding inner friction and nervous tension.

Current source of conflict is most likely between the need to connect with friends and social networks and the need to just be left-the-fuck alone to be an individual in the truest sense.

In the next 24 hours, the MOON also moves into Aquarius, enervating all the pent up scorn over things like conventions and conservatism. Anyone who has a flag to fly may not be so easily contained. An exciting, but also quite an unpredictable time, even for the most intuitive among us.

Mars in Aquarius


Wednesday, 19 September

COSMIC BUS: LUNATION REPORT: Aries Full Moon, September 25  – Hosted on the Facebook Live Platform, available to all:

(PART 1)    (PART 2)

Tuesday, 18 September

 /☋/BML □ ♅ □ 

You might be desperately trying to keep a super-tight hold on everything you got these days, scrambling to make one last ditch effort just to conserve whatever you reckon clearly shows others just how much you’re worth to the rest of us.
I see this…

What is it you got, huh?
Money, big house, fancy titles, lots of fans, smoking hot body…? It’s funny seeing how much you stress trying to defend it all, clasping like mad to keep keep keep…

I see it, and it makes me laugh.
Not because I’m some cold, callous prick.
On the contrary – I care.

But I don’t care…
Not about the things you think I should.
Things you think make you something important.
Nor does anyone else.

Nobody gives a hoot about the things to which you’re clinging. To them they’re worthless and you look like a pretentious fool. You look stupid because your fear of losing has only built a world of walls, so high above you that their shadows are obscuring all your light. You’re trapped inside, incapable of sharing and we just know that you’re making yourself miserable. ‘Cause none of it can last much longer at all.
Although you’ve set yourself up for a spectacular disappointment, that’s not why I’m here laughing.

I’m laughing because I know, that in spite of all the anxiety that you may suffer and all that you might lose, you will still be left with the best bits about you. That’s what I see, and which i’m certain will sustain you.

Just know, that when you wake up from you idolatric dream, I shall be here, waiting. Look forward to the day when we can all laugh at this together…

Sunday, 16 September


Venus, who seeks peace, fairness, harmony and love, dares to “get some” through Scorpio by penetrating deeper and deeper into your private basket of goodies. Her heart is never satiated with just what’s on the surface – she sees both trouble and a vulnerability for temptation and can’t resist. Her obsessive nature intends to get to the bottom of it, seeking to know all your dirty little secrets with hope of excreting any hidden nuggets and secreted impurities, which she can use as collateral.

Her square to Lilith on the Aquarius South Node means to mess with the crew, whose fellowship is already showing signs of disillusionment, fragmentation, disloyalty and distrust over their whole utopian promise. ‘High Hopes’ went south somewhere, and now there’s a concern that certain elements within the gang are weakening, liable to betray ‘the code’, by giving in, especially enticed by Venus’ enigmatic allure.

Yes, sometimes our friends cannot be relied upon to stay loyal. Perhaps their individual interests could no longer support the aims and ideals of the collective, or their personal creativity was being stifled, and this discomfort had been troubling them for a while but they’ve kept it repressed.

It’s not unlikely that many of us might be feel let down or unsatisfied by the ‘society’ of which we’ve been forced to be a part. Greedy self-interests, unfair entitlements and power inequities have gradually brought our group endeavours undone. Even the most successful groups must break up eventually.

Venus will seduce the disgusted and corrupted individuals of the clan to open up and just be honest about what’s eating them… and although what comes up may be ugly and uncomfortable, they will gladly give it up for the allure of some love & bloody peace again….

[But, will it really be so easy? Stay tuned…..]

Thursday, 13 September



So yeah… the rebel, the freak, the iconoclast, the smart-arse… anyone who makes us tense and nervous, uncertain and easily irritated, who jumps from here to there before anything serious can form, who promises nothing and whilst unsettling and upsetting is strangely irresistible. Anyone who kinda jolts us out of our comfort zone, who is currently in our face in a jittery, on/off kinda way is now bringing us up to speed.

Why, even those we once knew to be more steady and predictable are starting to flicker like the typical electric valve. How are we supposed to form a heart-connection to that?

