The Week Ahead: August 20-26

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In the final days of the Sun’s journey through Leo, strong themes affecting our outgoing, masculine archetypes become unconsciously pronounced in energetic terms. Not only is Sol’s midweek yod to the Mars/Chiron sextile critical, but the Sun is later vulcanised by a Grand Earth Kite during Sunday’s Pisces Full Moon. Meanwhile a stationary Mars at the critical last degree of Capricorn is being energetically altered by Uranus/Neptune, making this is a pivotal week in shaping what’s to come in the months ahead. These are extremely rare, ominous combinations up there – so let me explain to you what all this means for us down here, on planet earth.

But first, here is a list of the main transits for this week:

Tue Aug 21  22:52 Sun 28°50′ Quincunx Mars 28°50′
Wed Aug 22  21:10 Venus 15°31′ Quincunx Neptune 15°31′
in Thu Aug 23  04:09 Sun 00°00′
Ch Fri Aug 24  14:50 Sun 01°24′ Quincunx Chiron 01°24′
  Sat Aug 25  16:38 Sun 02°26′ Trine Uranus 02°26′
Sqq Ch Sat Aug 25  17:52 Jupiter 16°21′ Sesqui Chiron 01°21′
Sat Aug 25  22:08 Sun 02°39′ Trine Saturn 02°39′
Sun Aug 26  11:56 Moon 03°12′ Opposition Sun 03°12′
Sun Aug 26  19:16 Venus 19°03′ Square Pluto 19°03′
Mon Aug 27  00:30 Mercury 15°24′ Quincunx Neptune 15°24′

If last week was supposed to be one of the ‘easier’ weeks we may have witnessed for a while, then let’s hope we used it to get some respite and repose with some quiet reflection and meditation. If we tried to push against the grain, then we may have felt inexplicably exhausted, or undermined by circumstances ‘outside of our control’. Much was happening, but nearly all of it was in retrograde motion.

Whilst Mercury has now turned direct, the energetic lo-fi continues. In fact, so long as Mars/Uranus/Neptune remain locked into a stationary midpoint picture (all this week), we can safely predict energy levels to be fuzzy, vague and difficult to harness constructively, especially by conventional means of ‘effort’. Despite Mars’ exaltation in this Capricorn, his final days in retrograde incite only further deceitful and cunning activity, as peoples’ fight-or-flight’ mechanisms kick into the lowest and meanest ways of acceding importance or maintaining the credit or status. That’s just insecurity, but gradually, madness begets crazy, needlessly pushy and blind, irascible efforts. People struggle to get what they want, but often not really knowing why. The goalpost seem to be shifting, but they are as much in our inner values as well as those delineated by the social systems of ‘success’ and ‘honour’.

It is a fact, now being universally acclimatised that our ‘normal’ world is slipping out of all former standards of predictability and control. Too many variables in the picture, including climate, politics and global unrest are making it impossible to get a reference on what is valid and indeed validating. If we’re not yet consciously aware that our humanity is caught up in the slipstream of frenetic evolutionary acceleration – so rapid that our poor, weary bodies can hardly keep up with the racing pace of our whizzing, ever more digital minds.

If you are wondering why you are feeling like you’re often falling into swooning, fainting spells every time you push yourself too hard physically, or why you need to rest or sleep more hours than your usual routine, or why you’re more easily provoked into defensive fits of rage or frenzied attacks upon those whom you feel are trying to undermine you, then you are feeling the jolts and growing pains of spiritual ascension still trapped in a body which is struggling to keep up.

On the greater, social scale, never before have the omens of annihilation been so omnipresent. Be they found in the rising anger and hostility between nation states, whose arsenals of guns and nuclear weapons are wielded by extremist-minded madmen; or in the industrial toxification of our waterways, our atmosphere, our soils and seas; or the extreme swings of climates and warming of the earth; the gradual extinction of plant/insect/animal/fish species due to over-harvesting and deforestation; longer droughts, more earthquakes, fires, floods of epic proportions; not to mention diseases which are crossing over from just merely biological but into the mental, emotional, political and spiritual realms – the symptoms of earth’s collapsing structures are irrefutable and almost superfluous to say that they are being ‘predicted’. It ‘s happening. Everywhere.

Yet, the Sun’s yod to the Mars/Chiron later this week sees that we become inspired into a different, more heart-centred course of action by the Spirit Light, finding those impulses to reinvent ourselves irrepressible when felt. The Moon’s entry into Capricorn early in the week will do its best to shun and retard any efforts to see the real and true nature of our conflicts and what they have to teach us. We may spend too much time focusing on rating, judging and blaming those around us to actually work on expressing our on light. According to ancient wisdom, true enlightenment is only really possible from within the human body. All the mystics agree that for us to make a real, phenomenal shift, we need to evolve not only in our mental attitudes but we must transmute at the deepest cellular level – the body.

The Sun’s shift into Virgo (Thurs) attempts to bring everything down to earth this week – make it practicable. The Virgo Sun inspires us get to work on processing some of these phenomenal changes in our lives using some degree of discernment and care, especially to our own health and routine. It also motivates us to do things for others, really get the benefits of earning satisfaction by sharing of our skills and talents.

Sol’s near-perfect Grand Earth Trine to the retrograding Saturn/Uranus (Saturday) sees us working on crafting more effective ways to use any personal skills/resources to bolster up securities, as well as to try to reconcile these endless disruptions to our old structure. Walls and bridges are collapsing every day, and though we may try to hold up age-old traditions and socio-economic customs, we realise too – at least by Sunday’s magical Pisces Full Moon, that all is lost.

Yes, we will lose everything. Nothing (as we have known it) has a hope of standing in its current form. Even our own physical bodies are breaking down (have you noticed how you’re feeling more and more tired/drained?) The human being (as we know it) is in its last throes now. This is the last hurrah of the dense, 3D man. We must come to grips with the reality that we may be the last [heavy element] humans to walk this earth. The last of our kind to fuss about ‘money’, ‘real’ estate, ‘concrete buildings’ and ‘possessing physical stuff’.

In fact, it’s highly possible that our children, and their little ones are already composed of different, crystalline matter. Many have already made the transition into lightness. They do not look at his world with the same level of fear, separation and judgement as we do. Their bodies are several degrees less prone to attracting and holding trauma.

And us? If we do not manage to transmute into a higher, lighter resonance ourselves, well…
Shit’s gone get real heavy, soon.
Believe that.

So let us get to work on the most critical matters now. It is our task to apply our heartful intention into the real world; put it into service; applying what we have learned about holding our integrity into the routines and duties of our daily lives. It’s a proven fact that the things we have learned about ourselves, without any opportunities to share them with others, is a bit like cooking for ourselves; yeah we do it, but probably not as well.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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