URANUS RETROGRADE: Aug 07, 2018 – Jan 06 2019

URANUS – that frightful provocateur to the status quo and agent of general disruption to our linear mindstream now turns retro until January 6, reversing from the early degrees of Taurus back into Aries (Nov 7), where he spent the last 7 years. Let us refer to those as “The Selfie Years”, where gradually we all just disengaged from our ‘real-life’ relationships and developed a digital relationship with a little black mirror and ‘the social-network’. Who needs a wifey when you have wifi, right?
Whilst Uranus only entered Taurus in May of 2018, the earthing experience is one made already uncomfortable, since we’ve already had a decent taste of how shaky our financial and emotional security is going to be for the next few years if it not in some way grounded. Uranus is a tough energy to earth, since it is largely electrical and works better along neural/ideological pathways.  Naturally, this is going to make us more determined to find new, innovative ways to sustain ourselves, establish firmer footings, be more grounded in our dealings, maybe even look at taking better care of the earth and all the lovely resources we sorta, kinda, shoulda cared for… if we still have anything left caring for.
We all want to have our cake and eat it too, right? We all want to enjoy the safety and prosperity offered by the society, and still be free to do whatever the hell we fancy.  But does it work so easily? Can we have safety and freedom all at once? We need to look at areas where we’ve been burning the candles at both ends, biting off more than we can chew, leaving big gaping holes that can’t be filled with just thin polluted air… building an image of ourselves that, whilst impressive, has possibly formed on superficial premises, built upon hollow foundations, shaky pillars of vanity, shallow and narcissistic intentions.
That’s what this one last glance back in the Aries pool is going to be all about… So all the fakers better watchit. The universe will not support anything that won’t be backed by that innate Taurean sense of safety and long-lasting value.
Much is about to be exposed to us through this refrain. By early next year we will have become rudely awakened to the reckless folly (or sheer brilliance) of an living-for-this-moment ways. Though Uranus is currently squaring MARS, he will also remain in some opposition to VENUS (who is also about to do her retro dance) till the end of this year. This is strong indication that there will be further, serious effacement (or defacement) of our value systems/relationship dynamics, seeing sudden departures/losses/breaks from things and people that we thought we loved, advancing the way we invest of our energies in whole new, exciting ways altogether.
So let’s do this…
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