If you are experiencing others this way, then that is also you, mirroring the ‘new’, less-attached you.

…and if you struggle to keep it like the old (3D) way, then understand that the affair will END just as suddenly as it BEGAN for you, just know this. (I’m sorry, the ‘controlled relationship’ paradigm is now over).


…unless you can take a whole new attitude. With Saturn also here, in sextile/trine, things may develop into a stimulating, yet sustainable experience, if we can allow others to preserve the same level of freedom to express their individuality as we wish for ourselves.

Now, that’s not easy for a lot of us, coming out of the stress/anxiety-laden world of Saturn which demands to keep control. So be mindful that any ‘conditions’ we may apply will become an immediate deal-breaker. I know, it sucks, but we gotta let it go. Expectations, jealousies and possessiveness trips are a turn off. It’s going to affect everything we own, eventually.

Let’s learn to stay in the present moment, and enjoy things/people without fear of losing them. (It lasts longer this way).

Wednesday, 12 September

MOON VOID, about to enter 

[pic: alex stoddard]
Why can’t you get this?
What the hell’s wrong with you?
Why can’t you accept that it’s over… that whole charade with power. Who do you honestly think is going along with it any more? bah…
…why do I even bother??

You weren’t even listening to me, were you? It’s like you’re stuck inside some impenetrable mind trap. Your head’s still playing tunes from the 80’s in there. Yeah, that’s right tune out to whatever doesn’t suit your mega schemes to control everything, have it your way, always.

Egoism, and conceit, selfishness and arrogance, blind greed, lust, anger, lying, cheating, violence, gossip and slander… that’s all it ever comes down to. If you’re going to survive on that level, then good luck.

I want you to know we are merely hours away from a horrendous storm. To you it will seem ultraterrestrial; superunnatural; packed with so much gnarly bite that its sting will knock you and your stupid ignorance and intolerance right on its arse. Just know it’s coming your way because there’s just no other way to shift you.

Do you need this?
Deserve what’s coming to you?
I don’t know, It’s hard to say. But this is what you get, not for not listening, but for just being so dense that you’re incapable of ever comprehending. And it’s not your fault.
Well, yeah, actually..
You’re just not wired this way now, are you?
Sorry to say that what’s about to hit you, soon, is gonna blow your entire smithsonian circuitry into smithereens.

So let it roll…

 ∗ ♄ △ ♅

It’s more than words.
More complicated than a thousand verbal warnings for the heart to heed. You may be urged to stay away, and with good reason. But if you must go back there, it is understood. Hearts can get sentimental and are prone to loneliness and yearning, ‘specially now.

Facts are that endings can be shattering, but going back is far more brutal, know this.

Revisiting an old affair – especially if you dare just show up in the flesh, can be so crushing. Forget about the mortal pain you once endured when things went sour, ok, you might forgive that. But this love now has to stand up to the gatsbyesque romantic hologram created in your mind’s eye over its long-outstanding absence.

The bitter ravages of the third dimension do collect their toll; those cruel batterings of time and distance that have separated you for so long now contrast every harshness of every little edge.

As you suddenly gaze upon the face of your past beloved, lit by the glare of the merciless noonday sun, your mind discerns how every pore and wrinkle, every spot and greying bristle stands out and just pokes you in the eye, like the jabbing of a thousand faded promises…

Welcome to this.
How does it feel?

Tuesday, 11 September

☉ ∗ ♃ ∗ ♇    –   Self-improvalence ain’t no accidance.

You want to make it? Yes you can. What do you want? Power? Influence? Acclaim? You want people to stand up and take notice? Ok, gotta cut back on the need for greed and personal gratification, accept all forms of modernisation in your plan, be prepared to make a strong impression that you are someone who shoots to connect from heart to heart, project the light of your integrated ideas, not the shadow of your unintegrated desires…

Come, you can do this; make it your conscious intention

Whilst PLUTO is still besieged between MARS/SATURN, both recently turned direct, Mars now picks up pace, re-entering the Aquarius leg of his retrograde shadow. His conjunction to SOUTHNODE/LILITH unleashes pernicious an ill-timed actions. The T-square midpoint to  ☍ ♅ holds all through September affecting ALL RELATIONSHIPS.

Disappointment after disappointment, heartache after heartache… you try to keep a brave face on because these are somewhat serious times and, let’s be honest, who could really understand. So you carry the grief alone, swallow your dismay, suppress it so it doesn’t show. But then suppressed grief becomes anger, and what do you do with that? It must also be suppressed.

Holding anger is toxic. It eats you from inside. Sure, you can mask it, but the things you’re mad about aren’t necessarily directed at the ones who did you harm. Suppressed or repressed anger’s like a curved blade, gauging at your insides.

Buried unconsciously, your stifled rage silently eats away at you and as you carry it around, it gets much worse. Then one day you notice just how easily you get triggered and you may suddenly lash out at others, blaming or punishing them for all the grief someone else put you through a long time ago. Because you were reluctant or incapable of expressing your hurt or disappointment in the past, you may overreact in the present, damaging a relationship.

Don’t hold it in. Find a way to #VentUrAnger. Physical exercise (or beating the pillow/boxing class etc.) is a good, way to control release that energy without making it personal/political.

…monthly forecast@ https://angstoic.com/2018/08/the-month-ahead-september-2018-an-astrological-synopsis/

Monday, 10 September

The tense, but rather supernaturally weird dynamic that is brewing at the spark of this new lunar cycle, a harmonic syndrome that includes not just the Luminaries (Sun/Moon), but Venus/Mars Uranus/Neptune. Venus entering Scorpio squaring Mars/Uranus provides lashings of wake-ups. This no time to hit the snooze button… (watch webcast replay)

COSMIC BUS VIRGO LUNATION REPORT LINK:  https://www.facebook.com/ang.stoic/videos/1628951843875639/

Sunday, 9 September

This Virgo Moon seeks only one thing. To help us find the joy and happiness that exists in our nature. To do this we must open up our hearts and forgive all wrongs and ills and toxic spills, and we must try to do our best to repair without becoming broken.

As Nietzsche wrote… “One must be a sea, to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure.”

NEW MOON at 17°00′ VIRGO, Sunday, September 09, 2018, 18:02 UTC

Realise what lies between you and your eyes
are measly lies one misapplies,
that when one signs up and complies
it just implies that he ally’s.
Don’t be no fool now, just be wise,
I know it’s hard to rationalise,
but when you ask and their replies
amount to facts that criminalise,
dare to expose what underlies,
just lift the lid on their disguise
and call it out as “Lies, lies, lies”,
just put it out – see how it flies…

Saturday, 8 September

Nah.. hey… Don’t be doing that. It’s not a solution!

By refusing to face up to reality you’re placing your ego needs in direct conflict with your spiritual needs. Any self-centred or evasive move that you pull now is a self-destructive one – one that not only stands in the way of your self-development but also paves a direct road to your spiritual downfall.

(sorry, it’s not me… it’s a note from “god”)

This Virgo New Moon (and you can feel it coming) rolls out incidents and accidents, unlikely events where you get just as you ‘deserve’. Maybe a kick in the bum is exactly what some people have coming to knock their spiritual and karmic senses back on track now…

Friday, 7 September

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup
[pic: babak fatholahi]
If you wouldn’t choose to repeat the same old story with a past lover, then why would you play it all over again with a brand new one?

The love story is your story. All yours, baby…
You wrote it. You produced it. Like an artist, it’s got your name all over it. And those players you choose to act as your lovers are casted by you too.
You are the author of your special love story. You have full creative control. You write, direct and produce the whole damned show. And to crown it all, you are its lodestar.

You are the total authority on the way love rolls for you. Just accept that. Own it, don’t disown it.
You know you are, and all the little kinks and spasms, and the quirks and awkward jerky bits are put in there by you just to keep it “interesting”; “exciting”; “fresh’n’alive”.
And why not? Who wants to sit through a dull affair?

But surely you know the score by now.
You know the whole performance well. Every scene, every act.
Some of those quirks and jerks are damned disruptive to the usual flow. If you could just learn to weave them into the script in ways that didn’t rock’n’shock the whole damned roll so much, then you might just have a story which was easier for the cast to play. Besides, the show might get a decent broad way run for a change instead of those one-night opening flops. Might even win you an award.

But then, maybe you’re prolly fixed to try your luck at ditching the old scripts and drips and hieroglyphs and do a little improv for a ‘change’. Perhaps you can riff whoever can jam with you in the moment. Might be cool…

Great time too to try out your solo stand-up routine. We could all use a few laughs right now…

Thursday, 6 September

☽ ∠ ☉∠□  ∠ ♆ ∠ ♅ | ☿ △ ♅ △ ♄

Moving on from an old relationship is like hiking on your own. Until a new landscape comes into view, all you can really do is look back to past vistas, tripping over, feeling somewhat disoriented.

Then one day, you’d be trodding along and something will remind you of the good ol’ times and all the pain that person put you through, and rather than getting all nostalgic or hurt again, you find your heart has finally come to terms that it’s all over… in the past. No, really. You realise that you have absolutely no feelings about them at all, no longer want to reach back and relive those moments again. You actively seek to move forward on your own.

If you always thought that if you ever saw them again, your heart would just drop and give it up for them, then this is the moment when you might just rather find you’re feeling free and content with the life you have now. That is finally a taste of freedom.

SD Thu Sep 06  2018 09:23 Saturn 02°33′ Saturn Stations to go Direct

Yes, Saturn (Lord of Karma) now stands perfectly still. His 5-month audit through terrain we’ve covered since the second week of January is now complete.

In less than 12 hours he takes his big stick and heads through that same terrain for the third and final time. Saturn’s current semi-square to viciously judicious Jupiter in Scorpio has brought up such dirt that we are in a quandary over what’s real and what to believe any more.

The world is suffering a Faith versus Reality of the most awful kind.

As always, it must all come down to what the status quo decides to accept, but seems like even that is so fragmented (and quite pissed) thanks to a trine to recalcitrant Uranus. Henceforth, Saturn’s brand of karma, justice, and hardcore control may just be in for a few shocks and disruptions up ahead.

One thing’s for certain – at least everyone will be awake to witness this earth quake.

SATURN STATIONS to go DIRECT at 02°♑33′ – Thursday, Sep 06 2018


Wednesday, 5 September

Mon Sep 03  12:59 Mercury 25°34′ Sextile Venus 25°34′

What makes interesting art? I’m always intrigued in how the individual artist chooses to express their condition. If I sense it’s coming from a contrived, predigested belief about what the audience might want to hear, then it has no truth, it lacks all validity to me as anything of interest. #BlockTheSchlock

I need to see blood out there, a complete betrayal of the status quo. Whether on canvas, paper, newsfeed, toilet walls… whatever the medium – it has to bleed the sentiment of the artist’s condition.

You either create with your own blood or nobody’s. Otherwise it’s just blahrt…

Tuesday, 4 September

After a relatively short period of depression, people will wake up tomorrow (or one of these days) and realise that all money has vanished – not just here but everywhere.

Where did it go?

Well, actually money is nothing but an agreement we have with one another. It’s a made-up concept that only works when we all agree on the relative value of what is otherwise an arbitrary value system. Up to now, we could generally come to some agreement on what feels like a fair exchange.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not seeing much agreement happening between us lately. Since the sweep of social media and the impending march of automation our value systems have shifted, not so much from culture to culture but increasingly from household to household. We are so inherently fractured that we cannot even agree on how we should treat one other or raise our children together. Shit, if two people who are supposedly “in love” cannot agree, then what hope do we have on upholding diplomatic agreements made between seemingly ‘friendly’ (never mind disparate) nations and their collective values?

Everyone is in it for themselves now, right? Freedom is cool, huh??

Of course the ‘selfie/on-demand’ trend was going to lead to the rage of isolationism, autocratic and demagogic patterns in our interpersonal affairs. What began in your head about how you may prefer to run your life has today become one man’s idea of how he wants to run his entire country/corporation. Check it out. See how those ‘big guns’ are calling the shots across the entire globe. There isn’t much consultation going on from them – even within their own teams or parties, let alone with their ‘loyal’ minions.

Those who are following current world events are seeing a growing intolerance for differences of belief and opinion and the politicised ideologies of isolationism and totalitarian control quickly escalating to a critical mass.

We could easily wake up tomorrow and realise that the only thing that kept us in ‘the game’ all along was our ‘money’ – our universal agreement to ‘play nice’ with one another in order to ‘get stuff/love/peace’.

If you’ve ever been unemployed, cut off from benefits, run out of cash entirely and have no place to live, you might know how disabling that is. I don’t know how to break this to you, but much of the world is already feeling this, and they’re getting increasingly desperate. If you dare, tune into tonight’s bulletin of ‘world news’. Pretty soon, this will affect you more than you (or anyone, ever) could imagine. This ‘transformation’ has never occured at such a mass level before. Not in our species’ history.

Automation is the capitalist’s new toy. At the current (exponential) rate of innovation, computers/robotics will see 95% of all current jobs gone within 7 years. I wish I could say the same for our economies. Traditional, centuries-old money-based systems will start to vanish within the next year or two. Why do I say this? There are a number of complex reasons, but to boil it down here (for brevity’s sake), our values on things/time/energy/compassion are becoming irreconcilably different. They fluctuate from morning to evening. We cannot agree on the value of even the most selfish of things (like personal tastes and choices within ourselves) let alone on interpersonal or social values.

Society is fragmenting and so is its currency. On top of all that, the earth’s landscape and climate patterns are buckling under the ruthless strain of our toxic, non-sustainable economies. It’s hard to have faith in the current system holding up much longer when our own selfish maths isn’t even adding up (let alone the agreements we expect to make with our neighbours and our foes). We are headed for some gnarly twists just up ahead, and if you don’t believe in astrology or even socioeconomic world trends, you will certainly believe the reality of your wallet.

Let’s not get emotional. We, as a humanity, are marching into unchartered waters. To the uninitiated or the hopelessly clingy, this is going to be a choppy time. As we say on the Cosmic Bus, “no baggage allowed on this ride”. Stay tuned…

Monday, 3 September


You may come to a point where your mind is filled with ‘too much information’ but not enough context or meaning. It’s a conflict which can indeed populate your world with a bunch of ‘know-it-all’ sources, jam your thinking with millions of bits of seemingly random data, but make you wonder whether any of it is coherent (or true) enough to be of any real use.

What if none of it made sense? What if less information meant more? What switching off the mind was actually more of a turn-on?

Here’s a good week to “turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…” Allowing yourself to become more emotionally vulnerable is the risk you gotta take if you want to experience a deeper, more meaningful connection with the incoming gifts from the unified field.



Sunday, 2nd September

For various ‘reasons’, astrological or otherwise, please bear in mind that these are increasingly sensitive times and so remember to tread lightly here – even if you do not fully understand what’s going on. Especially so.

Your faith is being severely tested now. Avoid being deliberately provocative as others around you may be easily and inexplicably triggered. Many sensitive people, including yourself, are at the end of their tether. The emotional strain of the past few weeks is reaching breaking point, and though this is ultimately for a greater good, it’s hard to explain here in just a few words where this is all leading.

Please remember to be gentle and kind. We are all one, despite the temptations and urges to be divisive. If you can’t stand it, switch off for a bit, go take a breather and chill out. Be at least kind to yourself. You are especially worthy of that.

Come back when you’re ready to be kind to others. We’ll be here with love and compassion for you, promise. Blessings xx

THE WEEK AHEAD: September 03-09

Saturday, 1 September

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ♆- /♅

Our self-indulgent, narcissistic, comfort-dependent lifestyles, now tightly kneaded into the grain of our ‘cultured society’ are producing nothing but torpor and schlock. Must be for good reason…

Feed the ego. Stuff that self until it becomes bloated with nothing but ‘you’. Then own it. All of it. Never mind whether or not you understand why. Like Blake said “the fool who persists in his folly will become wise.”…


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